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2020.09.21 00:19 jigomir Jigomir #61 - #68

Mucho Mucho Amor (2020)
IMDb: 7.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 100%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 95%
Synopsis (from IMDb): Every day for decades, Walter Mercado — the iconic, gender non-conforming astrologer — mesmerized 120 million Latino viewers with his extravagance and positivity.
My rate: 10/10
The Devils (1971)
IMDb: 7.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 67%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 89%
Synopsis (from IMDb): In 17th-century France, Father Urbain Grandier seeks to protect the city of Loudun from the corrupt establishment of Cardinal Richelieu. Hysteria occurs within the city when he is accused of witchcraft by a sexually repressed nun.
My rate: 10/10 became one of my favorite movies despite some stuff not aging that well
Mandy (2018)
IMDb: 6.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 91%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 66%
Synopsis (from IMDb): The enchanted lives of a couple in a secluded forest are brutally shattered by a nightmarish hippie cult and their demon-biker henchmen, propelling a man into a spiraling, surreal rampage of vengeance. My rate: 7/10
The Cremator (1969)
IMDb: 8/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 88%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 91%
Synopsis (from IMDb): Set in World War II, a demented cremator believes cremation relieves earthly suffering and sets out to save the world.
My rate: 7/10
Carrie (1976)
IMDb: 7.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 93%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 77%
Synopsis (from IMDb): Carrie White, a shy, friendless teenage girl who is sheltered by her domineering, religious mother, unleashes her telekinetic powers after being humiliated by her classmates at her senior prom. My rate: 10/10
Seconds (1966)
IMDb: 7.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 89%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 87%
Synopsis (from IMDb): An unhappy middle-aged banker agrees to a procedure that will fake his death and give him a completely new look and identity - one that comes with its own price.
My thoughts: The beginning and ending make this movie soooo good, the middle part is quite uninteresting, so I'm conflicted because I loved it but that middle part ugh
Suicide Club (2001)
Date Watched: 18/09/2020
IMDb: 6.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 57%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 69%
Synopsis (from IMDb): A detective is trying to find the cause of a string of suicides.
My rate: 7/10
The Devil All The Time (2020)
Date Watched: 20/09/2020
IMDb: 7.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 65%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 83%
Synopsis (from IMDb): Sinister characters converge around a young man devoted to protecting those he loves in a postwar backwoods town teeming with corruption and brutality.
My rate: 9/10
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2020.09.15 08:04 thaworldhaswarpedme thaworldhaswarpedme #216 - Bone Tomahawk (2015)

07/28/2020 - 09/14/2020
Watched on: Amazon Prime
Synopsis: When a degenerate murderer unintentionally leads a band of savages into the town of Bright Hope, a local man's wife is abducted, prompting a quartet of gunslinging locals to posse up and attempt a rescue.
After slogging through Dragged Across Concrete and hearing less-than-great things about Brawl in Cell Block 99, I wasn't expecting much from director S. Craig Zahler's directorial debut. And I could not have been more wrong. This is an excellent film. From it's unexpected genre mashup of Horror and Western, to it's absolutely phenomenal performances and character building, to it's unimpeachably masterful use of gory scenes drenched in tension, this film does so many things right.
Talk about a cast! Kurt Russell excels as the grizzled Sheriff Hunt. Patrick Wilson turns in his usual everyman performance as the injured cowboy resolutely determined to find his wife. A surprisingly strong showing from Matthew Fox (where the hell has he been?) as the arrogant and hard-to-like Brooder, a flashy, well dressed gunslinger with his own axe to grind. Notable appearances from the likes of David Arquette, Sid Haig and Fred Melamed. And last but certainly not least, the glue that holds this tale together, Richard Jenkins, as the unintentionally hilarious Deputy Sheriff come one-liner king in the role of the doggedly loyal and persistently proficient Chicory.
Beautiful cinematography displays amazing desert venues and gritty frontier living with a tangible adeptness. The absence of any true score only accentuates the film's more colorful scenes as you are treated to a cringe-inducing soundtrack full of bone-chilling realism. Not just simply viewed, events are experienced. The weak of stomach and faint of heart be warned: this ain't your momma's Western. Louis L'amore it is not. What it is, happens to be a dark, deft blend of old west atmosphere and good psychological horror in mesmerizing fashion.
Inevitably there will be complaints about the 132 minute runtime and dialogue heavy scenes but that's just good ol' fashion character development taking place. It's believable writing coupled with appropriate pacing and I honestly could have gone on a bit longer (although, if you thought it had pacing issues, I'd be lying to say I didn't see where you were coming from). The action is adequately spaced throughout the film in the comfort zone between 'not enough happening' and 'too much going on here'. The effects are top notch. The horror is superb. This film sticks with you after the credits roll.
If you've not seen this yet I would highly recommend it.
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2020.09.11 12:23 _TheDefector_ The B to Z Movie Show Launch Marathon - September 19th @ 4pm GMT

The B to Z Movie Show Launch Marathon - September 19th @ 4pm GMT

To celebrate the launch of our new collaborative YouTube channel and film review series, The B to Z Movie Show, myself and fellow redditor Anschluss11 would like to invite you all to the screening of our first episode, along with a bunch of shitty films chosen by us. Along the way we will also be showing a variety of weird-ass intermission bullshit, such as horrible music videos and the like.
The B to Z Movie show is an idea that we had a few years ago, and that somehow has reached the point of us actually releasing finished videos. We’re basically just a couple of guys who have an unhealthy obsession with b-movies and low budget trash, who love nothing more than getting drunk and swearing at films that we love to hate. So we figured, why not record ourselves doing what we love and seeing what we can make of it all? The format of the show itself is pretty straightforward; we both drunkenly watch a film of questionable quality and then we review it/tear it to pieces. Pretty simple. But whilst the first few episodes are film reviews, once we are up and running we do intend to branch out into other forms of content such as interviews with the directors/producers of the films we review. Gluttons for punishment, I guess.
Despite having worked on this for quite a while, this project is very much still in its infancy, and our videos will most likely get much better (and shorter) over time. In that regard, if you have any feedback to give us on the episode itself, or if you have any suggestions for films for us to cover during a B2Z episode, then feel free to message us here or email us at [email protected]
To celebrate this milestone of ours, we could think of nothing more fitting than making ourselves and everyone else sit through the following wonders of cinema...
The above list is subject to change, depending on if we find something even worse to watch. But rest assured, no matter what we decide to screen, it'll be dreadful.
Join the shenanigans for the pre-show which starts at 3pm GMT (10:00 EDT) with the first movie starting one hour later at 4pm GMT (11:00 EDT). Things should run for about 8-9 hours, with intermission nonsense playing between each film. See you there!
Visit to join the fun, but please be aware that you will need the Google Drive userscript to watch some of the films. It can be found here.
You can check the showtimes converted to your timezone with this link
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2020.08.31 22:18 kslez I'm Watching Every Movie with Sapphic Themes So You Don't Have To (1915-1949 Edition)

TW: All The Triggers
Hello, fellow Sapphics! I am working on a little pet project that has led me down the path of watching every single film in the history of the world (I can get my hands on) that includes Sapphic themes. I'll be posting updates as I work my way through the beautiful and terrible world of Sapphic representation. I got the idea to post my reviews for you all from this series of posts in books.
TL;DR Summary Table
Year Title Director Worth Watching?
1915 Filibus Mario Roncoroni Yes
1929 Pandora's Box G. W. Pabst No
1931 Mädchen in Uniform Leontine Sagan, Carl Froelich Yes
1932 Sign of the Cross Cecil B. DeMille No
1933 Anna und Elisabeth Frank Wisbar No
1933 Queen Christina Rouben Mamoulian Only for Greta Garbo's performance
1936 La Garçonne Jean de Limur N/A*
1936 Club de Femmes Jacques Deval Jean Delannoy (assistant) Yes
1940 Rebecca Alfred Hitchcock No
1949 The Trip to Marrakesh Richard Eichberg No
\Still searching for this one and will update if I ever find it*
Filibus (1915) - Adventure / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Silent / Thriller
Pandora's Box (1929) - Crime / Drama / Indie / Melodrama / Romance / Silent
Anna und Elisabeth (1933) - Drama
Queen Christina (1933) - Drama / Historical Drama / Romance
Rebecca (1949) - Drama / Mystery / Romance / Psychological Thriller / Thriller
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2020.08.13 10:13 bobinhozinho relembrando três belíssimas obras LGBT+

introdução/contexto: essas obras são muito importantes pra mim. conheci elas num momento onde eu ainda tava confuso e não aceitando minha orientação sexual, e elas me ajudaram a passar dessa fase.
assim como fizeram comigo, as obras podem ajudar alguns de vocês que estão procurando validação ou com dificuldades sobre sua orientação sexual. mesmo os que não se encaixam nessa descrição, elas são bem feitas, legais e fofas, então recomendo-as de qualquer jeito.
obra I: Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho (curta-metragem) (spoilers na sinopse) (brasileiro)
assista: youtube
sinopse: Leonardo, um adolescente deficiente visual que muda de vida totalmente com a chegada de Gabriel, um novo aluno em sua escola. Ao mesmo tempo que tem que lidar com os ciúmes da amiga Giovana, Leonardo vive a inocência da descoberta do amor entre dois adolescentes gays. (mais informações: wiki do curta e IMDb do curta (em inglês))
obra II: Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (longa-metragem) (spoilers na sinopse) (brasileiro, em português)
assista: trailer youtube(*) compre ou alugue (youtube filmes) netflix
*: aparentemente o vídeo dá pra ser assistido de boa, mesmo que de graça. qualquer problema eu tiro o link.
sinopse: Leonardo, um adolescente cego, tenta lidar com a mãe superprotetora ao mesmo tempo em que busca sua independência. Quando Gabriel chega na cidade, novos sentimentos começam a surgir em Leonardo, fazendo com que ele descubra mais sobre si mesmo e sua sexualidade. (adorocinema) (mais informações: wiki do longa e IMDb do longa (em inglês)
obra III: In a Heartbeat (Num Piscar de Olhos) (animação, curta-metragem) (spoilers na sinopse) (estadunidense, mas não precisa de legenda)
assista: trailer youtube
sinopse: Num Piscar de Olhos segue a história de Sherwin, um garoto que se apaixona pelo seu amigo Jonathan. (mais informações: wiki da animação (em inglês), wiki da animação (em português) e IMDb da animação (em inglês)
é isso, espero que eu consiga apresentar esses curtas pra alguém que ainda não os conhecia. qualquer erro no post me avisem, por favor. se cuidem <3
edição 1: link pra netflix do longa (obrigado u/orphss)
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2020.08.13 10:11 bobinhozinho relembrando três belíssimas obras LGBT+

introdução/contexto: essas obras são muito importantes pra mim. conheci elas num momento onde eu ainda tava confuso e não aceitando minha orientação sexual, e elas me ajudaram a passar dessa fase.
assim como fizeram comigo, as obras podem ajudar alguns de vocês que estão procurando validação ou com dificuldades sobre sua orientação sexual. mesmo os que não se encaixam nessa descrição, elas são bem feitas, legais e fofas, então recomendo-as de qualquer jeito.
obra I: Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho (curta-metragem) (spoilers na sinopse) (brasileiro)
assista: youtube
sinopse: Leonardo, um adolescente deficiente visual que muda de vida totalmente com a chegada de Gabriel, um novo aluno em sua escola. Ao mesmo tempo que tem que lidar com os ciúmes da amiga Giovana, Leonardo vive a inocência da descoberta do amor entre dois adolescentes gays. (mais informações: wiki do curta e IMDb do curta (em inglês))
obra II: Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (longa-metragem) (spoilers na sinopse) (brasileiro, em português)
assista: trailer youtube(*) compre ou alugue (youtube filmes) netflix
*: aparentemente o vídeo dá pra ser assistido de boa, mesmo que de graça. qualquer problema eu tiro o link.
sinopse: Leonardo, um adolescente cego, tenta lidar com a mãe superprotetora ao mesmo tempo em que busca sua independência. Quando Gabriel chega na cidade, novos sentimentos começam a surgir em Leonardo, fazendo com que ele descubra mais sobre si mesmo e sua sexualidade. (adorocinema) (mais informações: wiki do longa e IMDb do longa (em inglês)
obra III: In a Heartbeat (Num Piscar de Olhos) (animação, curta-metragem) (spoilers na sinopse) (estadunidense, mas não precisa de legenda)
assista: trailer youtube
sinopse: Num Piscar de Olhos segue a história de Sherwin, um garoto que se apaixona pelo seu amigo Jonathan. (mais informações: wiki da animação (em inglês), wiki da animação (em português) e IMDb da animação (em inglês)
é isso, espero que eu consiga apresentar esses curtas pra alguém que ainda não os conhecia. qualquer erro no post me avisem, por favor. se cuidem <3
edição 1: link pra netflix do longa (obrigado u/orphss)
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2020.08.13 08:21 bobinhozinho relembrando três belíssimas obras LGBT+

