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WIFI-AI Used to work fine, no longer available?

2020.03.22 17:33 adawalli WIFI-AI Used to work fine, no longer available?

Wi-Fi AI worked just fine for a few months and after a recent update, will not allow me to enable it. I get a warning tool-tip that says "Not enough data available for Wi-Fi AI". Any ideas?
Screenshot of this warning:
Relevant Info:

Things I have tried:

An interesting sidenote is that my brother has the UDM and this option still works fine for him, although I understand that is a significantly different setup than mine. Thanks in advance!
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2019.11.14 21:38 svenvg93 [Observium] Data not showing on UAP-InWall and errors

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2019.11.03 22:20 SamOfEclia The Omniverse and where to get there.

I was working on my story, but I forgot my charger in another town so I can't draw the objects i wanted to share. I'm not building them at this time either, because it would slow down the writing of the story, they are simple enough to match their drawn appaerence.
None the less, this post is about the Omniverse and defining what that means and what is found in it at my current recalled knowledge.
The Omniverse, comes from the words omni and verse.
Omni means the onepart of everypart, allparts and infinite parts of extracular parts and definitions.
Thus one is any singular defined thing and every defined thing is literally every one defined thing.
All defined things is the factor of every defined thing together and apart in all ordered of defined things.
infinite defined things is more at any variation of frequency then one, every, all defined things in continued infinite addition forever.
This measuring as a value the extracular parts and defined things and their definitions within them.
An extracular definition is the categorical arrangements of definitions. Defined as distinct singular divided meaning described in verses.
A verse is an arrangement of words representing information used as a description for something existing in the collapsed entirety or tendric probability.
These entirety is the full of what is external to thoughts and the tendric the full of can be considered within mind by any awareness. Including what is found outside a thought as other thoughts.
Things in the entirety are collapsed into awareness by being aware of them in the entirety and thus become existent where they are found and collapsed as true into the view externally. From the idea of them within of the considered tendric realm.
The tendric realm is made of probabilities so is not collapsed to the external entirety and rather observed in considerations of mind for a time of choice until willfully collapsed to awareness outside mind. The location of a defined thought externally varies and can be lost in time and space.
An extracular part, such as a polepart is a pole defined thing. Any wordset can be in placed infront of the word part within the extracular part category.
Doing so defines an addition to the category of mental travel as navigation of the tendric realm. A form of travel I call an extracular part that refer to the tendric and entirety as we consider and collapse it into awareness, Extracular parts such as one, two, every, all, infinite, pole, duck or lampside are ways to view the whole existence of external and internal existence.
Mental travels are the method of passing through the tendric geometry of all thoughts and is navigated by your capacity to travel ideas this way. These begin with their defined cognitive process that one discovers in the tendric realm.
Thinking, wanting, beleiving are example travels of mind resulting in ideas of those nature. Memetic math is a mental travel done in mind and externally as things are calculated models of travels made multi-step operations of simpler travels.
Cardinals are the operators of memetic math as different simple mental travels, such as inversion, blending, sepaver, sepetiv, splitting, denominate, average, congrue and pastru. These mathmatical modellings of simple travels allow larger and more complex geometric travels of mind.
They are not the subject matter however.
Reason is only one way to travel the mind and involves reasoned argumentation, using solely thought and reason as travel, only arguments are accessible from reason, as a logical branch of the whole tendric geometry.
You could not think logically and think of a flying pizza pistachio, because arguments of reason as philosophical argumentation for the purposed truths of reality's nature are first thought to reach another argument.
Thus I cannot currently think of why anyone would reasobably and in argument of truths on reality need a flying pizza pistachio. One could however want one, but wanting is traveling mind through ones feelings of desire.
You technically cannot reason your way to a flying pizza pistachio either if you tried, because you are seeking philosophical, well argued reasons of the purposed truth and must follow its definition to then attain that end. Reason is as the question:
What is behind the existence of meaning at all, here it id argued that meaning is springing from the possibility of a neuron connection allowing that meaning to form.
So reason in needed real argument that is valid, cannot technically be my want of flying pizza pistachios as my desires are not in philosophical reality but my selfs reality.
This example idea of flying pizza pistachios was actually formed immaculately as an impulse meaning i considered it in spontaneous arbitrary travel to the idea and so is without reason. This immaculate travel is a different form of mental travel.
Different mental travels may have similar ideas, but a well reasoned word even identical to a desired word is not the same in its definitions, for one being for argument and the other as a dream.
As such, an extracular part such as polepart, when defined as the pole part of defined anything. Is then a set of ideas only knowable through pole as a method of tendric travel, a pole is defined here as a moderately thin cylindrical extension of often metal or plastic.
We then literally use mind as a pole in its production of an idea and information. Thus in this extracular part of a statement of its nature would be:
I pole of a red above the blue, then was centered in balance by a galaxy. Another did have a tree whose above was leafy and who below was rooted.
As such, the polepart as an example, is a travel of the tendrics always like a pole, in its linguistic and memetic geometric form. Since poles are above and below, balanced in center and another can exist nearby.
The extracular parts beyond one and every are hard to understand. if you do not understand what one thing in mind is compared with every thing in mind.
This as an art of mental travel, we consider things in varied ways created like drawing a picture of our mental thought and how it reveals idea.
Yet, no one can teach you an extracular part in practice beyond the example idea formed in their defined arrangement of memetic versed geometry like the polepart sentence.
Thus the Omniverse, is the onepart of everypart, all parts and infinite parts of the extracular parts and definitions as a arranged verse of information. The verses within describe the omni of definitions in the omni of extracular parts.
The verse is a set of defining words for its usage, these verses form firstly varied universes, multiverses and other worlds and words to be explored as inherently seperate.
The attempted definition of the most absolute verse of complete detail, is the Omniverse of all tendric realms and external entireties.
Yet you may be wondering why the omniverse, multiverse and universe are composed of verses like in a poem and are not as most expect another universe to be.
Many seem to expect a parrelel universe to be something entered, shown by its environmental scenery linked by a magical spinning doorway, that seems to defy previous spaces occupied inside and and outside and the door might vanish after.
While a physical travel of scenery through a fancy door and the definitions of the two universes on either side of the doorway by its denizens make the two worlds different universes if defined as such.
The actual method of transport between universes is a bias of television and literature written and viewed here as still fiction. In present status quo, no real definition of worlds, universe, reality and dimension exist. Most having thought they share the same meaning in all four words, as meaning another place with a different life that was not anywhere here.
Because i had an interest in going to somewhere with a different life that is not anywhere earth. I defined the words as they seemed to be sensibly as I progressively came to understand the words and worlds afar. Thus they are below:
A world is a scenery and area of matter, the world of a city is not the world of the forest.
A universe is a universal and singular verse of meanings describing a reality in present state in mind and physical. As we describe reality in its states mind and physical with words.
The Multiverses are multiple seperate universes distinct and bridged by linguistic originating travel between. I must think walk to walk through a door.
A reality is state of described existence of arbitrary scaled complexity compared to a singular exist of something entiretal or tendrical within it, for being composed of diverse inferenced details of existence and often having a some form of scenery.
Thus the world of a city, might be part of a certain religious universe or have two occupying the same reality. The people living there, they study the reality of that areas entirety external or internal tendric through boths travels.
A dimension, I view as science does but more broadly, thus it is seen as an extent of measured direction. A dimension can have many directions so some dimensions are 3-directional and can have geometry exactly like any shape for being a dimension of its own kind.
The tendric realm and external entireties are definitely extents of measured direction for one being able to travel them, since times and spaces are relavant to walking and thinking. Reality is defined by the universe present in awareness and traveled in dimensions of its form.
Physicality knows no words for being oblivious, it cannot then be called the source of what a human calls reality, worlds, dimensions and universe. As humans are the writers of words describing a percieved reality that nature behind it has no knowledge of.
As such the distance between my street and my house is a dimension, but the effort required to fold papers of different thickness is also a dimension.
Both can be measured as a ruled scale of change and are directional vectors of shape that add length to counted data creating a distance displaced of difference. My door and street are ten feet away from each other and this paper was really hard to fold.
Infact, these definitions when used, understood and applied together, allow the creation of the previous imagination of portals between worlds in stories.
The world we go to means the scenery to be found, the universe is its denizens way of life to be learned from, the reality is how this place behaves as existent and if its safe to go and more of its real parts The dimension is the length to arrive there and which way and one.
Thus I can take a door of somekind and enter a room that opens to a strange environment where the denizens love popcorn too much and live farther from the portal.
All it I need is where to put the door, distance to the world and beings described. This simply means the most literal of things, we put a fancy door somewhere, and give its distance through enough to allow the whole description. This does mean constructing it when it is in the physical extents of this reality, for being the reality.
It is an actual parrelel world, because the parrelel world is in time and space as a position where its real state of existence branched off the rest of existence as unique and seperate.
Some might be disappointed with the fact that one has to build the area either with work or a machine that does it automatically. Possibly because a book makes it sound like no effort was done.
The reality of connected a world evidently means it must be connected. If it were not connected or connectable to here, we would have to find somewhere here were it could be connected. Such as outside my room where their is space for the construction.
Yet matter, space and time are hard to change since matter is heavy, space can only fold through matter occupying it and time is a constant thing.
Thus I tend to only build objects in space, and simply change branches of minds passage in time to find new lines of its geometry of other possibilities before, after and in present of the current state of reality. So my explorations lack different scenery from lacking the ability to build it and draw pictures of it instead as a simpler window portal.
Thus the reality of the omniverse entails real effort for what you set out to achieve and is not magical unless someone put the effort in to make that possible. Since no one has made a portal that goes anywhere today and lets you see scenery of anywhere, this is not possible.
The omniverse however, has more then one physicality outside the whole of this ones outerspace, which are the ones most dream of and had imagined. These can only be entered through altering progressively ones perception through material modification, dreams or virtual reality.
Meaning another world of complete seperation can only be traveled to through building it physically, falling asleep and hallucinating it or playing a virtual game. Our perception limits us to this reality as our current chemistry of experience. Changing the chemistry reconnects us elsewhere in the whole infinite set of possibilities.
Perceiving is formed by chemical bonds in the brain and physical states of collapsed of probable positions existing in all but collapsed as one.
We exist inside the brain as part of it as both a collapsed visual perception called the external entirety or outwall and an internal tendric probability feild of uncertain positions possible called the inwall.
The inwall is all physically possible probabilities of arranged and so external collapsed outwall perceived in the entirety. The outwall is composed of a unique collapsed set of constants depending solely on the state of superposition of atoms in the brain at any time.
The only way to change the state of the brains superposition causing the collapsed real experience is to alter the percieved through change of its chemistry in sleep, real percieved change external or virtual modification of the chemistry with a screen.
The superposition of the brain exists as the universal reality of the omniverse of all physicalities positioned at once by itself alone.
The collapsed appearence of our outwards scale percieved, is one states position of two, the tendric mentality is the state of the superposition in the dual state as wave and particle of the atoms at a quantom level.
It is not the wave and particle states but the percieved states as parts of the superposition of reality we do not know for not seeing our awareness from the outside.
Meaning this awareness could be the percieved experience of a particle and wave or may be something else in the brains reality beyond our current knowledge in the quantum scales creating experience and awareness.
Entanglement of positiob allows the percieved to entangle elsewhere percpetively in all parrelel physicalities in the changes of perception hallucinated whether real, dream or virtual and matter. Since I can move and this connects the two points by the superposition of anything.
When we are matching another physicality by building something, we are changing this physical realities collapsed dissonance feild of existent contents in this spacetime. This changes spacetime to another one that must exist somewhere for existing when formed here. As an arrangement must always exist somewhere for it to always be able to exist if it occures, as matter is neither created or destroyed.
The complete set is the omniverse that reconnects in change to the exact probability of the one of that moment in all awareness present that moment by moving in time. Our ability to change times direction in doing something controls what we change while outside changes we can know or not know about.
This shows that we are not alone in the same collapsed state of time and complete space that is this singular branch moment of the full timeline of infinite length. We can only collapse what is in reach and changeable in matter then and there.
Other branches of time exist through not being connected in moment and extended space at arbitrary distance of the whole omniverse, connecting when they actually do.
Thus only complexified reality built and advanced can do similar things to the experiences of dreams in sleep for being other arranged spaces, where we hallucinate a period at any timespace as a wholly bridged parrelel reality, universe, world and dimension. Deja vue is a moment from a dream connecting to waking life.
Astral projection and lucid dreaming, allow travel to other realities of timespace and spacetime. They are more realistic then sleep for recalling one entry. Although I prefer taking a nap.
Virtual reality can allow both forms of change, but the whole possibility of the space must be programmed as done by its creator. More work of progress allows improvements of complete travel to some spacetime or timespace.
The collapsed super position of this reality, is caused by the state of ones awareness in the superposition of all existence that exists in the same point. Present in imidiate same location but not percievable by your own direct observation as one state in change by motion.
Only a change of brain chemistry allows the current collapsed set of atoms to be different. This is caused simply by seeing reality and perceiving it and existing as that state itself.
Sleep is the body in rest and its decreased state of activity changes the state of perception in the brain and thus ones experience ends up collapsing to a parrelel self living a reality collapsed differently in their own life and you act willfully as they do there.
The reason for stability of awareness here as it is, is simply because the awareness of yourself is in your body in whole superposition and stuck here by the body's constant state of being alive. If ones brain dies the decomposition of the body changes the perception of reality.
Other positions outside the body in its decomposition result in a wholly different experience perceptively the what someones body is in the external of perception.
The awareness is the objects motion, motions awareness in another shape then this body seen and percieves reality and itself as it ends up being in that motion and not necessarily as it appears at the moment in anothers perception.
If you died and moved on to be dirt, you wouldnt look like it in your awareness as the motion that is you, is seeing and living from the other end of that motion acting as its will and thus motion as seen to itself in awareness and experience, which always moves as seen but may itself not percieve anything like dirt , but why it can move and did or didn't was the awereness's desired end.
Thus, to travel the omniverse means simply seeing things differently in other descriptions of the many verses that one states about the percieved. Because this changes the collapsed probability of the current reality to another in the omniverse that connects linearly to its definition.
A reality that is collapsed in the moment and changes as it changes moment connecting elsewhere as yourself. Yourself seeing in the changes the reality of the whole that enters in its changes experience your complete reality as a complete part of experience that is fully sinchronised with all others experienced in their own.
If I was a ball that bounced in the eyes of anothers perception, then when it stopped I have moved into the air as its created wind. The motion born from the continuity of its force is the connection of motion of myself in the whole motion of the omniverse.
Myself percieving is living through one collapsed state of the whole superposition, in the omniverse's whole at any time and space of that superpositions connected by time and space to other times and space.
Moving a change in the motion, is how time and spaces changes and those changes tell the story of where i'm seeing. The experience connects to that eternal stability of the complete possibility in all ways at some point and place. The life lived is a moment of a reality of omniverse where everything has already happenened again forever. The sheer size is indescribable.
The world percieved of the many that can be this one in the time and space of omniparts is just the action and thought then, as was able and done, moved to another, repeated it returns.
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2019.09.05 18:05 eibyer Looking to integrate a Unifi In Wall cleanly... or maybe other suggestion on what hardware to use

