[Spain] I need to know how to get HRT, basically from the beginning, in Spain

2019.04.17 00:35 MaddeMichael [Spain] I need to know how to get HRT, basically from the beginning, in Spain

Hello lovely people!

I need some advice, or help, or maybe a sort of step-by-step guide? I really don't actually know.
So, a bit of background. I am a trans woman from the UK, I moved to Spain a few years back and have been living here since. I basically need to know how to get HRT, but I have no experience with the medical system in Spain (not to mention, hardly any experience with the system in the UK anyway) so this is all very new to me.

An article came up for a facility for people under 24 (which is good, since I'm under 24, but also over 18) in my local area recently, which seemed promising ( but I can't tell if it's already accessible or how I organise something. It also says the services are for available for young people "questioning" their identity, but I think I'm a little beyond that now. I am in the Alicante area, which I think is important to mention since some areas seem to handle stuff differently?

I have a tarjeta sanitaria/SIP card and I've been paying Social Security for about 5 months now. Is this enough for coverage? Do I need anything else? I don't have residency yet (I don't earn enough money), but my parents do.

I'm just having a hard time finding up to date information and I really need some help. I hardly know what I'm looking for in English, which makes it a bit hard to search for in Spanish.

I just need to know what to do. Do I need to talk to a general practitioner? Are they the person named on my tarjeta? I sure hope I don't have to phone anyone... I can read and write Spanish pretty well, and even speak it semi-decently, but I really suck at hearing, especially on the phone.

Otherwise, it's just minor questions:
I kinda just want to be ready for any other costs I need to prepare for.
I hope I'm not getting too ahead of myself...

If there's a better place I can ask this, please let me know!

I don't have any pals I can ask about this, so if you or anyone you know could help me, or if you know of any helpful articles (English or Spanish), or maybe even the email of a helpful doctor (I might be pushing my luck there, though), I'd really, really appreciate it!

I hope this is okay to ask!

Thank you so so much!
(If I've written anything in a confusing way, I can try to clarify. I'm just tired and anxious and stuff)

EDIT 2019/04/17:
Thanks to BayaTamate's post (, I've read the article and have a better understanding of the process I should expect here. I've also found an appointment form online (for Alicante and Valencia) here: It's available in Castillian and Valenciana, which is helpful. They also have an app. You can use this as long as you've got a tarjeta sanitaria. If you've not got one and you're in a similar situation to me, I could let you know what I did to get one, based on experience.
I'm gonna give the app a go at some point and see what I can get done. I just need to sip some confidence juice first.
If all goes well, I will post an update to the process, in case anybody needs help with this in future!
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