introdução/contexto: essas obras são muito importantes pra mim. conheci elas num momento onde eu ainda tava confuso e não aceitando minha orientação sexual, e elas me ajudaram a passar dessa fase.
assim como fizeram comigo, as obras podem ajudar alguns de vocês que estão procurando validação ou com dificuldades sobre sua orientação sexual. mesmo os que não se encaixam nessa descrição, elas são bem feitas, legais e fofas, então recomendo-as de qualquer jeito.
obra I: Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho (curta-metragem) (spoilers na sinopse) (brasileiro)
assista: youtube
sinopse: Leonardo, um adolescente deficiente visual que muda de vida totalmente com a chegada de Gabriel, um novo aluno em sua escola. Ao mesmo tempo que tem que lidar com os ciúmes da amiga Giovana, Leonardo vive a inocência da descoberta do amor entre dois adolescentes gays. (mais informações: wiki do curta e IMDb do curta (em inglês))
obra II: Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (longa-metragem) (spoilers na sinopse) (brasileiro, em português)
assista: trailer youtube(*) compre ou alugue (youtube filmes) netflix
*: aparentemente o vídeo dá pra ser assistido de boa, mesmo que de graça. qualquer problema eu tiro o link.
sinopse: Leonardo, um adolescente cego, tenta lidar com a mãe superprotetora ao mesmo tempo em que busca sua independência. Quando Gabriel chega na cidade, novos sentimentos começam a surgir em Leonardo, fazendo com que ele descubra mais sobre si mesmo e sua sexualidade. (adorocinema) (mais informações: wiki do longa e IMDb do longa (em inglês)
obra III: In a Heartbeat (Num Piscar de Olhos) (animação, curta-metragem) (spoilers na sinopse) (estadunidense, mas não precisa de legenda)
assista: trailer youtube
sinopse: Num Piscar de Olhos segue a história de Sherwin, um garoto que se apaixona pelo seu amigo Jonathan. (mais informações: wiki da animação (em inglês), wiki da animação (em português) e IMDb da animação (em inglês)
é isso, espero que eu consiga apresentar esses curtas pra alguém que ainda não os conhecia. qualquer erro no post me avisem, por favor. se cuidem <3
edição 1: link da netflix pro longa (obrigado u/orphss)
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2020.07.28 17:49 AtheistComic Infinity Dawn s01e01 Re-Release


The Dexter series is known for being at times one of the best dramatic series to have aired... but at its worst, the series died very early on due to changes in the way the story was presented. Showtime kept ramping up the campy feeling of the series, when in fact it deserved a much darker flavour.
Dexter lead Michael C. Hall said, when asked about the series finale:
"Liked it? I don’t think I even watched it. I thought it was narratively satisfying — but it was not so savory. I think the show had lost a certain amount of torque. Just inherently because of how long we’d done it, because of the storytelling capital we’d spent, because our writers may have been gassed... Maybe some people wanted a more satisfying -- maybe they wanted a happy ending for him, either a happy ending or a more definitive sense of closure." [sic]
This is essentially actor-speak for: "The show was so badly fucked, that by the time we finally finished, it had left a bad taste in my mouth."
Well. I loved season one and two. And season four. They were remarkable and sensible, for the most part. It was a mistake to have Dexter constantly narrating. It was a mistake to have him weakened utterly by Rita and the kids. So these elements are not going to be in this project.
We learn early on that Dexter is a total badass motherfucker in a geek costume. Like Superman, but without the moral dogma. And without kryptonite... well at least in this series the way they portrayed him -- his kryptonite was his family with Rita. And that's why this fanedit will attempt to remove Rita and her kids from the story. It's kind of an experiment. I'm not sure at this point how it will work out. So far it's great but I'm only on episode one and still editing through the first four episodes which will probably make up the first couple of releases.

Intended Changes:



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2020.07.13 18:19 BathrobeBaron Quality Post Not Spam

Rank & Title IMDb Rating Your Rating 
The Shawshank Redemption 1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) 9.2
The Godfather 2. The Godfather (1972) 9.1
The Godfather: Part II 3. The Godfather: Part II (1974) 9.0
The Dark Knight 4. The Dark Knight (2008) 9.0
12 Angry Men 5. 12 Angry Men (1957) 8.9
Schindler's List 6. Schindler's List (1993) 8.9
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 7. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) 8.9
Pulp Fiction 8. Pulp Fiction (1994) 8.8
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 9. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) 8.8
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 10. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) 8.8
Fight Club 11. Fight Club (1999) 8.8
Forrest Gump 12. Forrest Gump (1994) 8.8
Inception 13. Inception (2010) 8.7
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back 14. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) 8.7
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 15. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) 8.7
The Matrix 16. The Matrix (1999) 8.6
Goodfellas 17. Goodfellas (1990) 8.6
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 18. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) 8.6
Seven Samurai 19. Seven Samurai (1954) 8.6
Se7en 20. Se7en (1995) 8.6
Life Is Beautiful 21. Life Is Beautiful (1997) 8.6
City of God 22. City of God (2002) 8.6
The Silence of the Lambs 23. The Silence of the Lambs (1991) 8.6
It's a Wonderful Life 24. It's a Wonderful Life (1946) 8.6
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope 25. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) 8.6
Saving Private Ryan 26. Saving Private Ryan (1998) 8.5
Spirited Away 27. Spirited Away (2001) 8.5
Parasite 28. Parasite (2019) 8.5
The Green Mile 29. The Green Mile (1999) 8.5
Interstellar 30. Interstellar (2014) 8.5
Léon: The Professional 31. Léon: The Professional (1994) 8.5
The Usual Suspects 32. The Usual Suspects (1995) 8.5
Harakiri 33. Harakiri (1962) 8.5
The Lion King 34. The Lion King (1994) 8.5
Back to the Future 35. Back to the Future (1985) 8.5
The Pianist 36. The Pianist (2002) 8.5
Terminator 2: Judgment Day 37. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) 8.5
American History X 38. American History X (1998) 8.5
Modern Times 39. Modern Times (1936) 8.5
Psycho 40. Psycho (1960) 8.5
Gladiator 41. Gladiator (2000) 8.5
City Lights 42. City Lights (1931) 8.5
The Departed 43. The Departed (2006) 8.5
The Intouchables 44. The Intouchables (2011) 8.5
Whiplash 45. Whiplash (2014) 8.5
The Prestige 46. The Prestige (2006) 8.5
Once Upon a Time in the West 47. Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) 8.5
Grave of the Fireflies 48. Grave of the Fireflies (1988) 8.5
Casablanca 49. Casablanca (1942) 8.4
Cinema Paradiso 50. Cinema Paradiso (1988) 8.4
Rear Window 51. Rear Window (1954) 8.4
Alien 52. Alien (1979) 8.4
Apocalypse Now 53. Apocalypse Now (1979) 8.4
Memento 54. Memento (2000) 8.4
Raiders of the Lost Ark 55. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) 8.4
The Great Dictator 56. The Great Dictator (1940) 8.4
Joker 57. Joker (2019) 8.4
The Lives of Others 58. The Lives of Others (2006) 8.4
Django Unchained 59. Django Unchained (2012) 8.4
Paths of Glory 60. Paths of Glory (1957) 8.4
The Shining 61. The Shining (1980) 8.4
WALL·E 62. WALL·E (2008) 8.4
Avengers: Infinity War 63. Avengers: Infinity War (2018) 8.4
Sunset Blvd. 64. Sunset Blvd. (1950) 8.4
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 65. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) 8.4
Princess Mononoke 66. Princess Mononoke (1997) 8.4
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 67. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) 8.4
Witness for the Prosecution 68. Witness for the Prosecution (1957) 8.4
Oldboy 69. Oldboy (2003) 8.4
The Dark Knight Rises 70. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) 8.3
Once Upon a Time in America 71. Once Upon a Time in America (1984) 8.3
Avengers: Endgame 72. Avengers: Endgame (2019) 8.3
Aliens 73. Aliens (1986) 8.3
Your Name. 74. Your Name. (2016) 8.3
Coco 75. Coco (2017) 8.3
American Beauty 76. American Beauty (1999) 8.3
Braveheart 77. Braveheart (1995) 8.3
3 Idiots 78. 3 Idiots (2009) 8.3
Das Boot 79. Das Boot (1981) 8.3
Toy Story 80. Toy Story (1995) 8.3
High and Low 81. High and Low (1963) 8.3
Amadeus 82. Amadeus (1984) 8.3
Like Stars on Earth 83. Like Stars on Earth (2007) 8.3
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi 84. Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) 8.3
Reservoir Dogs 85. Reservoir Dogs (1992) 8.3
Inglourious Basterds 86. Inglourious Basterds (2009) 8.3
Good Will Hunting 87. Good Will Hunting (1997) 8.3
2001: A Space Odyssey 88. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 8.3
Capernaum 89. Capernaum (2018) 8.3
1917 90. 1917 (2019) 8.3
Vertigo 91. Vertigo (1958) 8.3
Requiem for a Dream 92. Requiem for a Dream (2000) 8.3
M 93. M (1931) 8.3
Dangal 94. Dangal (2016) 8.3
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 95. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) 8.3
The Hunt 96. The Hunt (2012) 8.3
Citizen Kane 97. Citizen Kane (1941) 8.3
Full Metal Jacket 98. Full Metal Jacket (1987) 8.3
Bicycle Thieves 99. Bicycle Thieves (1948) 8.2
North by Northwest 100. North by Northwest (1959) 8.2
A Clockwork Orange 101. A Clockwork Orange (1971) 8.2
The Kid 102. The Kid (1921) 8.2
Snatch 103. Snatch (2000) 8.2
Singin' in the Rain 104. Singin' in the Rain (1952) 8.2
Scarface 105. Scarface (1983) 8.2
Taxi Driver 106. Taxi Driver (1976) 8.2
Amélie 107. Amélie (2001) 8.2
Lawrence of Arabia 108. Lawrence of Arabia (1962) 8.2
Toy Story 3 109. Toy Story 3 (2010) 8.2
The Sting 110. The Sting (1973) 8.2
Ikiru 111. Ikiru (1952) 8.2
Metropolis 112. Metropolis (1927) 8.2
A Separation 113. A Separation (2011) 8.2
For a Few Dollars More 114. For a Few Dollars More (1965) 8.2
Anand 115. Anand (1971) 8.2
Incendies 116. Incendies (2010) 8.2
The Apartment 117. The Apartment (1960) 8.2
Double Indemnity 118. Double Indemnity (1944) 8.2
To Kill a Mockingbird 119. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) 8.2
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 120. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) 8.2
Up 121. Up (2009) 8.2
L.A. Confidential 122. L.A. Confidential (1997) 8.2
Come and See 123. Come and See (1985) 8.2
Heat 124. Heat (1995) 8.2
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 125. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) 8.2
Die Hard 126. Die Hard (1988) 8.2
Rashomon 127. Rashomon (1950) 8.2
Yojimbo 128. Yojimbo (1961) 8.2
Batman Begins 129. Batman Begins (2005) 8.2
Green Book 130. Green Book (2018) 8.2
Downfall 131. Downfall (2004) 8.2
Children of Heaven 132. Children of Heaven (1997) 8.2
Unforgiven 133. Unforgiven (1992) 8.2
Some Like It Hot 134. Some Like It Hot (1959) 8.2
Ran 135. Ran (1985) 8.2
Howl's Moving Castle 136. Howl's Moving Castle (2004) 8.2
The Great Escape 137. The Great Escape (1963) 8.2
A Beautiful Mind 138. A Beautiful Mind (2001) 8.2
All About Eve 139. All About Eve (1950) 8.2
Casino 140. Casino (1995) 8.2
Pan's Labyrinth 141. Pan's Labyrinth (2006) 8.2
The Wolf of Wall Street 142. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) 8.2
The Secret in Their Eyes 143. The Secret in Their Eyes (2009) 8.2
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 144. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) 8.1
My Neighbor Totoro 145. My Neighbor Totoro (1988) 8.1
Raging Bull 146. Raging Bull (1980) 8.1
There Will Be Blood 147. There Will Be Blood (2007) 8.1
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 148. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) 8.1
Judgment at Nuremberg 149. Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) 8.1
My Father and My Son 150. My Father and My Son (2005) 8.1
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 151. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) 8.1
Dial M for Murder 152. Dial M for Murder (1954) 8.1
The Gold Rush 153. The Gold Rush (1925) 8.1
Chinatown 154. Chinatown (1974) 8.1
V for Vendetta 155. V for Vendetta (2005) 8.1
No Country for Old Men 156. No Country for Old Men (2007) 8.1
The Seventh Seal 157. The Seventh Seal (1957) 8.1
Shutter Island 158. Shutter Island (2010) 8.1
Inside Out 159. Inside Out (2015) 8.1
Warrior 160. Warrior (2011) 8.1
The Elephant Man 161. The Elephant Man (1980) 8.1
Trainspotting 162. Trainspotting (1996) 8.1
The Sixth Sense 163. The Sixth Sense (1999) 8.1
The Thing 164. The Thing (1982) 8.1
Jurassic Park 165. Jurassic Park (1993) 8.1
Gone with the Wind 166. Gone with the Wind (1939) 8.1
Wild Strawberries 167. Wild Strawberries (1957) 8.1
Blade Runner 168. Blade Runner (1982) 8.1
Room 169. Room (2015) 8.1
Finding Nemo 170. Finding Nemo (2003) 8.1
The Truman Show 171. The Truman Show (1998) 8.1
The Bridge on the River Kwai 172. The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) 8.1
Stalker 173. Stalker (1979) 8.1
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 174. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) 8.1
Fargo 175. Fargo (1996) 8.1
The Third Man 176. The Third Man (1949) 8.1
On the Waterfront 177. On the Waterfront (1954) 8.1
Gran Torino 178. Gran Torino (2008) 8.1
Tokyo Story 179. Tokyo Story (1953) 8.1
Memories of Murder 180. Memories of Murder (2003) 8.1
The Deer Hunter 181. The Deer Hunter (1978) 8.1
Wild Tales 182. Wild Tales (2014) 8.1
Klaus 183. Klaus (2019) 8.1
Andhadhun 184. Andhadhun (2018) 8.1
The Bandit 185. The Bandit (1996) 8.1
In the Name of the Father 186. In the Name of the Father (1993) 8.1
Mary and Max 187. Mary and Max (2009) 8.1
The Big Lebowski 188. The Big Lebowski (1998) 8.1
Gone Girl 189. Gone Girl (2014) 8.1
Hacksaw Ridge 190. Hacksaw Ridge (2016) 8.1
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To Be or Not to Be 192. To Be or Not to Be (1942) 8.1
Before Sunrise 193. Before Sunrise (1995) 8.1
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How to Train Your Dragon 198. How to Train Your Dragon (2010) 8.1
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A Silent Voice: The Movie 250. A Silent Voice: The Movie (2016) 8.0
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2020.06.27 20:00 anoceandrop The Mani Ratnam Rabbit hole Part 4(a) - Power, Politics & Crime - Aayutha Ezhuthu(Yuva), Nayakan(Dayavan), Thiruda Thiruda - The Crime Trilogy