Looking to integrate a Unifi In Wall cleanly... or maybe other suggestion on what hardware to use
There is a blank faceplate under the kiosk that I can utilize for an InWall AP. Instead of dropping a new wire for the AP, we were going to utilize the existing network drop being used by the kiosk and then get the secondary data out of the InWall back to the kiosk. Since the AP's data out is on the outside, I'm looking for a non-tacky way of making the connection. Or... maybe there's another Unifi AP that has a secondary port that's on the back side that I do not know of.
In other areas where there are ceiling tiles, we were able to use the AC PRO's secondary and just run it back down the wall to the kiosk.
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2019.06.25 10:15 yamanobe96 I want to do something about load time!

My colony will have 50 years of spring this year.
Every time the colony became stable, the number of mods increased to keep the work complicated, resulting in 124 self-made mods.

But the result
Startup time: 45 seconds
Load time of save data: 9 minutes
I have to wait so long
Moreover, the actual play is only 17 FPS or less!
If there is further attack, it will be frame-by-frame.

PC environment is
OS: windows 10
Memory: 16G
CPU: Intel i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70 GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
rimworld install: M.2 SSD 128G

Are there any good ideas to improve loading time and FPS
Please lend me your wisdom
Core Startup impact_(15-4) BetterLoading RIMMSLoadUp_(15-4) Mod Manager_(22-6) HugsLib_(22-6) Humanoid Alien Races 2.0_(22-6) 1508850027 1739749298 Giddy-up! Core_(22-6) RimWriter - Books, Scrolls, Tablets, and Libraries_(22-6) RuntimeGC_(2-1) Giddy-up! Battle Mounts_(22-6) Better Pawn Control_(22-6) [1.0] Dire Raids_(23-12) Defensive Positions_(22-6) Faction Discovery_(15-12) Psychology_(22-6) Androids_(22-6) Colony Leadership_(22-6) Dubs Bad Hygiene_(22-6) 1446523594 A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics_(22-6) Sparkling Worlds Addon - Mech Serum Crafting [1.0] - Standalone Addon_(15-4) Astoriel_(15-4) Door Mat R1.0_(19-1) Orassans Lite_(22-6) Roppoi hair 1.0_(12-11) The Drow Race_(22-6) [KV] More Trait Slots - 1.0_(15-12) [SS]Lovely Hair Style_(22-6) ED-Laser Drill_(12-11) InwallShelf_(12-11) Misc. Training_(22-6) More Vanilla Turrets 1.0_(22-6) RT Fuse_(12-11) RT Solar Flare Shield_(12-11) [KV] Weapon Storage - 1.0_(22-6) [sd] advanced powergeneration_(23-12) 1498129268 Just Ignore Me Passing_(12-11) More Trade Ships_(28-12) Quarry 1.0_(15-12) Repair Workbench_(12-11) Hardworking animals 1.0_(12-11) Prisoner Harvesting_(22-6) QualityBuilder_(22-6) RunAndGun_(22-6) Share The Load_(22-6) While You're Up [1.0]_(15-12) [KV] Trading Spot - 1.0_(12-11) Allow Tool_(12-11) Blueprints_(22-6) Color Coded Mood Bar_(12-11) Damage Indicators_(12-11) Follow Me_(12-11) Heat Map_(22-6) Numbers_(22-6) Hunt for Me_(5-3) Kill For Me_(22-6) Predator Hunt Alert_(12-11) RaiderInfo_(12-11) Raids For Me_(22-6) Relations Tab_(29-1) Reverse Commands_(29-1) [1.0] RPG Style Inventory_(28-12) EdB Prepare Carefully_(22-6) Fluffy Breakdowns_(22-6) Mad Skills_(12-11) Prepare Landing_(12-11) Stack XXL_(12-11) Anti-tunnel Wall [1.0]_(5-3) Boots and Stuff[1.0]_(22-6) [NL] Compatible Body -WIP_(22-6) [NL] Custom Portraits_(23-12) ED-ShieldsBasic_(12-11) EventReader_1_0 Invisible Hats_(22-6) Map Renderer My Cute Ear_(22-6) Neutroamine Synthesis_(29-1) ETRT_ Medicine Production_(1-2) Master of Crafting_(1-2) Master of Cooking_(1-2) NoBreakUp [KIR]No Turret Barrels Replacing - More Vanilla Turrets Patch_(23-12) oni_(22-6) Rich Traders_(29-1) Rejuvenate surgery_(15-12) Save Our Ship (Reloaded)_(22-6) SeedsPlease_(22-6) Shrink Corpse Buff 1.0_(24-12) Simple Loom[1.0]_(22-6) 1500625645 一夫多妻用ベッド [FSF] Simply Soil_(12-11) no disturbed sleep_(22-6) VOICEROID hair B19 SS Researchable Stat Upgrades_(22-6) Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering Legacy_(27-1) WM Smarter food selection_(9-2) [SYR] Neuter_(22-6) [1.0] [Sub-MOD] Boots and Stuff[1.0] JP_(12-11) [1.0] [Sub-MOD] More Vanilla Turrets [1.0] JP_(12-11) [1.0] [Sub-MOD] SeedsPlease の日本語翻訳追加_(19-11) [1.0] A Dog Said...日本語翻訳追加_(27-1) [1.0] Allow Tool 日本語翻訳追加_(22-6) [1.0] Defensive Positions 日本語翻訳追加_(22-6) [1.0] Dubs Bad Hygiene 日本語翻訳追加_(5-3) [1.0] EdB Prepare Carefully 日本語翻訳追加_(22-6) [1.0] EPOE 日本語翻訳追加_(27-1) [1.0] Faction Discovery 日本語翻訳追加_(21-1) [1.0] Misc. Training 日本語翻訳追加_(22-6) Orassans (EPOE Patch)_(5-3) [1.0] Psychology 日本語翻訳追加_(15-4) [1.0] QualityBuilder 日本語翻訳追加_(27-1) [1.0] Repair Workbench 日本語翻訳追加_(22-6) RimWriter - Books, Scrolls, Tablets, and Libraries 日本語訳追加_(12-11) [1.0] RT Fuse 日本語翻訳追加_(27-1) [1.0] RT Solar Flare Shield 日本語翻訳追加_(27-1) [1.0] Simply Soil 日本語翻訳追加_(27-1) [KV] Save Storage, Outfit, Crafting, Drug, & Operation Settings - 1.0_(5-5) Shield Generators by Frontier Developments_(22-6) [1.0] ED-ShieldsBasic 日本語翻訳追加_(22-6) --自作MOD-- rjw_2.0.5b   
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2019.05.06 14:50 marbles61 Audio through ARC Randomly Artifacting