The desire to enter a criminal world most of us would take pains to avoid in real life & the desire to walk away from that world with none of its traumatic or fatal consequences make 𝐂𝐫𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐥𝐦𝐬 a popular genre among the niche audiences.
Films of this genre generally involve various aspects of crime and its detection. Stylistically, the genre may overlap and combine with many other genres creating several sub-genres such as Action Crime, Crime Drama, Crime thriller, Crime Comedy, Film Noir, Heist film, Hood Film, Gangster film, Mafia film, Police Procedural, Dacoit film etc.
In this unofficial 𝐂𝐫𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐓𝐫𝐢𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐲 we look at 3 films from 3 different sub genres - 𝑨 𝑷𝒐𝒍𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒄𝒂𝒍 𝑪𝒓𝒊𝒎𝒆 𝑻𝒉𝒓𝒊𝒍𝒍𝒆𝒓, 𝑨 𝑮𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝑭𝒊𝒍𝒎 & 𝑨 𝑯𝒆𝒊𝒔𝒕/𝑪𝒂𝒑𝒆𝒓 𝑭𝒊𝒍𝒎.
𝟭. 𝗔𝗮𝘆𝘂𝘁𝗵𝗮 𝗘𝘇𝗵𝘂𝘁𝗵𝘂(𝟮𝟬𝟬𝟰)/𝗬𝘂𝘃𝗮(𝟮𝟬𝟬𝟰)
The film was simultaneously shot in Tamil & in Hindi as Yuva with an entirely different cast, retaining Deol, while a dubbed version in Telugu (Yuva) was also released. The film was produced by Ratnam's home banner, Madras Talkies and was released on 21 May 2004 to positive reviews from the audience. It gained recognition over the years, becoming a cult classic film in Tamil cinema.
Aayutha Ezhuthu - title of the movie was taken from the name of a Tamil letter, ஃ – 3 dots corresponding to the film's 3 different personalities from 3 completely different strata of society. It is a Political/Crime Thriller Film but not really.
It's actually a movie about the 𝑭𝒐𝒓𝒄𝒆𝒔 & 𝑬𝒍𝒆𝒎𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒔 𝒐𝒇 𝑵𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒆, it's based on the 𝑮𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝑼𝒏𝒊𝒇𝒊𝒆𝒅 𝑻𝒉𝒆𝒐𝒓𝒚(𝑮𝑼𝑻) & 𝑪𝒐𝒍𝒐𝒓 𝑺𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒎𝒆𝒔. Hang in there, this analysis is going to get a little scientific because the writing is artistry meets intelligence.
𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚 𝙖𝙧𝙚 3 𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙡 𝙨𝙩𝙤𝙧𝙮 𝙖𝙧𝙘𝙨 𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙞𝙡𝙢:
𝐈𝐧𝐛𝐚 𝐒𝐞𝐤𝐚𝐫/𝐋𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐧 𝐒𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐡(played by Madhavan/Abhishek Bachchan), a goon working as a muscle for a politician. He loves his wife 𝐒𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢/𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢(played by Meera Jasmine/Rani Mukerji) but is also abusive towards her.
𝐌𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐞𝐥 𝐕𝐚𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐡/𝐌𝐮𝐤𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐣𝐞𝐞(played by Suriya/Ajay Devgn), an influential leader of a student organisation who wants to remove corruption in politics & encourage students to enter the field. His neighbor 𝐆𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐚/𝐑𝐚𝐝𝐡𝐢𝐤𝐚(played by Esha Deol) is his love interest.
𝐀𝐫𝐣𝐮𝐧 𝐁𝐚𝐥𝐚𝐤𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐧𝐚𝐧/𝐁𝐚𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐚𝐧(played by Siddharth/Vivek Oberoi), a carefree son of an IAS officer who wants to relocate to the US for a better future. He falls in love with 𝐌𝐞𝐞𝐫𝐚 (played by Trisha/Kareena Kapoor), whom he just met.
The film follows these 3 young men from 3 different spheres & how one fateful incident on Chennai's Broken Bridge/Kolkata's Howrah Bridge changes their lives forever. The narrative of the story is partially in hyperlink format inspired by Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon(1950).
𝑻𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒄𝒂𝒑𝒔 𝒐𝒏, 𝒍𝒆𝒕'𝒔 𝒅𝒊𝒈 𝒅𝒆𝒆𝒑
𝙁𝙤𝙧𝙘𝙚𝙨 𝙤𝙛 𝙉𝙖𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚/𝙂𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙐𝙣𝙞𝙛𝙘𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙤𝙧𝙮(𝙂𝙐𝙏):
From walking on the street, to launching a rocket into space, to sticking a magnet on your refrigerator, physical forces are acting all around us. But all the forces that we experience every day (and many that we don't realize we experience every day) can be whittled down to 4 fundamental forces:
1.Gravitational foce 2.Electromagnetic force 3.The weak nuclear force 4.The strong nuclear force
These are the 4 fundamental forces of nature & they govern everything that happens in the universe by controlling the world, and by extension, the visible universe.
𝐔𝐧𝐢𝐟𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞:
We have a theory which demonstrated that the electric and magnetic forces are aspects of a single electromagnetic force. We also have a theory to describe the big things in the world(why the planets orbit the sun) and we have a theory that describes the small things(why apples always fall straight to the ground), even at the atomic level.The problem is that they dont work together. The hints that there is a theory combining these forces where one equation can describe the big and small levels - This is the grand unified theory. 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝒖𝒏𝒊𝒇𝒊𝒄𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒐𝒇 𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒄𝒆𝒔 𝒊𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒂 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒊𝒕’𝒔 𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒔𝒊𝒃𝒍𝒆 𝒕𝒐 𝒗𝒊𝒆𝒘 𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝒐𝒇 𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒆’𝒔 𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒄𝒆𝒔 𝒂𝒔 𝒎𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒇𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 𝒐𝒇 𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒔𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒍𝒆, 𝒂𝒍𝒍-𝒆𝒏𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒑𝒂𝒔𝒔𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒄𝒆.
Mani Ratnam Aayutha Ezhuthu/Yuva aims to unify the three forces/story arcs by connecting them together using this particle physics theory. There's also an Easter egg hinting at this by way of a scene inserted in the film where we see Michael explaining the (GUT) to some students in a classroom - that there exists a single force to combine the 3 major forces. That everything (in this case each story) is co-related. The actions of one effect the consequences of the other & that there's something greater at work.
𝐄𝐥𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞/𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐫 𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐞:
We've often heard the term "In my element". What does that really mean? It's meant to convey - 'You are where you should be and you fit in' or 'You're in your zone and no one can stop your game'. When you're not in your element, you're not at your best. This could also signify the qualities inherent to you/your nature.
𝑻𝒉𝒆 3 𝒄𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒍 𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒔 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒇𝒊𝒍𝒎 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒑𝒉𝒚𝒔𝒊𝒄𝒂𝒍 𝒎𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒇𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 𝒐𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆 3 𝒆𝒍𝒆𝒎𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒔 𝒊𝒏 𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒆 - 𝑭𝒊𝒓𝒆, 𝑬𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉, 𝑾𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒓.
𝑰𝒏𝒃𝒂/𝑳𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒂𝒏 𝒊𝒔 𝑭𝒊𝒓𝒆 depicted in shades/hues of 𝑹𝒆𝒅. It is the color of extremes. It's the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, war, anger & adventure. Our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the color of fire and blood – energy and primal life forces – and most of red's symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past.
This is depicted in the film in his various moods - his anger, his passion, his flirtation, his violence, his impulsive nature.
𝑴𝒊𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒆𝒍 𝒊𝒔 𝑬𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉 depicted in shades/hues of 𝑮𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒏. It is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. The color green has healing power. Often green stands for both a lack of experience and need for growth.
This is depicted in the film in many ways from Michael supporting the growth of the country, being an inexperienced student activist leader, meeting with an accident in the first half, healing in the second half. Helping local farmers, encouraging people around him to be meet their potentials.
𝑨𝒓𝒋𝒖𝒏 𝒊𝒔 𝑾𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒓 depicted in shades/hues of 𝑩𝒍𝒖𝒆. It represents both the sky and the sea, and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and intelligence. It helps with balance and self-expression.
Arjun is the balancing force between Inba/Lallan & Michael. He's calm/of cool temperament, sometimes troubled like the waves of water, he's confused. The climax depicts the dynamics between these 3 in perfect symmetry.
When the characters are in their elements they are portrayed in deep shades of red, green & blue. When they are out of their element/acting against their nature they are portrayed in lighter shades of their representative colors. As the story progress we see the characters go from wearing various contrasts of the colors as each of them goes through a varying gamut of emotions.
Therefore this film is a an exposition about the 𝑭𝒐𝒓𝒄𝒆𝒔 & 𝑬𝒍𝒆𝒎𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒔 𝒐𝒇 𝑵𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒆. The Forces of nature make Earth a restless planet, but they also turned our ball of rock into a home for life. Our planet's ingredients, the chemical Elements of nature, came together & took that first crucial step to go from a barren rock to a living world.
(For a visual explanation of the above analysis check the links at the end.)
The film began pre-production in early 2003 in a typical manner adapted by the director, Mani Ratnam, who keeps his projects under wraps until completion.The director chose to make two different versions of the film as he did not want the film to be dubbed, explaining that the essence of the script would be lost if they had done so.
Early reports indicated that the film was based on the 2000 neorealist Mexican film, Amores perros by Alejandro González Iñárritu, but eventually only the idea of hyperlink cinema was common in both films. However, Mani Ratnam revealed that the film was closer to Akira Kurosawa's 1950 Japanese film Rashomon as both films dealt with a cause-effect and a third-view called Rashomon effect.
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙍𝙖𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙢𝙖𝙣 𝙚𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙘𝙩:
Also known as ‘Kurosawa effect’, this refers to a phenomenon wherein the same event is interpreted in vastly different ways by different people. The Rashomon effect is named after the popular 1950 Akira Kurosawa movie Rashomon in which a murder is described in 4 different ways by 4 different witnesses of the same crime. It is often used to emphasise the point that people’s perceptions about an event can differ considerably based on their individual personal experiences. Thus it is entirely possible that an event may be described in different ways by different people without any of the witnesses consciously lying.
The narrative structure of Mani Ratnam's Aayutha Ezhuthu/Yuva is partially inspired by Rashomon's daring, nonlinear approach to narrative which shows the details of the crime as they are related, through the flashbacks of those involved.
Ravi K. Chandran was the cinematographer(who also did Dil Chahta Hai, Koi Mil Gaya, Fanaa, Black, My Name is Khan etc) & Sreekar Prasad was the editor.
For the art direction in the film, Sabu Cyril studied each character in depth, giving them a distinct colour, mood and background to suit their temperament. For Michael's house in the film, Cyril followed the arrangement in his own house and used some his own photographs for decorations. He also expressed that he had great difficulty in re-creating the streets of Kolkata for the Hindi version of the film in Chennai.
Anurag Kashyap was the dialogue writer of Yuva.(For a full description of Kashyap's take on the film check link at the end, snippets added here).
Kashyap stated "Mani Sir gave me the story and screenplay he had written. Everything was given to me completely in English. He gave me the opportunity to create a little atmosphere for Lallan's character because he is from Bihar. I know UP [Uttar Pradesh] and Bihar firsthand. So I gave a lot of inputs, the right lingo - Hindi language-wise and attitude wise.
A lot of it was clear in Mani Sir's head before it came to me...Mani Sir and Sujatha Sir - a very senior and great dialogue writer in Tamil - wrote the dialogues for Aayitha Ezhuthu. Sujatha Sir is a novelist who enjoys a cult following in Tamil Nadu. He writes the dialogues for all Mani Ratnam and Shankar films. So they [Ratnam and Sujatha] wrote all the dialogues in Tamil first. Then they were translated in English. Then they were given to me...In some places, he wanted me to stick to the original dialogue because it was making a point. At other places, I was given a free hand. I was allowed to change things. Then the process was reversed. Whatever I wrote in Hindi was translated into English. Mani Sir would check it and ask for changes. It was a long process for Mani Sir, not so much for me.".
Suriya(plays Michael), who made his debut in the 1997 Mani Ratnam production Nerukku Ner, revealed that he agreed "blindly" to star in the film without listening to the story or his character. Suriya stated that his character was based on a real person from Andhra Pradesh and to prepare, he read a lot of books and collected a lot of information before the shoot.
The character of Micheal Vasanth portrayed by Suriya was actually based on a real student union leader George Reddy. George Reddy was a student of Osmania University and was born on 15 January 1947 & died on 14 April 1972.
Madhavan was signed on to appear in Mani Ratnam's fourth successive project after playing the lead roles in his Alaipayuthey (2000) and Kannathil Muthamittal (2002) as well as his 2001 production, Dumm Dumm Dumm. The actor bulked up and sported a shaven look for the first time in his career to resemble his character of a ruffian. Initially actor Vikram was considered to do the role of Madhavan, but unable to sign in due to his other commitments.
Writer Anurag Kashyap was very disappointed with Abhishek Bachchan's performance as Lallan in the film they both were not on talking terms for almost a decade after the film Anurag at the time stated, "If John Abraham is a bad actor than Abhishek Bachchan is equally bad, but who has the b***s to write it? AB was great in Yuva to everybody except me. I am the one who wrote the goddamned lines. I wrote Lallan Singh and they were the best damn lines I ever wrote. And believe me, he didn't understand half of it. He never rose above the script, but he won all the awards. His talent, and his career, the way it has shaped up are two different things and I do not envy him that. He is loved by people. John is rising over the script in what I am doing.
Madhavan recieved more praise for the tamil version compared to Abhishek yet this was a turning point for Abhishek. Shah Rukh Khan was also offered Ajay Devgn's role but turned it down. Hrithik Roshan was offered the role of Lallan Singh, but had to turn down the role citing date issues.
Siddharth, who had previously apprenticed as an assistant director under Mani Ratnam in Kannathil Muthamittal before making his acting debut in Shankar's Boys, was subsequently signed on for the film. Prior to release, Siddharth felt he was cast as he "looked, talked and behaved like Arjun" and mentioned that the sync sound technique used worked in favour of him as he was an experienced theatre actor.
Esha Deol, was then selected to play the role in the Tamil version of the film after Suhasini enquired if she could speak Tamil. After finishing her work in Aaytha Ezhuthu, Deol was signed on for the Hindi version of the film too after Simran also opted out of that role and thus Deol became the only common leading actor between the versions. To prepare for her role, Deol worked on certain pronunciations of Iyer Tamil with Mani Ratnam's assistant Kannan mentoring her progress.
Relative newcomer Trisha was also signed on to play a youngster in the film and dubbed for her own voice for the first time.
The director initially opted against using songs in the film, but wanted to create an album with A. R. Rahman for the project. However, after the songs were recorded, Mani Ratnam had a change of heart and chose to include them. The song " Badal" was later sampled by Squashead for the song "Tasso".
𝟮. 𝗡𝗮𝘆𝗮𝗸𝗮𝗻(𝟭𝟵𝟴𝟳)/𝗗𝗮𝘆𝗮𝘃𝗮𝗻(𝟭𝟵𝟴𝟴)
"Whether it’s the story of Caesar or Gandhi or the Rotary Club, it starts off as something very small, without the respect it deserves. Nayakan was no exception. We never thought it would be selected as one of Time magazine’s 100 greatest films of all time, or that people will remember it after 25 years. We just wanted to be different."
'Nayakan' which translates to The Public Hero/A Leader also spelt 'Nayagan' is a 1987 cult classic Indian gangster film. Loosely based on the life of the Bombay underworld don Varadarajan Mudaliar, it revolves around the transformation of an ordinary slum dweller named Velu into a feared don through various stages of his life.
The Hindi remake 'Dayavan' which translates to 'The Compassionate' is a 1988 action film directed by Feroz Khan. Feroz Khan, Jeetendra and Amitabh Bachchan all of them had wanted the rights to remake the celebrated film in hindi. Feroz Khan at that time bought the rights to remake the film at a very high unheard price in those days. The film stars Vinod Khanna, Feroz Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Amrish Puri & Aditya Pancholi. The film was talked about for its passionate lovemaking scene between Vinod Khanna and Madhuri Dixit. Dayavan was one of the earlier films of Madhuri Dixit. It was released before Tezaab.Vinod played the titular role who avenges the death of his father. The film is remembered for Vinod Khanna's powerful performance.
Some time in the late 80s, Sanjay Gupta(Kaante) was an assistant on a film that Vinod Khanna was playing the lead role in. Sanjay's job was to get Vinod Khanna from his room to the set. During many of these instances Sanjay usually caught Vinod Khanna repeatedly watching certain scenes from a film on VHS. Upon enquiring about this Khanna said it's a film that will be be remade soon by Feroz. Sanjay took the VHS from him & watched it twice back to back without subtitles. He said of the film "No other film has had the kind of impact that Nayakan has had on Indian Cinema."
Nayakan was released on 21 October 1987. The Censor Board at Chennai initially refused to permit the release of the film, as it was based on a living person. When Srinivasan appealed to the revising committee at Bombay, they said that they would permit the release of the film if he produced a letter stating that it was not based on Mudaliar's life. Through writer Mathiolli Shanmugam, Srinivasan met Mudaliar, who gave him a letter, after which the censor appellate board at Bombay permitted the release of the film.
"The two years I studied in Bombay (1975–77), he [Varadarajan Mudaliar] was at his peak. People in the Matunga belt thought he was God. I used to wonder how anyone could treat a fellow human as God. I never understood why they would do this. It fascinated me. It was such a dramatic story, this man going from Tamil Nadu to Bombay and ruling the city. I outlined this thought to Kamal Haasan and he said fine. That's it. It was done. Decided." – Mani Ratnam on his inspiration to make the film
In Kamal Haasan's words -
"Perhaps due to my insecurity about dropping out of school, I’ve always surrounded myself with writers and thinkers, and one such person I met was Subramaniam, whom friends called Subbu and who eventually became Mani Ratnam. He was introduced to me by Kitty (Raja Krishnamurthy). Kitty was the manager at Chola Sheraton. Mani, then as now, was a quiet man, and Kitty used to explain Mani’s ideas. Slowly I started liking the silent man more— not that I liked Kitty less, but I thought this guy was deep.
This was the time I was writing Raajapaarvai, which came out in 1980. Mani wanted to know about the nuances of screenwriting. He used to love a Joseph Hayes novel called The Long Dark Night. He said he wanted to write something like that. We kept discussing various stories. We were all fans of Francis Ford Coppola and The Godfather. We kept saying how long could Tamil cinema keep showing the underworld as people with checked shirts and a kerchief knotted around the neck and laughing like the old villain P.S. Veerappa.
Then Mani said he was doing his first film in Kannada, Pallavi Anupallavi. I was busy with Raajapaarvai, and I was also getting into Hindi films, so I couldn’t do this film. But we kept meeting and talking.
A little later, the producer-director Muktha Srinivasan, with whom I’d made films like Simla Special, said he wanted to make another film with me. I suggested Mani Ratnam’s name. He was amused because the hero usually suggests the name of the heroine in the film, and here I was recommending a director.
Mani told me two stories. One was a gangster story. He said it was based in Bombay. I said that was the way to go, because the film, then, would have a national reach. Muktha Films had a reputation for being tight-fisted. When Mr. Srinivasan heard that we wanted to shoot in Bombay, he wasn’t happy. He just wanted us to make a film — any film — that would net him a profit of Rs. 5 lakh. That is how he was used to working. Films were a business. He wasn’t interested in films as art. But we said we’d shoot only part of the film in Bombay, and he half-heartedly agreed.
Contd. Then, we wanted an international look for the action scenes. Unlike Tamil films of the time, Mani had marked out a separate budget for the action, around Rs. 12 lakh. We flew down Jim Allen, the action director and cinematographer, from England. He’d worked out the stunts for films like Sholay. But Mr. Srinivasan packed him off after three days, saying he couldn’t afford him. “We can’t keep spending like this,” he told me. “I think Hindi films have spoilt you.”
But in the three days he was here, he gave Mani and P.C. Sreeram (the cinematographer) many ideas. As he spoke, they actually took down notes about how to topple a car and how to show a bullet leaving a head and how you can shift focus and make a stunt look more effective. When Jim left, I was totally down. Mani doesn’t show his emotions. But I decided to use the props I’d got for other films, like polystyrene bottles that I could bring down and break on Inspector Kelkar’s head. We had gone into such details.
There was no budget for makeup, so I spoke to my guru, Michael Westmore. I’ve trained under him, and we worked together for the first time on Oru Kaidhiyin Diary. I learnt how to apply old-age makeup myself in front of a magnifying mirror, with just an assistant standing by with a fan to dry layer after layer of wrinkled-latex on my face. There was no budget for the costumes, so Sarika moved in.
At some point, I decided that to get into the character, I need ittar (floral perfume). I think I may have been getting ahead of myself. Sarika couldn’t find ittar, and I was getting angry because I was multitasking on this movie — doing makeup for myself, for others, getting props, even cutting the hair of the extras — and I was upset that she couldn’t find something as simple as ittar. Finally, she concocted something and made me believe it was ittar. I was very satisfied. I felt like the character and I knew I could perform well.
Mani had seen me play an old man in Kadal Meengal, Sagara Sangamam and Swathi Muthyam. He said he didn’t want me to look like that, with a wig. I said that, in that case, we’d have to shoot the film in sequence, and I’d have to pluck out my hair towards the end. Simply shaving off the hair wasn’t enough, as the shadow would show. It wouldn’t look like a real bald spot. We decided to make the character prognathic, so I brought in the dentist who’d fashioned my teeth for my role in Kalyanaraman. He made a piece to make my jaw bigger.
All of this was happening without fanfare. We could sense that we were hot on the trail of something good. We — Mani, myself, Sreeram, Thotta Tharrani (the art director whom I’d introduced in Raajapaarvai) — were all collaborating as a team. This wasn’t about showing up only as per the call sheet. As we weren’t allowed to shoot to the extent we wanted in Bombay, Tharrani built the Dharavi set in Madras. When we went to Bombay finally, we shot a few scenes in the real Dharavi — cutaways like me chasing the inspector.
The film was shaping up very well and I was very happy. I was bragging to everyone about what a good film we were making. One day, I was ready to play the scene where Velu Nayakan reacts to his son’s death. We rehearsed the scene. I told Mani I wanted some build up. I thought the junior artists should react to the death first, which would help the funeral pallor to set in. And by the time I came to the corpse, the grief would have seeped into me. I would be in gear to play the scene.
But when the time came, Mani was standing there glumly, and Sreeram was sitting with his head in his hands. I thought there was a technical glitch. I said, “What is the problem? I’m ready. Let’s go.” He showed me a small note from the producer saying that the day’s quota of film stock had been used up, and they had to wait till he sanctioned new stock. This was the producer’s way of making sure we shot responsibly, without going overboard with takes. I was livid. I called my office and asked them to bring the film stock they had in 20 minutes, and in those 20 minutes I was ready to cry. I really felt like my child was dying that day. So the producer probably helped my performance in the film.
He was also indirectly responsible for the scene where the man is garrotted in the car, which is just like The Godfather. I was helping out with the action scenes, and I had written this scenario that I later used in my Thevar Magan, where a truck, with a cargo of steel rods jutting out, reverses and rams into this car and kills him. But Mr. Srinivasan wouldn’t allow a car to be demolished; so we were forced to use the scene from The Godfather. He wasn’t a bad man. He was just from an older school. And he did help at times. I must give him his due. The scene where Velu’s future wife studies for her exams in the brothel was suggested by him.