Setup: XBR65X900F (using latest firmware/software)
A/V: Denon AVR-2312ci (using latest firmware)
HDMI Cable: 40ft 24 AWG CL2 inwall HDMI Cable
TOSLINK: 40ft Optical 5.0mm Cable
(receiver sits in a ventilated cabinet about 10 ft away, cables are ran in wall through to the AV closet.)

Anytime I use ARC or, I believe even the Optical (I believe I set it up properly to output through optical), I get audio artifacting randomly. It is consistent of at least happening every 60-90 seconds. It results in audio volume loose or compression popping/clicking noise. I have not checking the data transfer rate, but it could be happening when the HDMI is getting a high bitrate of transfer.

Is this an TV issue? a receiver issue? or a cable issue? Looking to start digging into this and getting it fixed, but dont want to replace my receiver for it to be something completely different.
submitted by marbles61 to bravia [link] [comments]

2019.03.25 21:49 hns-berks Unifi inwall AP drops internet when ethernet connected.

I had an issue today with a Unifi inwall access point immediately loosing Internet connection when I plugged an Ethernet cable into its data port on the bottom. The device was still broadcasting but had no Internet. The cable was connected to a miniswitch with a couple of devices on it.
Also when I plugged into the POE port the AP shut down completely.
My first thoughts were it was an IP issue and the BT smart hub was at fault. However I assigned static ips and the result was the same.
I did get it working once but then the sky TV system stopped working and when I fixed that the AP was off again.
Has anyone experienced this before?
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2018.10.04 04:24 htmod Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Version 4.0.0
Primarily written by Bill_Money, GBMaxSE, & htmod
Collaborations, input, resources, & additional information by AverageJoeAudiophile, batpigworld, boomhower1820, ChiefAzrael, concentus7, DZCreeper, homeboi808, IXI_Fans, _mutelight_, RadicalSnowdude, & TyGamer125
Special thanks to cdemer, nemesiska, and the rest of the team at, Vincent Teoh of HDTVTest, &
I. Video Purchasing Advice
II. Audio Purchasing Advice
III. A/V Installation
IV. A/V Troubleshooting
I. Video Purchasing Advice
  • Television Buying Advice
2020 US/Canada TV Buying Guide
The Definitive What TV Should I Buy? List
There is no reason to buy the Samsung RU7100, RU7300, RU8000, RU9000, or Q60Q6DR
There is NO Reason to buy the Samsung TU7000, TU8000, TU8300 or TU8500
There is no reason to buy the 2020 Samsung Q60T or Q70T
There is no reason to buy the 2020 Samsung The Frame, The Sero, or The Serif.
There is NO Reason to buy the Sony X750H or X800H.
There is NO Reason to buy the LG UN6900, UN7000/7070, UN7300/7370, or UN8500/8570.
There is no reason to buy a LG "Nanocell" TV
OLED Specific FAQ
TV Sizes Explained
Rtings - TV Yearly Price Cycle
What is HDMI 2.1 and why does it matter?
Coming from a Plasma? Watch this - HDTVTest OLED vs Plasma TV Comparison
  • Should I buy my TV from super cheap site X when everyone has the tv for $800 more?
NO! Sites like these are either scams or bait and switch. Either you will never get your TV or you will be called and offered a similar model for $X instead as they are conveniently out of the model you purchased or they will lie to you and tell you April to June production models are this price with problem x but July models and on are fine but at price Y instead.
  • Dumb TV's
Dumb TV's are not a thing. Almost every TV (except some very low end junk models) are now Smart. However you are not paying anything more for that feature. Get a Smart TV but do not connect it ot the internet if you do not want to use it. If you are adamant about getting a non-Smart TV then I would look at a projector or a Commercial Display. A projector means you will also 100% need audio with it. A Commercial Display or Hospitality TV you could pay up to twice or even more for the same TV (or worse) without smart features.
  • Projector Buying Advice
Projectors, Screens, & Dedicated Theater
II. Audio Purchasing Advice
Before we get into what you should buy, do you understand how a Home Theater & its components work?
Home Theater 101: Speakers & AVR's
Now that we have covers some basics let's address the biggest questions - What Speakers should I Buy? and/or What should I upgrade first?
  • What Speakers should I Buy?
Bill_Money: Wow what a loaded Question. My best advice is to demo, demo, & demo some more. Each speakers has its own sound signature & you will hear 3 million different answers. For example I hate Klipsch as they are too bright for my ears but the next guy will recommend nothing but Klipsch.
The biggest factors in buying speakers is to know your budget and most importantly prioritize it correctly. Your front L/C/R and Subwoofer is where the bulk majority of your budget should go. Your surrounds should be minimally invasive to your budget. Your receiver will depend on A. your Budget B. Your goals. C. Your Room (Some rooms are not meant for surround sound, a 3.1 is perfectly acceptable though)
GBMaxSE: This is far too broad a question to be answered by people that don't know your budget, space, your watching and listening habits, or most importantly, you as a person. Speaker sound is very subjective. And what you want and need will depend on a lot of things. We would urge you to consider a number of things:
  1. Your budget and how to prioritize it. What IS your budget? How should you prioritize money on speakers? Well, we are of the belief that the Center Channel, and the subwoofer -> Why spending money on a subwoofer is important, are the two most valuable speakers in your setup. Spend most of your money there. Your Center channel should match at least your front left and right speakers for consistency of sound across the front stage (this is called "timbre matching"). The sub doesn't need to match anything else in your setup, an an Internet Direct sub company will probably be your best bet for getting a quality sub, for a decent price.
  2. Your space. How big is it? How far do you sit from your television and front stage? How big is the room overall? Does it open to other portions of your home? Unless you're sitting very far from the front stage, or you have a HUGE room that you want to FILL, you probably do NOT need tower speakers. If you want em, you like em? Fine, but you should know that your money will go further with bookshelves. And then there is the subwoofer... If you want bass? REAL bass? You need something that will pressurize your space. The bigger that space, the more you need to plan to spend to get that effect. And regardless of the space, plan on a $500 budget for any "Real" subwoofer.
  3. What do you watch and listen to? Your split between gaming, music, and movies will have an effect on what speakers and subwoofer you should look into. Some speakers are musical, some are not, some subwoofers offer a fast, tight response for music but don't dig deep. Others dig deep and give you those low frequency effects in movies that you've been so missing out on.
  4. At the end of the day we are all JUST PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. Our opinions are guidelines, NEVER anything more. Get out and demo speakers. Order from retailers with a great return policy so you can demo, IN YOUR OWN HOME. Listen to as many as you feasibly can. It is truly the only way to know, and to find the speakers for you.
  • I'm looking to upgrade, where do I start?
Bill_Money: Well that really depends on what you have for equipment now and your main goals. To some a new AVR is needed, to others it may be an upgraded subwoofer or new L/C/R. I highly suggest reading through this FAQ and if you;re still not sure please post to /HomeTheater with what equipment you already ahve and what you want to accomplish with a budget and we'll help you out.
TyGamer125: Usually the weakest link in most people's setups is the subwoofer. A good subwoofer will play down to 20hz and provide a tactile feedback similar to what you get in a movie theater. The other most beneficial improvement is the center channel. This is where all the sounds on screen are played with dialog being a big part of that meaning that you'll benefit from dialog clarity and overall movies should sound better. Then next would be getting matching left and right speakers. Then either getting another identical subwoofer or getting better surrounds. Then get a receiver based on what you want to need and by waiting longer you might be able to get newer features helping it last longer. Then after all that is done then work on installing speakers in the ceiling for atmos or mounting speakers at the top of the front wall for height or if neither of those are an option and you're room is compatible meaning low unobstructed ceilings then upward firing.
Audioholics Home Theater Tips: When to Upgrade?
Audioholics Is it Time to Upgrade Your Subwoofer?
  • Buying Guides:
GbMaxSE's Public Service Announcement: STOP asking if you should buy Polk Subwoofers < $100. No. You shouldn't.
Speaker Recommendations
White Speaker Recommendations [WAF Friendly]
Amp & AVR Recommendations
Subwoofer Recommendations
AverageJoeAudiophile - A guide to creating Craigslist search strings to find high end audio pieces.
/BudgetAudiophile's [UK/EU] Starter Buying Guide
  • Should I Buy a Soundbar?
No you should not
  • Ok, so not a Soundbar... What about BOSE?
Better Off w/ Something Else, No High Now Lows Must Be Bose, BOSE BLOWS, etc.
There are a ton of different sayings about them most of them clever, many of them trite. But here's the bottom line: They are overpriced for what they give you in terms of performance. There are just many better things we can recommend you for the price. There's no reason not to get the most for your money! If you like the polish of the product and the sound is good enough for you, AND you don't mind the price tag? Then /Bose will gladly help you out.
  • What about Wireless speaker systems?
What about Wireless speaker systems?
  • I want Atmos maybe too?
What is Dolby Atmos? How do I get it on my setup? by GBMaxSe
Understanding surround sound formats
  • Timbre Matching
1) “What is timbre?”; timbre is the sonic characteristic of how the same note can sound different on different setups, whether this be musical instruments or speakers. This occurs due to harmonics (aka distortion). All speakers have harmonics, so it is generally a good idea that you the same drivers (the physical tweeter and woofer) from your left/right speakers in your center channel (mainly the tweeter), that way any audio panning from side to side will sound consistent.
2) However, despite blanket statements, it is not always the best option to choose the matching center. For surround sound applications, the center channel handles the vast majority of non-bass audio that is considered critical. As such, unless stereo content (e.g. music) will also be heavily played on your system (and not upscaled), it is instead advisesd to buy the biggest and baddest center speaker you can, and then purchase the best left/right speakers you can with your remaining front soundstage funds. Now, if you can afford a badass center and it’s matching left/right, all power to you, but if you are on a limited budget it is suggested to prioritize the center over the left/right if mainly doing surround sound playback.
3) The major purpose of a center speaker is to improve the clarity of critical audio for listeners off-axis. However, most center channels are 2-way MTM designs example and these actually have very a poor off-axis response, so entirely counter-intuitive. It is instead advised to use 3-way designs, whether that be WTMW example or coaxial example.
  • Is my receiver powerful enough?
Homeboi808: "A large question I see a lot is on how much wattage is needed. Like, the power handling spec is just that, how much wattage it can handle, if your speakers are ~ 88dB+ efficient, even 50W is enough."
GBMaxSE: It's what everyone worries about when shopping receivers. "BUT THIS RECEIVER MAKES 90W!! This "nicer" receiver only makes 85w!" It REALLY doesn't matter. As u/Homeboi808 mentioned, with modern speaker efficiencies, you really don't need much power. Take Homeboi808's example. A speaker with 88dB efficiency. This means that if you were to put your ear 3' (1 meter) away from the speaker cone, with a SINGLE WATT of power, you'd be receiving 88dB of SPL up in your ear. That's loud enough to cause hearing damage over a couple hours straight of listening. WITH ONE WATT.
  • Impedance Q&A by homeboi808
Q: My speakers are 4ohm, should I use the 4ohm setting on my receiver?
A: The 4ohm setting is just a wattage limiter, to protect less than ideal amplifiers. Unless you are sending your receiver into protection mode multiple times and/or generating a concerning amount of heat from your receiver, I would not.
Q: Are 4ohm speakers harder to power than 8ohm?
A: With ideal amplification, no. However, in real world scenarios, most amplifiers (receivers and separates) will cause you to lose anywhere from a fraction of a decibel to ~2dB of headroom. It is a good idea for home theater purposes to not use speakers that have low sensitivity as well as low impedance.
  • OK I picked my speakers but what about Speaker Wire?
If you are going into a wall cavity you need CL2 or CL3 in wall rated cables, otherwise you do not.
In a commercial environment you would need plenum rated speaker wire.
Outdoors will require direct burial if going in the ground.
Often people talk about wire gauge, that how thick the wire is. In American gauging - the bigger the number, the smaller the wire. 12 is much thicker then 22. Crazy right?
16 gauge is fine for most people and most runs. Going above 50 feet or for some power hungry lower impedance speakers 12 or 14 gauge would be recommended.
Speaker wire is referred to sometimes for example as 14/2 or 16/4 the first number is the gauge the second number is the number of conductors in the jacket 2 (Red/Black) is standard, 4 (Red/Black/Green/White) can be useful in trickier runs allowing one run versus two.
Adding Some Validity to the Improvement Large Gauge Speaker Cables Give by Homeboi808
Sewell Ghost Wire is an excellent solution in hard to run places.
  • I heard about Bass Transducer (Butt Shakers), what are they?
GBMaxSe's Bass Transducers (Shakers): An Install and a Review
  • Ok cool so I want to expand this to other rooms in my house (AKA Whole Home AUdio), how do I do that?
Whole Home Audio
  • I'm from Canada, its hard to find places to buy refrubed AVR's, got any ideas for us?
Electronics For Less
Canuck Audio Mart
  • Myth Busting
Ten Nonsense Myths About Subwoofers and Bass Busted!
Four Myths of Surround Sound
III. A/V Installation
The first thing is PLACEMENT! Too often is placement incorrect.
Crutchfield Speaker Placement Guide
Crutchfield - In-wall and ceiling speaker placement and installation for home theater or music
Surround Diagram Worksheet
AverageJoeAudiophile's Collection of helpful speaker placement, wiring, and room treatment guides
AVS Forum - Sub Calibration
An important point to make with the front stage, is that you want to TRY to form an equilateral triangle between your Main Listening Position and the front left and right speakers. You want the space between L/R to be at least 80% of the distance between you and the front left, OR right. Great rule of thumb.
  • Going over REARS again
The #1 most miss-construed point we see in this Subreddit is the definition of surrounds. Let me say it clearly: SURROUNDS IN A 5.1 SYSTEM DOES NOT MEAN SPEAKERS BEHIND YOU!!! It means speakers on your SIDES. 90 degrees-110 degrees to your sides or slightly to the rear of your main listening position slightly above ear level, pointed INWARD, not toward the TV!
Speakers behind you pointed forward toward the front stage are the REAR SURROUNDS in a 7.1 setup. Period, the end.
Q: My couch is against the wall should I add surrounds?
A: In a 5.1 setup? Sure. They just go on your sides. But 7.1? No. Don't try to cram a 7.1 setup in a space that isn't suitable. You're just wasting your time and you won't get any separation in the sound stage. Separation is important! Same goes with Atmos. There is no shame in a solid 3.1 system either.
  • Wiring your AVR
Speaker wire typically comes in Red/Black or on the speaker wire may have a + or - Red goes to red black goes to black, Pos typically goes to red while - typically goes to black. Just make sure all your speakers are wired the same way or they may be out of phase.
When using 4 conductor (16/4) Red/Black is your Left Terminal usually while Green/White is your Right terminal usually. Green goes to Black & White goes to red.
All HDMI's go into your AVR then one goes out to your TV.
We'll address HDMI cables later and see below for ARC
Crutchfield - receiver setup guide
Crutchfield - receiver placement tips
How to Set Up a Home Theater System With Separate Components
Audioholics - How To Set Up a 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System
  • Subwoofer Crawl
Audioholics - Subwoofer Crawl
Audioholics - Subwoofer Placement Guide: Finding the Optimal Location for Best Sound
  • Accoustics
Crutchfield - Room acoustics for home audio
Room Modes
amroc THE Room Mode Calculator
  • Multiple Subwoofers
AV Rant - A 12 Step Guide to Setting Up Dual Subwoofers
Audioholics - Home Theater Multiple Subwoofer Set-Up & Calibration Guide
  • Speaker Levels
Receivers have built in Room Correction software, please run it
If you want to double check it or do it manually - Audioholics' How To Calibrate and Level Match Your Speakers
  • Audessey mic placement & MultiEQ Specific
batpigworld: "Mic positions: the first mic position is the most critical because that is where the basic calibration is done — speaker levels and distance/delay are calculated at this spot.