Mani was not happy with the climax. I was not happy with it. By the time, I was tired. I wanted to get this film done. When we were in Bombay, we spoke to Varada Bhai (Varadaraja Mudaliar on whose life the film is based), and Mani had the audacity to ask him, “How do you foresee your death?” He said he would either die peacefully in a hospital (which is what happened) but left to the police, who couldn’t prove anything against him, they would bring him out of court and someone would slap him. This would cause a riot and they would then shoot him. This sparked the climax in Mani’s head.
The way Kelkar’s death was filmed (and later, the death of Velu Nayakan’s son), I knew Mani was making a really good movie. And also the kind of movie that we all dreamt of making. During the Holi sequence, I told Mani that Velu Nayakan should not dance. And Mani agreed. No director at that time would have agreed to this. Earlier in my career, I told Bharathiraja that the psychopathic killer in Sigappu Rojakkal should not be singing and dancing. But he deflected my objections saying that the song ( Ninaivo oru paravai) was a dream song, shot from the heroine’s point of view. At least that made sense. But other times, people simply wouldn’t listen to me, and here Mani simply said, “Of course Velu Nayakan doesn’t dance.”
We stumbled a lot while making this film. But Mani just got up and dusted himself off and went on to the next thing. He kept his cool. He was tethered throughout the shoot. He withstood storms. And he was not afraid to surround himself with strong contributors like the writer Balakumaran, whose ease with the local syntax and dialect helped to compensate for Mani’s urbanity. There were no egos on the set. Mani would shoot down ideas. He would also accept ideas. When Velu is taken to a brothel in a song sequence, I expressed my exasperation by rolling my eyes. Mani told me that this was a very Western thing, and asked if I could give a more Indian expression. That was a very happy day for me. Suddenly I had someone who noticed these small things that make up a performance.
Nayakan was one of the films — along with the films I’ve done with Balu Mahendra, K. Vishwanath and, of course, my guru K. Balachander — that made me decide that I should not be doing short-lived masala movies anymore. Except nostalgia, they added nothing to my career. I was fed up. I was nearing middle-age. I thought, “If I don’t do this now, then when will I do it?” After wrapping the film, I was so happy that I took Sarika and went for a walk around the empty set. I remember just sitting there with a satisfied sigh."
Nayakan was notable for using the frame-within-the-frame technique of filmmaking.
Often wrongly cited as an inspired version of 'The Godfather'. Nayakan is an original film. The only similarity between the two films is the gangster genre. While The Godfather is a fictional tale about a don and his family based upon Mario Puzo bestselling novel, Nayakan is based on the real life don Varadaraja Mudaliar.
Although Kamal has acknowledged to Nayakan being inspired by The Godfather, Ratnam has denied this, stating, "It's easy to classify films in simple categories. Nayakan and The Godfather belong to the gangster genre. There's no similarity to The Godfather."
One scene in the film involves Velu and Selvam tying their illicit cargo to large bags of salt attached to rubber inner tubes which they then dump into the sea; the cargo sinks from the weight of the salt, but when the salt dissolves the cargo bobs to the surface, by which time they have passed the customs officers. This scene was described by Lalitha Gopalan in her 2002 book Cinema of Interruptions as an homage to Once Upon a Time in America, a view that was shared by S. Shiva Kumar of The Hindu.
Lalitha Gopalan notes that the film "attempts faithfully to re-create a historical period by carefully managing different aspects of the mise en scène. More than any other detail in the mise en scène, automobiles – different models of cars, jeeps, and vans – indicate the passage of time within the diegesis."
The soundtrack was composed by Ilaiyaraaja, this being his 400th film soundtrack. The music in Nayakan ties you with the character, when you see the character you hear the music associated with the character. Especially Neela's theme. This was Hollywood style of scoring, it had never been done in Indian cinema before until Illayaraja started this trend (now popular as BGM).
Reputed to be the world's most prolific composer, he is credited with introducing Western musical sensibilities in the Indian film musical mainstream. Being the first Asian to compose a full symphony, Ilaiyaraaja is known to have written the entire symphony in less than a month.He is a gold medalist in classical guitar from Trinity College of Music, London, Distance Learning Channel. His scores are often performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.
Ilaiyaraaja is a recipient of five National Film Awards. American world cinema portal "Taste of Cinema" placed him at the 9th position in its list of 25 greatest film composers in the history of cinema, the only Indian in the list. According to Achille Forler, board member of the Indian Performing Right Society, the kind of stellar body of work that Ilaiyaraaja has created in the last 40 years should have placed him among the world's top 10 richest composers, somewhere between Andrew Lloyd Webber ($1.2 billion) and Mick Jagger (over $300 million).
The film was a commercial success, running for over 175 days in theatres and thereby becoming a silver jubilee film. This Movie ran 224 days in Bangalore Pallavi theatre at Karnataka. It was later dubbed & released in Hindi as Velu Nayakan. In 2015, Nayakan was screened at the Habitat Film Festival. This landmark movie was instrumental in establishing Mani Ratnam as one of India's premier directors.
The film received critical acclaim. At the 1987 National Film Awards, Nayakan won the awards for Best Actor (Haasan), Best Cinematography (P. C. Sreeram) and Best Art Direction (Thota Tharani). The film was India's official submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1988 at the 60th Academy Awards; however, it was not shortlisted among the final nominees.
"There was a screening of the film at Savera hotel. I urged Mani to go and talk to people but he just walked away saying that there was no glory in this. He was right. I told the producer that he was going to get awards. He said he hadn’t made the film to get awards, merely to make profits. And he was nervous about the film’s dark lighting and so on. He complained that I had spoilt his chances of making a profit, which is when I offered to buy the film from him. Later, GV bought the film. And after the film came out, what the producer feared became a fashion. Every Tamil film began to have under lit sequences. And the heroes began to gel their hair.
Had the producer been more cooperative and had he had more vision, Mani would have ensured that the film came out better. He would have also been a healthier man. His heart attack might have happened at a later stage. Mani was worn out by all the extracurricular activities, which are not part of filmmaking. I am always asked when Mani and I will work together again. I don’t know if we can summon up that same feeling of doing a film for the pleasure. Now there’s too much pressure. And I don’t blame Mani. He’s been so tormented by producers that now he wants to make films exactly the way he wants. And if I would be an impediment, he would be right in removing me."
Nayakan became a "landmark" of popular Indian cinema. As a part of its legacy, the film has been acclaimed for being a box-office success whilst containing the critic elements of art.
English journalist Phil Hardy stated in his 1997 book The BFI Companion to Crime, "From the films that followed in the wake of The Godfather, the most interesting is Mani Rathnam's Nayakan (1987) starring (Kamal Haasan) in a fictional version of the Bombay gangster Varadarajan Mudaliar's life."
In 2005, the magazine TIME included Nayakan in its list of "All-Time 100 Best Films". After the film was selected by TIME as one of the best, insiders of the magazine spoke about Ratnam's work in the film, saying "Ratnam has no such difficulty blending melodrama and music, violence and comedy, realism and delirium, into a two-and-a-half-hour demonstration that, when a gangster's miseries are mounting, the most natural solution is to sing in the rain."The tagline given to the film by TIME was "A terrific gangster epic in the Godfather style." The film was also included in "Best Bollywood Classics" by TIME.
The film was ranked 13th in The Moving Arts Film Journal list of greatest films of all time. Nayakan was also included in NDTV's list "India's 20 greatest films". In April 2013, on the centenary of Indian cinema, CNN-News18 included the film in its list of "100 greatest Indian films of all time".
𝑻𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒄𝒂𝒑𝒔 𝒐𝒏, 𝒍𝒆𝒕'𝒔 𝒅𝒊𝒈 𝒅𝒆𝒆𝒑
A recurring theme in Mani Ratnam films seem to be "The Circle of life". He tries to draw a full circle of life within the confines of a certain aspect ratio of a Projector Screen.
At the beginning of the film we see a child asking his father existential questions. He thinks he gets the answer & begins to confidently follow that principle. But at the end of the life he's forced re-evaluate his life long belief system. It all comes full circle when we see another child asking him the same existential questions & he answers with "I don't know".
The film also starts with a child witnessing the murder of his father & seeking vengeance. The film ends with a child avenging his father's death. Therefore one can say that Velu isn't let off easy. His actions have had consequences that come knocking at his door towards the end. Poetic justice has been delivered.This film captures the lifespan of a man's ascent to & descent from power.
We see the motif of Pigeons throughout the film. They seem to symbolise Velu's subjects. When he first climbs the power structure the scene depicts people at his door waiting to be heard meanwhile Velu is feeding the pigeons , this establises that he now has people dependent on him that he takes care of.
When we see the beginning of his fall from power it's a turning point in the film. The scene is with his daughter who's admonishing him & the pigeons in the background seem to shy away/cower in fear at the same moment as he raises his hand at his daughter, signifying his people moving away from him. There's also a beautiful shot of the pigeons taking flight at the Gateway of India when he meets his would be wife. There are many observations to be made in this regard, whether intentional or unintentional that remains to be answered.
A frame within a frame occurs when you use a visual element in the image to frame the primary subject. The purpose of using a frame within a frame is to help move the viewer’s eye toward that subject. The beauty of incorporating a frame within the frame is that it can be virtually anything you want - a doorway or window, a cave or tunnel, or even foliage, clouds, or areas of light and shadow.
In Nayakan we see several instances of this pioneering technique at the time put in good use by P.C Sreeram & Mani Ratnam using windows, doorways, archways, car windows etc. Not only did this improve the aesthetic of the film & give the film a never before seen fresh look it also worked for the backdrop the film was set in, the slum areas. Mani Ratnam's intention was to give the audience an experience of the compressed, congested lifestyle that the characters lead & this helped achieve the goal.
We also see that when Velu is rising to power all his interactions with his people happen through thresholds where he stands on the inside & the people are always on the other side requesting a favor or reporting information. This establises a power dynamic of who's in charge. It's not until Velu's eventual downfall we see that the people have started appearing inside the threshold without his permission which signifies a shift in power dynamics. Towards the very end it is Velu who is crossing & entering thresholds signifying his fall.
Nayakan is also among the first Indian films to establish the multi-linguistic identify of the country. There are scenes where Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Gujrati & English are used in dialogue.
"This film created a craze for cinematography. For an Indian film it was new in terms of craft. PC Sreeram created these high contrast light vs dark images. Those who came after this film tried to imitate & experiment with lighting to achieve the kind of effect P.C Sreeram did. It shattered what people would look for in terms of technical achievement. Even with the make-up, Kamal Hassan's aging , it was realism, these were the things never done before in Indian cinema. Kamal had dentures & realistic make-up for aging. People were gobsmacked, this was the kind of stuff that came out of Hollywood. The National awards committee that year which was headed by Shyam Benegal were releasing statement after statement saying that they were stunned by what had happened here(Tamil Cinema). They were stunned by the quality of films made here. They won most of the awards. It had a legendary score from Illayaraja. Satya(1998), Vastav(1999) all have influences of or scenes paying homage to Nayakan."
  1. AskBr on Mani Ratnam's Nayakan by Baradwaj Rangan, Film Companion -
  2. Aayutha Ezhuthu Analysis of Colors & Story Arcs (Part 1) Video Essay by Moving Images -
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  5. Love of Cinema Podcast on Nayakan with Baradwaj Rangan
  6. Anurag Kashyap on Yuva -
Ref: Wiki, IMDb, Online articles, YouTube.
(Contd in Part b for Thiruda Thiruda)
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2020.06.27 18:26 badwolf1013 Hollywood shorts

As I look through IMDb listings for some of my favorite actors and directors, I see a number of films listed as a "short." Usually it's stuff from early in their careers, but always. For example: Alanna Ubach (one of my favorite "chameleon" actors) wrote and directed a short film back in 2003 called A mi amor mi dulce. I would really be interested in seeing it, as well as lots of other short films that I see listed on various artists' pages. So, does anyone know where you go about finding these? In the case of Ubach's film, I did check Vimeo, YouTube, and I even reached out to her on Twitter (but never received a response.) I also find it difficult to locate the short films that are nominated for Oscars each year. So, is it a simply a matter of "If you weren't in the audience at the film festival where it was shown, you're just SOL?" or is there some place that I didn't know to look?
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2020.04.01 11:21 StopReadinMyUsername By combining the average scores from IMDb, Letterboxd, Rotten Tomatoes & Metacritic, and then fine-tuning the results with data from Letterboxd, iCheckMovies, TSPDT?, TMDb and IMDb, I was able to come up with the 1001 'GREATEST' MOVIES OF ALL TIME.

In 2015, I created a list titled, “Top10ner’s 1001 'Greatest' Movies of All Time” and many of you seemed to enjoy it and still use it today so I thought it was about time that I updated it..
The original 2015 thread can be found here as well as the initial update for those curious about the algorithm.
Basically I started off by gathering ratings from IMDB (UseCritic Average), Rotten Tomatoes (Tomatometer, Critic Average) & (Audience Score, User Average), Metacritic (Critic Average, User Average) and Letterboxd (User Average). Each site’s average rating was then weighted so that no site’s ratings were favoured above the rest. The next step was to make sure that each film was treated equally. Rather than eliminating films that had little votes, I opted to alter these films score by carefully deducting points depending on how many people have seen it, and therefore voted on it.
I then finally put the list through a final adjustment, where I applied aspects such as critical reception (# of official lists movie is in), audience reception and overall likability/popularity. These figures were determined using sources such as iCheckmovies, Letterboxd and TSPDT?.
I've created the following lists for both Letterboxd and iCheckMovies, as well as a Google spreadsheet where you can check out the full list and search for particular films easier.
Letterboxd - 2020 Edition: Top10ner’s 1001 ‘Greatest’ Movies of All Time
IMDb - 2020 Edition: Top10ner’s 1001 ‘Greatest’ Movies of All Time
iCheckMovies - 2020 Edition: Top10ner’s 1001 ‘Greatest’ Movies of All Time
Google Spreadsheet - 2020 Edition: Top10ner’s 1001 ‘Greatest’ Movies of All Time
ANYWAY, here is the 1001 ‘Greatest’ Movies of All Time. Enjoy! (NOTE: Could only include the first 750 movies due character limit)
1 The Godfather 1972 Francis Ford Coppola
2 The Godfather: Part II 1974 Francis Ford Coppola
3 Seven Samurai 1954 Akira Kurosawa
4 Pulp Fiction 1994 Quentin Tarantino
5 12 Angry Men 1957 Sidney Lumet
6 Spirited Away 2001 Hayao Miyazaki
7 Schindler's List 1993 Steven Spielberg
8 Casablanca 1942 Michael Curtiz
9 Psycho 1960 Alfred Hitchcock
10 Goodfellas 1990 Martin Scorsese
11 Lawrence of Arabia 1962 David Lean
12 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1966 Sergio Leone
13 Singin' in the Rain 1952 Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly
14 City Lights 1931 Charlie Chaplin
15 Sunset Boulevard 1950 Billy Wilder
16 Apocalypse Now 1979 Francis Ford Coppola
17 The Shawshank Redemption 1994 Frank Darabont
18 Rear Window 1954 Alfred Hitchcock
19 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 Irvin Kershner
20 2001: A Space Odyssey 1968 Stanley Kubrick
21 Citizen Kane 1941 Orson Welles
22 M 1931 Fritz Lang
23 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975 Miloš Forman
24 Vertigo 1958 Alfred Hitchcock
25 The Dark Knight 2008 Christopher Nolan
26 The Silence of the Lambs 1991 Jonathan Demme
27 Modern Times 1936 Charles Chaplin
28 Star Wars - A New Hope 1977 George Lucas
29 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 1964 Stanley Kubrick
30 Come and See 1985 Elem Klimov
31 Bicycle Thieves 1948 Vittorio De Sica
32 Tokyo Story 1953 Yasujirō Ozu
33 It's a Wonderful Life 1946 Frank Capra
34 Rashomon 1950 Akira Kurosawa
35 Once Upon a Time in the West 1968 Sergio Leone
36 Taxi Driver 1976 Martin Scorsese
37 Ikiru 1952 Akira Kurosawa
38 Metropolis 1927 Fritz Lang
39 The Passion of Joan of Arc 1928 Carl Theodor Dreyer
40 Alien 1979 Ridley Scott
41 The Third Man 1949 Carol Reed
42 All About Eve 1950 Joseph L. Mankiewicz
43 Fanny and Alexander 1982 Ingmar Bergman
44 Chinatown 1974 Roman Polanski
45 City of God 2002 Fernando Meirelles & Kátia Lund
46 Double Indemnity 1944 Billy Wilder
47 Paths of Glory 1957 Stanley Kubrick
48 Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 Steven Spielberg
49 Andrei Rublev 1966 Andrei Tarkovsky
50 The Apartment 1960 Billy Wilder
51 Harakiri 1962 Masaki Kobayashi
52 Parasite 2019 Bong Joon-ho
53 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001 Peter Jackson
54 The 400 Blows 1959 François Truffaut
55 Stalker 1979 Andrei Tarkovsky
56 Some Like It Hot 1959 Billy Wilder
57 Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans 1927 F.W. Murnau
58 Pan's Labyrinth 2006 Guillermo del Toro
59 Ran 1985 Akira Kurosawa
60 Sherlock, Jr. 1924 Buster Keaton
61 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2003 Peter Jackson
62 The Night of the Hunter 1955 Charles Laughton
63 A Separation 2011 Asghar Farhadi
64 Grave of the Fireflies 1988 Isao Takahata
65 North by Northwest 1959 Alfred Hitchcock
66 Persona 1966 Ingmar Bergman
67 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004 Michel Gondry
68 Back to the Future 1985 Robert Zemeckis
69 The Battle of Algiers 1966 Gillo Pontecorvo
70 Toy Story 1995 John Lasseter
71 Raging Bull 1980 Martin Scorsese
72 8½ (Eight and a Half) 1963 Federico Fellini
73 Saving Private Ryan 1998 Steven Spielberg
74 On the Waterfront 1954 Elia Kazan
75 The Shining 1980 Stanley Kubrick
76 Three Colors: Red 1994 Krzysztof Kieślowski
77 The Great Dictator 1940 Charles Chaplin
78 The Wizard of Oz 1939 Victor Fleming, George Cukor, Mervyn…
79 The Wages of Fear 1953 Henri-Georges Clouzot
80 In the Mood for Love 2000 Wong Kar-wai
81 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2018 Rodney Rothman, Peter Ramsey…
82 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948 John Huston
83 The Seventh Seal 1957 Ingmar Bergman
84 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 2002 Peter Jackson
85 The Red Shoes 1948 Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger
86 The General 1926 Clyde Bruckman & Buster Keaton
87 The Gold Rush 1925 Charles Chaplin
88 Touch of Evil 1958 Orson Welles
89 WALL-E 2008 Andrew Stanton
90 Aliens 1986 James Cameron
91 Wild Strawberries 1957 Ingmar Bergman
92 Paris Texas 1984 Wim Wenders
93 A Clockwork Orange 1971 Stanley Kubrick
94 La Grande Illusion 1937 Jean Renoir
95 There Will Be Blood 2007 Paul Thomas Anderson
96 Amadeus 1984 Miloš Forman
97 Annie Hall 1977 Woody Allen
98 Whiplash 2014 Damien Chazelle
99 Pather Panchali 1955 Satyajit Ray
100 Cinema Paradiso 1988 Giuseppe Tornatore
101 It Happened One Night 1934 Frank Capra
102 The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957 David Lean
103 The Lives of Others 2006 Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
104 Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 James Cameron
105 Blade Runner 1982 Ridley Scott
106 Yojimbo 1961 Akira Kurosawa
107 Ugetsu 1953 Kenji Mizoguchi
108 Reservoir Dogs 1992 Quentin Tarantino
109 Memento 2000 Christopher Nolan
110 Princess Mononoke 1997 Hayao Miyazaki
111 Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 George Miller
112 The Pianist 2002 Roman Polanski
113 Wings of Desire 1987 Wim Wenders
114 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 1920 Robert Wiene
115 The Best Years of Our Lives 1946 William Wyler
116 Inception 2010 Christopher Nolan
117 Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975 Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones
118 Fargo 1996 Joel & Ethan Coen
119 La Dolce Vita 1960 Federico Fellini
120 Oldboy 2003 Chan-wook Park
121 Nights of Cabiria 1957 Federico Fellini
122 Toy Story 3 2010 Lee Unkrich
123 Children of Paradise 1945 Marcel Carné
124 Gone with the Wind 1939 Victor Fleming,George Cukor...
125 Jaws 1975 Steven Spielberg
126 Das Boot 1981 Wolfgang Petersen
127 High and Low 1963 Akira Kurosawa
128 The Mirror 1975 Andrei Tarkovsky
129 L.A. Confidential 1997 Curtis Hanson
130 Unforgiven 1992 Clint Eastwood
131 Amelie 2001 Jean-Pierre Jeunet
132 My Neighbor Totoro 1988 Hayao Miyazaki
133 Barry Lyndon 1975 Stanley Kubrick
134 Le Samouraï 1967 Jean-Pierre Melville
135 Ordet 1955 Carl Theodor Dreyer
136 To Be or Not to Be 1942 Ernst Lubitsch
137 No Country for Old Men 2007 Joel & Ethan Coen
138 Solaris 1972 Andrei Tarkovsky
139 Coco 2017 Lee Unkrich
140 Your Name. 2016 Makoto Shinkai
141 Fight Club 1999 David Fincher
142 The Maltese Falcon 1941 John Huston
143 The Kid 1921 Charles Chaplin
144 Woman in the Dunes 1964 Hiroshi Teshigahara
145 Se7en 1995 David Fincher
146 Do the Right Thing 1989 Spike Lee
147 The Rules of the Game 1939 Jean Renoir
148 Aguirre: The Wrath of God 1972 Werner Herzog
149 The Grapes of Wrath 1940 John Ford
150 La Haine 1995 Mathieu Kassovitz
151 Once Upon a Time in America 1984 Sergio Leone
152 Throne of Blood 1957 Akira Kurosawa
153 Notorious 1946 Alfred Hitchcock
154 Badlands 1973 Terrence Malick
155 A Man Escaped 1956 Robert Bresson
156 Cool Hand Luke 1967 Stuart Rosenberg
157 Rosemary's Baby 1968 Roman Polanski
158 Before Sunrise 1995 Richard Linklater
159 The Lion King 1994 Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff
160 Before Sunset 2004 Richard Linklater
161 Rebecca 1940 Alfred Hitchcock
162 La strada 1954 Federico Fellini
163 Duck Soup 1933 Leo McCarey
164 The Deer Hunter 1978 Michael Cimino
165 Sansho the Bailiff 1954 Kenji Mizoguchi
166 The Philadelphia Story 1940 George Cukor
167 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1962 John Ford
168 Die Hard 1988 John McTiernan
169 Brazil 1985 Terry Gilliam
170 Sweet Smell of Success 1957 Alexander Mackendrick
171 The Departed 2006 Martin Scorsese
172 Three Colors: Blue 1993 Krzysztof Kieślowski
173 The Last Picture Show 1971 Peter Bogdanovich
174 Rome, Open City 1945 Roberto Rossellini
175 Up 2009 Pete Docter & Bob Peterson