For the other measurements, the most important thing to understand is that you are not literally measuring seats, you are providing additional data to Audyssey about the variation in room response so it knows which problems are actually worth trying to fix.
If you measure the response in different places in a room, there will be a lot of variation (due to room resonances and reflections). MultEQ takes the data from all the measurements and compares them to each other. It weights the “problems” it finds based on how common they are in the measurements. Then it decides which problems it will actually try to fix.
So let’s say there’s a big peak at 60Hz at one spot. But you measure different places in the room and that peak goes away. So it’s only a problem at one spot, and if you try to fix that “problem” you’ll just make the sound worse at other spots. But if that peak is present at most/all of the measurements, then Audyssey will correct it because it will benefit multiple locations.
So think about the measurements after the first one as defining the “bubble” of sound that Audyssey will optimize. The bigger the bubble, the more variance there will be, so you’ll get decent sound across a wider area ... with a tight cluster of measurements you’ll get highly optimized sound but only in a small area.
So how far you spread the measurements is a compromise between great sound at one seat vs good sound at multiple seats. Feel free to experiment (and pay $20 for the Audyssey app so you can swap calibrations easily!) and decide what sounds best to you."
TyGamer125, Q: Is the Audyssey MulitEQ editor app worth it?
A: It allows you to see your room correction results for each speaker, save multiple configurations and easily switch between them, adjust your target curve to better suit your music tastes, disable the midrange compensation, and most importantly allows you to choose what frequencies Audyssey does corrections on with 500-700hz and below being the ideal spot as anything above might make your speakers sound worse source part 1 source part 2
  • Bi-Amp and Bi-Wire
Bill_Money: 99.9% of the time these are useless especially off of a single receiver if you have a separate amp to bi-amp then go ahead otherwise run a set of speaker wire and leave the speaker plate on the back. I guarantee you will not hear the difference bi-amping or bi-wiring.
GBMaxSE: Opinions on this topic differ wildly, and if you can tell the difference, rock on with your bad self. But the fact of the matter is that it's really only going to be a benefit if you are throwing CRAZY amounts of power at your equipment, and/or you have truly audiophile grade equipment. If you don't, you may find you don't notice a difference in the sound, and you've just freed up two channels of your receiver or amplifier, that you can put to use with more speakers. This is becoming increasingly important with object based surround sound. With Atmos and DTS:X you can ACTUALLY really use a solid 11.2 channels of audio! So chances are, Bi-Amping isn't worth it.
Audioholics - Bi-amping vs Bi-wiring: What's the Difference and is it Audible?
  • Should I Use Audio Return Channel?/Why is ARC not working?
We do not recommend using ARC. ARC is a technology that in theory is excellent but in practice is not so good. At its best it is a protocol that allows you to use a single HDMI from the Receiver to the Television, and it allows your sources to send video through the Receiver to the TV, and it also allows your TV to send lossy audio BACK to your receiver... so that devices hooked directly to the television can send audio to the receiver, as well as the TV itself's applications. Furthermore, HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) can allow electronic devices to turn on/off and otherwise control other electronic devices. Again, that is at its best.
Often people don't get the best of ARC. Often it's buggy, and causes more frustrations than it is worth. Audio not being sent properly, devices turning each other on and off at their own discretion, volume control not working at all. Even at it's best, it only offers LOSSY audio. Dolby Digital +. This is a severe handicap. 99% of devices won't do Atmos over ARC, or even 7.1, and the difference in quality between DTS or Dolby Digital + and Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master are (in our opinion) pretty profound. Even great gear can/will sound mediocre if you're feeding it mediocre audio.
So what's the solution? Well, an optical cable, and a universal remote. Optical cable is capable of ALL the same audio as ARC (with very few exceptions), and a great universal remote like a Logitech Harmony will control your setup FAR better than ARC+CEC ever will, Try it out. The Harmony 650/665 is cheap if you need line of sight otherwise a Harmony Hub based remote is needed unless you have a cable remote that can be programmed to control the audio device volume instead.
  • HDMI Cable Explained
Explaining HDMI Cables & Wireless HDMI
  • Hiding/Running Wires
Crutchfield - How to hide the wires for your speakers and TVs
How to Run/Fish Electrical Wire Through Walls & Ceilings The Home Depot
  • Mounting a TV
Audioholics How to find a Stud
Sanus - Installing Your Mount
Mounts & Home Theater Furniture Recommendations
How to Drill Into Concrete The Home Depot
  • Cool now I want one remote for all this!
Logitech Harmony remotes are your best bets for a consumer level remote. They control ONE ZONE (they are not designed for multi zone without serious knowledge of programming them or using them in an annoying manner).
The Harmony 350 is cheap junk, spend the extra $20 to get the 650/665 if you have direct line of sight to all devices. If anything requires RF or is in a cabinet then the Harmony Elite is my recommendation. I personally wouldn't bother with any remote in between the two.
Logitech Harmony Device Comparability
If you have an IR based universal but need to send the signal to another room or want to use existing IR remotes - Audioholics How IR Repeater Systems Work
  • I bought TV X, can you give me calibration settings?
Blindly copying someone else's settings is not calibrating a tv. Those settigns do not take panel fluctuations or room lighting difference into effect. Please hire a professional OR utilize these resources for a DIY solution: HCFR or AVS HD 709
Custom Wall plates - Data Pro
  • I want to use Video from one source but audio from another on my AVR
Read Here
IV. A/V Troubleshooting
  • No Power
Make sure device is being powered on. Check Connections. Check to see if your power strip is on. Make sure it is not a switch wall outlet. Check to see if another device works in that outlet. Check to see if the device works in another outlet. Check your breaker.
  • General Troubleshooting
Did you Unplug it wait 30 seconds and plug it back in?
Did you Factory Reset it? -
Did you Update the firmware?
  • I have X device plugged in Composite/Component to my receiver then HDMI to TV but I get no video?
You have a receiver that does not support up-scaling the analog video signal to digital. Receivers that do this are much more expensive. Do not buy cheap converters on Amazon either they are mostly miss due to HDCP
  • I don't have analog out of my TV but want to hook up an Analog Audio device, what do?
A DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) would let you take the digital optical out of your tv and convert it to analog to allow you to do this. FiiO D03K Coaxial/Optical DAC Digital Analog Converter
  • I bought a new 4K TV and a 4K Source BUT my receiver is only 1080P/HDCP1.4/HDMI 1.4 What Do?
Well a few options exist.
1st if its a 4K Blu Ray player some of the higher end ones have a 2nd Audio Only HDMI port that can be used to have the audio go to the receiver and the video go directly to the TV
2nd You can send Audio & Video to the TV then use Optical or ARC back to the receiver. This creates issues with lossless audio and having to use ARC
3rd you can go Optical directly out of the device to the receiver and HDMI out to the TV for video. This again creates lossless audio issues.
4th You can get a device like the HDFury AVR Key - Until sold out or HDFury Intergral 2 to strip HDCP but the cost is too high for most
5th the best answer - Replace your receiver.
  • No Audio through my speakers from my receiver.
Check Connections
Set it to AM/FM do you still hear audio? If not receiver is most likely bad factory reset it and try again
If yes then it is a settings issue.
  • Ground Loop Hum on a Subwoofer
Blue Jeans Cable - Bah! The Subwoofer Hum Bug -- and How to Stop It
  • Denon Receiver HDMI Diagnostics
HDMI Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
TV Repair
Repair Guide
V. Misc
  • I'm Moving overseas
Audioholics' Moving Overseas: Voltages and Format Conversions
Should I Bring my TV?
NO! Its going to be expensive to crate and move and most likely just going to be damaged. Sell your TV and buy a new one overseas.
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2018.03.02 05:17 Smithm5 Homelab rework and ESXi build check