176 The Princess Bride 1987 Rob Reiner
177 Breathless 1960 Jean-Luc Godard
178 Dog Day Afternoon 1975 Sidney Lumet
179 Kind Hearts and Coronets 1949 Robert Hamer
180 To Kill a Mockingbird 1962 Robert Mulligan
181 Chungking Express 1994 Wong Kar-wai
182 The Conversation 1974 Francis Ford Coppola
183 Rio Bravo 1959 Howard Hawks
184 Full Metal Jacket 1987 Stanley Kubrick
185 The Handmaiden 2016 Chan-wook Park
186 A Matter of Life and Death 1946 Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger
187 A Woman Under the Influence 1974 John Cassavetes
188 All the President's Men 1976 Alan J. Pakula
189 Portrait of a Lady on Fire 2019 Céline Sciamma
190 The Matrix 1999 Lilly & Lana Wachowski
191 12 Years a Slave 2013 Steve McQueen
192 Brief Encounter 1945 David Lean
193 Shoplifters 2018 Hirokazu Kore-eda
194 American Beauty 1999 Sam Mendes
195 His Girl Friday 1940 Howard Hawks
196 The Usual Suspects 1995 Bryan Singer
197 The Graduate 1967 Mike Nichols
198 Jurassic Park 1993 Steven Spielberg
199 Memories of Murder 2003 Bong Joon-ho
200 King Kong 1933 Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack
201 Inside Out 2015 Pete Docter
202 Yi yi 2000 Edward Yang
203 Raise the Red Lantern 1991 Zhang Yimou
204 Rififi 1955 Jules Dassin
205 Blue Velvet 1986 David Lynch
206 Army of Shadows 1969 Jean-Pierre Melville
207 This Is Spinal Tap 1984 Rob Reiner
208 The Wild Bunch 1969 Sam Peckinpah
209 Witness for the Prosecution 1957 Billy Wilder
210 Battleship Potemkin 1925 Sergei M. Eisenstein
211 Strangers on a Train 1951 Alfred Hitchcock
212 The Searchers 1956 John Ford
213 The Big Lebowski 1998 Joel & Ethan Coen
214 Nosferatu 1922 F.W. Murnau
215 Network 1976 Sidney Lumet
216 The Hustler 1961 Robert Rossen
217 The Exterminating Angel 1962 Luis Buñuel
218 Days of Heaven 1978 Terrence Malick
219 Finding Nemo 2003 Andrew Stanton & Lee Unkrich
220 Heat 1995 Michael Mann
221 The Great Escape 1963 John Sturges
222 A Streetcar Named Desire 1951 Elia Kazan
223 Diabolique 1955 Henri-Georges Clouzot
224 The Sting 1973 George Roy Hill
225 Night of the Living Dead 1968 George A. Romero
226 The Thing 1982 John Carpenter
227 Mulholland Drive 2001 David Lynch
228 The Conformist 1970 Bernardo Bertolucci
229 The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014 Wes Anderson
230 A Brighter Summer Day 1991 Edward Yang
231 Monty Python's Life of Brian 1979 Terry Jones
232 Umberto D. 1952 Vittorio De Sica
233 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1966 Mike Nichols
234 Stagecoach 1939 John Ford
235 Beauty and the Beast 1991 Gary Trousdale & Kirk Wise
236 The Big Sleep 1946 Howard Hawks
237 Inglourious Basterds 2009 Quentin Tarantino
238 Viridiana 1961 Luis Buñuel
239 Incendies 2010 Denis Villeneuve
240 The Terminator 1984 James Cameron
241 Bride of Frankenstein 1935 James Whale
242 Sullivan's Travels 1941 Preston Sturges
243 Playtime 1967 Jacques Tati
244 Ivan's Childhood 1962 Andrei Tarkovsky
245 Life Is Beautiful 1997 Roberto Benigni
246 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1969 George Roy Hill
247 Manhattan 1979 Woody Allen
248 Trainspotting 1996 Danny Boyle
249 All Quiet on the Western Front 1930 Lewis Milestone
250 The Young and the Damned 1950 Luis Buñuel
251 The Elephant Man 1980 David Lynch
252 All About My Mother 1999 Pedro Almodóvar
253 Le Trou 1960 Jacques Becker
254 The Leopard 1963 Luchino Visconti
255 Laura 1944 Otto Preminger
256 Shadow of a Doubt 1943 Alfred Hitchcock
257 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939 Frank Capra
258 Hiroshima Mon Amour 1959 Alain Resnais
259 Bringing Up Baby 1938 Howard Hawks
260 Out of the Past 1947 Jacques Tourneur
261 Anatomy of a Murder 1959 Otto Preminger
262 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000 Ang Lee
263 L'avventura 1960 Michelangelo Antonioni
264 Beauty and the Beast 1946 Jean Cocteau
265 The Hunt 2012 Thomas Vinterberg
266 Forrest Gump 1994 Robert Zemeckis
267 Ace in the Hole 1951 Billy Wilder
268 Late Spring 1949 Yasujirō Ozu
269 The Celebration 1998 Thomas Vinterberg
270 Au Revoir Les Enfants 1987 Louis Malle
271 Spotlight 2015 Tom McCarthy
272 Roman Holiday 1953 William Wyler
273 Amour 2012 Michael Haneke
274 Ali: Fear Eats the Soul 1974 Rainer Werner Fassbinder
275 Paddington 2 2017 Paul King
276 The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp 1943 Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger
277 The French Connection 1971 William Friedkin
278 The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 1972 Luis Buñuel
279 High Noon 1952 Fred Zinnemann
280 Akira 1988 Katsuhiro Otomo
281 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days 2007 Cristian Mungiu
282 Ben-Hur 1959 William Wyler
283 Let the Right One In 2008 Tomas Alfredson
284 Nashville 1975 Robert Altman
285 Room 2015 Lenny Abrahamson
286 The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938 Michael Curtiz & William Keighley
287 Jules and Jim 1962 François Truffaut
288 Good Will Hunting 1997 Gus Van Sant
289 Young Frankenstein 1974 Mel Brooks
290 White Heat 1949 Raoul Walsh
291 Short Term 12 2013 Destin Cretton
292 The Killing 1956 Stanley Kubrick
293 In a Lonely Place 1950 Nicholas Ray
294 Frankenstein 1931 James Whale
295 Secrets & Lies 1996 Mike Leigh
296 Django Unchained 2012 Quentin Tarantino
297 Call Me by Your Name 2017 Luca Guadagnino
298 Magnolia 1999 Paul Thomas Anderson
299 Being There 1979 Hal Ashby
300 The Manchurian Candidate 1962 John Frankenheimer
301 Paper Moon 1973 Peter Bogdanovich
302 The Shop Around the Corner 1940 Ernst Lubitsch
303 Halloween 1978 John Carpenter
304 The World of Apu 1959 Satyajit Ray
305 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring 2003 Kim Ki-duk
306 L'Atalante 1934 Jean Vigo
307 The Iron Giant 1999 Brad Bird
308 The Exorcist 1973 William Friedkin
309 Amores Perros 2000 Alejandro González Iñárritu
310 Central Station 1998 Walter Salles
311 Bonnie and Clyde 1967 Arthur Penn
312 Persepolis 2007 Vincent Paronnaud & Marjane Satrapi
313 The Best of Youth 2003 Marco Tullio Giordana
314 The Spirit of the Beehive 1973 Víctor Erice
315 Z 1969 Costa-Gavras
316 Underground 1995 Emir Kusturica
317 The Killer 1989 John Woo
318 Kes 1969 Ken Loach
319 Moonlight 2016 Barry Jenkins
320 Howl's Moving Castle 2004 Hayao Miyazaki
321 Her 2013 Spike Jonze
322 Requiem for a Dream 2000 Darren Aronofsky
323 The Truman Show 1998 Peter Weir
324 The Incredibles 2004 Brad Bird
325 Cries and Whispers 1972 Ingmar Bergman
326 Stand by Me 1986 Rob Reiner
327 Before Midnight 2013 Richard Linklater
328 Groundhog Day 1993 Harold Ramis
329 Little Women 2019 Greta Gerwig
330 The Social Network 2010 David Fincher
331 The Right Stuff 1983 Philip Kaufman
332 Get Out 2017 Jordan Peele
333 It's Such a Beautiful Day 2012 Don Hertzfeldt
334 Boogie Nights 1997 Paul Thomas Anderson
335 Fantasia 1940 Samuel Armstrong, James Algar...
336 Black Narcissus 1947 Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger
337 Midnight Cowboy 1969 John Schlesinger
338 Children of Men 2006 Alfonso Cuarón
339 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 1982 Steven Spielberg
340 Toy Story 2 1999 John Lasseter
341 Leon: The Professional 1994 Luc Besson
342 Cabaret 1972 Bob Fosse
343 The Diving Bell and the Butterfly 2007 Julian Schnabel
344 Ratatouille 2007 Brad Bird
345 The Cranes Are Flying 1957 Mikhail Kalatozov
346 Day for Night 1973 François Truffaut
347 Withnail & I 1987 Bruce Robinson
348 Safety Last! 1923 Fred C. Newmeyer & Sam Taylor
349 The Umbrellas of Cherbourg 1964 Jacques Demy
350 Shaun of the Dead 2004 Edgar Wright
351 Song of the Sea 2014 Tomm Moore
352 Scarface 1983 Brian De Palma
353 Harold and Maude 1971 Hal Ashby
354 Platoon 1986 Oliver Stone
355 The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993 Henry Selick
356 Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 Steven Spielberg
357 Talk to Her 2002 Pedro Almodóvar
358 Wild Tales 2014 Damián Szifrón
359 Close-Up 1990 Abbas Kiarostami
360 Time of the Gypsies 1988 Emir Kusturica
361 Mary and Max 2009 Adam Elliot
362 The Return 2003 Andrey Zvyagintsev
363 Logan 2017 James Mangold
364 For a Few Dollars More 1965 Sergio Leone
365 A Prophet 2009 Jacques Audiard
366 La La Land 2016 Damien Chazelle
367 The Sound of Music 1965 Robert Wise
368 The King of Comedy 1982 Martin Scorsese
369 The Big Heat 1953 Fritz Lang
370 In the Heat of the Night 1967 Norman Jewison
371 Amarcord 1973 Federico Fellini
372 A Night at the Opera 1935 Sam Wood
373 Repulsion 1965 Roman Polanski
374 Freaks 1932 Tod Browning
375 Au Hasard Balthazar 1966 Robert Bresson
376 Downfall 2004 Oliver Hirschbiegel
377 Lost in Translation 2003 Sofia Coppola
378 Belle de Jour 1967 Luis Buñuel
379 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 1962 Robert Aldrich
380 The Circus 1928 Charles Chaplin
381 How to Train Your Dragon 2010 Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois
382 Crimes and Misdemeanors 1989 Woody Allen
383 Breaking the Waves 1996 Lars von Trier
384 Brokeback Mountain 2005 Ang Lee
385 Steamboat Bill, Jr. 1928 Buster Keaton & Charles Reisner
386 Werckmeister Harmonies 2000 Béla Tarr & Ágnes Hranitzky
387 Greed 1924 Erich von Stroheim
388 Roma 2018 Alfonso Cuarón
389 Make Way for Tomorrow 1937 Leo McCarey
390 The Lady Eve 1941 Preston Sturges
391 The Straight Story 1999 David Lynch
392 Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion 1997 Kazuya Tsurumaki & Hideaki Anno
393 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989 Steven Spielberg
394 Peeping Tom 1960 Michael Powell
395 The Secret in Their Eyes 2009 Juan José Campanella
396 Cleo from 5 to 7 1962 Agnès Varda
397 Aladdin 1992 Ron Clements & John Musker
398 Rocco and His Brothers 1960 Luchino Visconti
399 Hannah and Her Sisters 1986 Woody Allen
400 My Darling Clementine 1946 John Ford
401 Avengers: Endgame 2019 Joe & Anthony Russo
402 Infernal Affairs 2002 Alan Mak & Andrew Lau
403 Patton 1970 Franklin J. Schaffner
404 Mary Poppins 1964 Robert Stevenson
405 Monsters, Inc. 2001 Pete Docter
406 Hunt for the Wilderpeople 2016 Taika Waititi
407 Children of Heaven 1997 Majid Majidi
408 Last Year at Marienbad 1961 Alain Resnais
409 Sanjuro 1962 Akira Kurosawa
410 1917 2019 Sam Mendes
411 Avengers: Infinity War 2018 Joe & Anthony Russo
412 The Tale of the Princess Kaguya 2013 Isao Takahata
413 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 2017 Martin McDonagh
414 Through a Glass Darkly 1961 Ingmar Bergman
415 The Thin Man 1934 W.S. Van Dyke
416 American History X 1998 Tony Kaye
417 Knives Out 2019 Rian Johnson
418 Orpheus 1950 Jean Cocteau
419 Evil Dead II 1987 Sam Raimi
420 Airplane! 1980 Jim Abrahams, Jerry & David Zucker