Long time lurker - never post. Currently I have an i3 NUC for ESXi and freenas box (RaidZ1, 5x6tb). I was able to snag a couple CPUs (e5-2699 v3's for FREE) so I am going to build around those.
Networking (all Ubiquiti)
USG Pro4
Unifi switch 16 POE 150w
Unifi AP AC Pro (2x)
Unifi Inwall AP (2x)
Unifi Inwall Pro AP (1x)
Unifi switch 16 XG (will order when back in stock)
~5 Unifi POE security cameras
ESXi host for homelab running the following
Server 2016
Ubuntu PLEX server
Ubuntu Unifi and NVR server
SCCM lab for testing/learning
Docker / kubernetes / etc
The Proposed Build
PCPartPicker list
only difference is may get the MBD-X10DRL-I or MBD-X10DRI-T-O boards - they didnt show up
would run ESXI from USB drive like I do now
Would RAID1 the SSDs for primary VMs and RAID the HDDs for security cams
Usage / Setup
The FreeNas box holds user home drives, backup data, videos for plex.
ESXi host would only hold security camera data - all else mapped to freenas
Both would be connected to 16XG switch via SPF+ or ethernet - either way 10g
Any red flags in this build? Its def overkill, but the CPUs were free so....
I dont plan on ISCSI, but simply NFS shares that already exist. Would I notice a speed/performance/other difference either way?
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2017.03.01 22:22 sweeney669 Unifi in wall - Ac/N wifi?

TL;DR at the bottom if you don't want to read my probably poorly written backstory to the question.
Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of updating my home wifi equipment from normal consumer wifi routers to a complete unifi seteup. Currently I have a USG,cloud key, and Ap-AC pro coming in Friday. I'm eventually going to pick up a 24 port switch as well but my main question comes in terms of the inwall wifi ports.
My house is pretty small, about 1,000 sq ft with a 200 sq ft outdoor patio. The ac pro should cover it pretty well but I came across the in wall units today. My house has cat 6 running to every room. First floor is an open floor plan with 5 cat6 runs in different locations and the three bedrooms upstairs all have two runs on opposite sides of the room.
Is there a downside to using all inwall wifi ports opposed to the ac pro? Currently the internet speed I pay for is 200mbps. Would it be worth getting the N IW instead of the AC IW to save money since I only get 200mbps? I do some pc-pc transferring on the network but when that happens it's all headlines. The wifi is mostly for chromecasts,iPhones/iPads, laptops, guest usage or anything that can't be plugged in via Ethernet port. So pc-pc would still have gigabit connects via Ethernet.
One thing I plan on getting setup in the near future is the ability to vpn into my office computer and server so I can work from home. I will stoically be wired for that but would the n or ac wifi make a noticeable difference?
Money isn't a huge issue, it would just take a little longer to implement everything but that's not a big deal.
Are the unifi in wall AP's as good as the regular AP's? Are there any disadvantages to using them? Will I notice speed differences between the N and AC version if my internet speed is only 200mbps and all pc-pc data is done with Ethernet?
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2016.10.15 06:40 TorinTPG Opinion on new projector and new subs

My wife and I just purchased a home that has a home theater that was professionally installed in 2010. The screen is a painted screen that is 110 inches - super sharp! The in-wall speakers are Proficient Audio (links below). I'd like to replace the old projector and the subwoofers and I'd like your opinion on what to go with. The existing projector is from 2010 and is 720p. It will not fully focus and I'd prefer just to replace it with a nice 1080p projector. The subwoofers (2) are subpar for sure. One is blown, the other is just meh. No punch that I expect from a subwoofer - I want to feel it when bass hits, but be able to control - I do not like so much that it becomes sloppy sounding. So, what would you recommend I replace them with? The in-wall speakers are fine for now, so my goal is to replace the projector and two subs. Budget for projector is around $1,000 and I'd like to get both new subs for under $1,000 if possible. I've seen a lot of Benq and Optoma projectors that are recommended.
As an added bonus, the company I work for has an account with ADI and I can get a pretty nice discount on any product that is offered through them (links below of their products offered).
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Subs (via ADI)

Projectors (via ADI)

Existing Speakers

Center -
Front, Mid, Rear -
Existing Subs - (cannot find a data sheet due to age)
Edit - formatting
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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) (Wales) - YouTube Wales Marine Planning Portal - YouTube Digital Health Ecosystem Wales Winter Event - Data and APIs  Life Sciences Hub Wales Trade & Invest Wales - Deloitte Case Study Wales' Penycloddiau Hillfort Using linked data to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Wales HATE crime against people with disabilities in Wales has ... Wales: 7 Facts about Welsh Traditions and Interesting ... ADR Wales uses administrative data to compare impact of Welsh Government energy efficiency schemes

  1. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) (Wales) - YouTube
  2. Wales Marine Planning Portal - YouTube
  3. Digital Health Ecosystem Wales Winter Event - Data and APIs Life Sciences Hub Wales
  4. Trade & Invest Wales - Deloitte Case Study
  5. Wales' Penycloddiau Hillfort
  6. Using linked data to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Wales
  7. HATE crime against people with disabilities in Wales has ...
  8. Wales: 7 Facts about Welsh Traditions and Interesting ...
  9. ADR Wales uses administrative data to compare impact of Welsh Government energy efficiency schemes

ADR UK works in partnership with the Officer for National Statistics (ONS) to ethically and safely source, link, and curate public sector data. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events that affect children while growing up, such as suffering child maltreatment or living in a househol... Whether you're a UK business looking to expand or an international business looking for a UK/European base, Wales should be on your shortlist. But don't just take our word for it - watch our short ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Wales, sometimes referred to as the international castle capital, has incredible historical heritage and natural beauty, which make this country a prime trav... The largest hillfort in Wales, Penycloddiau was likely occupied for many generations. Based on archaeological data, this animated reconstruction shows how the site might have appeared during the ... Welsh Marine Planning Portal The marine planning portal for Wales allows anyone to view maps online showing the distribution of human activities and natural ... The event focussed on Data and APIs which included presentation from data experts and NWIS representatives. _ Visit our website to learn more: ... we are the focal point for the sector in Wales ... Findings from the joint investigation were released today ahead of National Hate Crime Awareness Week, which starts on Saturday. Of the police forces who rep...