421 Red River 1948 Howard Hawks & Arthur Rosson
422 Rope 1948 Alfred Hitchcock
423 Y tu mamá también 2001 Alfonso Cuarón
424 Million Dollar Baby 2004 Clint Eastwood
425 Pickpocket 1959 Robert Bresson
426 Being John Malkovich 1999 Spike Jonze
427 The Cameraman 1928 Buster Keaton & Edward Sedgwick
428 Satantango 1994 Béla Tarr
429 Hard Boiled 1992 John Woo
430 Naked 1993 Mike Leigh
431 The Double Life of Veronique 1991 Krzysztof Kieślowski
432 Arrival 2016 Denis Villeneuve
433 Rushmore 1998 Wes Anderson
434 Sing Street 2016 John Carney
435 Rebel Without a Cause 1955 Nicholas Ray
436 The Lady Vanishes 1938 Alfred Hitchcock
437 The Last Laugh 1924 F.W. Murnau
438 The Green Mile 1999 Frank Darabont
439 Vivre Sa Vie 1962 Jean-Luc Godard
440 Spartacus 1960 Stanley Kubrick
441 A Hard Day's Night 1964 Richard Lester
442 Autumn Sonata 1978 Ingmar Bergman
443 Ghostbusters 1984 Ivan Reitman
444 The Hidden Fortress 1958 Akira Kurosawa
445 Capernaum 2018 Nadine Labaki
446 Mommy 2014 Xavier Dolan
447 Le Cercle Rouge 1970 Jean-Pierre Melville
448 Down by Law 1986 Jim Jarmusch
449 Stalag 17 1953 Billy Wilder
450 Boyhood 2014 Richard Linklater
451 Trouble in Paradise 1932 Ernst Lubitsch
452 Judgment at Nuremberg 1961 Stanley Kramer
453 Casino 1995 Martin Scorsese
454 McCabe & Mrs. Miller 1971 Robert Altman
455 The Prestige 2006 Christopher Nolan
456 The Irishman 2019 Martin Scorsese
457 Blade Runner 2049 2017 Denis Villeneuve
458 Faust 1926 F.W. Murnau
459 Marriage Story 2019 Noah Baumbach
460 Fireworks 1997 Takeshi Kitano
461 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi 1983 Richard Marquand
462 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind 1984 Hayao Miyazaki
463 Goldfinger 1964 Guy Hamilton
464 Gangs of Wasseypur 2012 Anurag Kashyap
465 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937 David Hand
466 Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956 Don Siegel
467 Top Hat 1935 Mark Sandrich
468 The King's Speech 2010 Tom Hooper
469 Farewell My Concubine 1993 Chen Kaige
470 The Breakfast Club 1985 John Hughes
471 Wolf Children 2012 Mamoru Hosoda
472 The Sixth Sense 1999 M. Night Shyamalan
473 Boyz n the Hood 1991 John Singleton
474 In the Name of the Father 1993 Jim Sheridan
475 Gladiator 2000 Ridley Scott
476 The Phantom Carriage 1921 Victor Sjöström
477 Dead Poets Society 1989 Peter Weir
478 What We Do in the Shadows 2014 Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi
479 The Birds 1963 Alfred Hitchcock
480 Moonrise Kingdom 2012 Wes Anderson
481 A Fistful of Dollars 1964 Sergio Leone
482 Kill Bill: Vol. 1 2003 Quentin Tarantino
483 Manchester by the Sea 2016 Kenneth Lonergan
484 Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988 Robert Zemeckis
485 Almost Famous 2000 Cameron Crowe
486 Lady Bird 2017 Greta Gerwig
487 To Have and Have Not 1944 Howard Hawks
488 Kiki's Delivery Service 1989 Hayao Miyazaki
489 Kill Bill: Vol. 2 2004 Quentin Tarantino
490 Eyes Without a Face 1960 Georges Franju
491 Blazing Saddles 1974 Mel Brooks
492 The Sacrifice 1986 Andrei Tarkovsky
493 The 39 Steps 1935 Alfred Hitchcock
494 Donnie Darko 2001 Richard Kelly
495 Gone Girl 2014 David Fincher
496 Eraserhead 1977 David Lynch
497 Hero 2002 Zhang Yimou
498 Ghost in the Shell 1995 Mamoru Oshii
499 Miller's Crossing 1990 Joel & Ethan Coen
500 Meet Me in St. Louis 1944 Vincente Minnelli
501 Great Expectations 1946 David Lean
502 Contempt 1963 Jean-Luc Godard
503 Scarface 1932 Howard Hawks
504 Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles 1975 Chantal Akerman
505 My Left Foot 1989 Jim Sheridan
506 The Long Goodbye 1973 Robert Altman
507 Zootopia 2016 Byron Howard
508 Catch Me If You Can 2002 Steven Spielberg
509 Fitzcarraldo 1982 Werner Herzog
510 West Side Story 1961 Jerome Robbins & Robert Wise
511 All That Jazz 1979 Bob Fosse
512 Castle in the Sky 1986 Hayao Miyazaki
513 Kagemusha 1980 Akira Kurosawa
514 The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 Martin Scorsese
515 My Fair Lady 1964 George Cukor
516 Dunkirk 2017 Christopher Nolan
517 Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 James Gunn
518 The Lost Weekend 1945 Billy Wilder
519 The Intouchables 2011 Eric Toledano & Olivier Nakache
520 Nightcrawler 2014 Dan Gilroy
521 Short Cuts 1993 Robert Altman
522 A Silent Voice 2016 Naoko Yamada
523 The Innocents 1961 Jack Clayton
524 Nostalgia 1983 Andrei Tarkovsky
525 Mean Streets 1973 Martin Scorsese
526 Rocky 1976 John G. Avildsen
527 I Am Cuba 1964 Mikhail Kalatozov
528 3-Iron 2004 Kim Ki-duk
529 Dirty Harry 1971 Don Siegel
530 Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior 1981 George Miller
531 The Crowd 1928 King Vidor
532 The Triplets of Belleville 2003 Sylvain Chomet
533 Black Swan 2010 Darren Aronofsky
534 Mon Oncle 1958 Jacques Tati
535 The Piano 1993 Jane Campion
536 Ed Wood 1994 Tim Burton
537 Head-On 2004 Fatih Akin
538 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 2004 Alfonso Cuarón
539 The Insider 1999 Michael Mann
540 Forbidden Games 1952 René Clément
541 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 2011 David Yates
542 When Harry Met Sally... 1989 Rob Reiner
543 The Wrestler 2008 Darren Aronofsky
544 The Player 1992 Robert Altman
545 Inside Llewyn Davis 2013 Joel & Ethan Coen
546 Blow-Up 1966 Michelangelo Antonioni
547 The Remains of the Day 1993 James Ivory
548 The Man Who Would Be King 1975 John Huston
549 The Florida Project 2017 Sean Baker
550 Napoleon 1927 Abel Gance
551 Suspiria 1977 Dario Argento
552 Drive 2011 Nicolas Winding Refn
553 The Producers 1967 Mel Brooks
554 That Obscure Object of Desire 1977 Luis Buñuel
555 The Outlaw Josey Wales 1976 Clint Eastwood
556 Klaus 2019 Sergio Pablos
557 The African Queen 1951 John Huston
558 Ninotchka 1939 Ernst Lubitsch
559 Slumdog Millionaire 2008 Danny Boyle
560 My Man Godfrey 1936 Gregory La Cava
561 Dangal 2016 Nitesh Tiwari
562 Blood Simple. 1984 Joel & Ethan Coen
563 Interstellar 2014 Christopher Nolan
564 About Elly 2009 Asghar Farhadi
565 Hot Fuzz 2007 Edgar Wright
566 Johnny Guitar 1954 Nicholas Ray
567 Planet of the Apes 1968 Franklin J. Schaffner
568 The Quiet Man 1952 John Ford
569 Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009 Wes Anderson
570 Casino Royale 2006 Martin Campbell
571 Monsieur Hulot's Holiday 1953 Jacques Tati
572 Adaptation. 2002 Spike Jonze
573 American Graffiti 1973 George Lucas
574 Barton Fink 1991 Joel & Ethan Coen
575 Tampopo 1985 Juzo Itami
576 Little Miss Sunshine 2006 Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
577 Edward Scissorhands 1990 Tim Burton
578 The Earrings of Madame de… 1953 Max Ophüls
579 Arsenic and Old Lace 1944 Frank Capra
580 Doctor Zhivago 1965 David Lean
581 The Virgin Spring 1960 Ingmar Bergman
582 Jean de Florette 1986 Claude Berri
583 Zodiac 2007 David Fincher
584 Aparajito 1956 Satyajit Ray
585 The Asphalt Jungle 1950 John Huston
586 Ex Machina 2014 Alex Garland
587 The Favourite 2018 Yorgos Lanthimos
588 The Royal Tenenbaums 2001 Wes Anderson
589 The Twilight Samurai 2002 Yôji Yamada
590 Pierrot le Fou 1965 Jean-Luc Godard
591 The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951 Robert Wise
592 Enter the Dragon 1973 Robert Clouse
593 Batman Begins 2005 Christopher Nolan
594 Hell or High Water 2016 David Mackenzie
595 Dersu Uzala 1975 Akira Kurosawa
596 Letter from an Unknown Woman 1948 Max Ophüls
597 Sleuth 1972 Joseph L. Mankiewicz
598 Whisper of the Heart 1995 Yoshifumi Kondô
599 Nobody Knows 2004 Hirokazu Koreeda
600 Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 James Foley
601 Dogville 2003 Lars von Trier
602 Nine Queens 2000 Fabián Bielinsky
603 The Sweet Hereafter 1997 Atom Egoyan
604 Dazed and Confused 1993 Richard Linklater
605 True Romance 1993 Tony Scott
606 The Great Beauty 2013 Paolo Sorrentino
607 Band of Outsiders 1964 Jean-Luc Godard
608 Eighth Grade 2018 Bo Burnham
609 The Killing Fields 1984 Roland Joffé
610 Once 2007 John Carney
611 The Artist 2011 Michel Hazanavicius
612 Sling Blade 1996 Billy Bob Thornton
613 Ferris Bueller's Day Off 1986 John Hughes
614 Dial M for Murder 1954 Alfred Hitchcock
615 The Farewell 2019 Lulu Wang
616 Limelight 1952 Charles Chaplin
617 Charade 1963 Stanley Donen
618 Prisoners 2013 Denis Villeneuve
619 Mildred Pierce 1945 Michael Curtiz
620 Kubo and the Two Strings 2016 Travis Knight
621 Winter Sleep 2014 Nuri Bilge Ceylan
622 Hedwig and the Angry Inch 2001 John Cameron Mitchell
623 Kiss Me Deadly 1955 Robert Aldrich
624 Pride 2014 Matthew Warchus
625 After Hours 1985 Martin Scorsese
626 East of Eden 1955 Elia Kazan
627 Mission: Impossible - Fallout 2018 Christopher McQuarrie
628 The Mother and the Whore 1973 Jean Eustache
629 Perfect Blue 1997 Satoshi Kon
630 The Blues Brothers 1980 John Landis
631 Elevator to the Gallows 1958 Louis Malle
632 Pain and Glory 2019 Pedro Almodóvar
633 The Fugitive 1993 Andrew Davis
634 The Vanishing 1988 George Sluizer
635 Hidden Figures 2016 Theodore Melfi
636 JFK 1991 Oliver Stone
637 Dancer in the Dark 2000 Lars von Trier
638 Don't Look Now 1973 Nicolas Roeg
639 Dallas Buyers Club 2013 Jean-Marc Vallée
640 Hotel Rwanda 2004 Terry George
641 Sense and Sensibility 1995 Ang Lee
642 The Avengers 2012 Joss Whedon
643 Vampyr 1932 Carl Theodor Dreyer
644 Twelve Monkeys 1995 Terry Gilliam
645 Rain Man 1988 Barry Levinson
646 Pinocchio 1940 Hamilton Luske & Ben Sharpsteen
647 The White Ribbon 2009 Michael Haneke
648 Zelig 1983 Woody Allen
649 The Magnificent Ambersons 1942 Orson Welles & Fred Fleck
650 Stranger Than Paradise 1984 Jim Jarmusch
651 Picnic at Hanging Rock 1975 Peter Weir
652 3 Idiots 2009 Rajkumar Hirani
653 Phantom Thread 2017 Paul Thomas Anderson
654 The Last Emperor 1987 Bernardo Bertolucci
655 Birdman 2014 Alejandro González Iñárritu
656 Day of Wrath 1943 Carl Theodor Dreyer
657 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 1974 Tobe Hooper
658 Deliverance 1972 John Boorman
659 Gandhi 1982 Richard Attenborough
660 Warrior 2011 Gavin O'Connor
661 In Bruges 2008 Martin McDonagh
662 C.R.A.Z.Y. 2005 Jean-Marc Vallée
663 To Live 1994 Zhang Yimou
664 The Fly 1986 David Cronenberg
665 The Lego Movie 2014 Phil Lord & Christopher Miller
666 Volver 2006 Pedro Almodóvar
667 The Thin Red Line 1998 Terrence Malick
668 Our Hospitality 1923 John G. Blystone & Buster Keaton
669 La Notte 1961 Michelangelo Antonioni
670 The Holy Mountain 1973 Alejandro Jodorowsky
671 Malcolm X 1992 Spike Lee
672 The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Christopher Nolan
673 The Purple Rose of Cairo 1985 Woody Allen
674 Isle of Dogs 2018 Wes Anderson
675 The Lion in Winter 1968 Anthony Harvey
676 A Short Film About Killing 1988 Krzysztof Kieślowski
677 Black Cat, White Cat 1998 Emir Kusturica
678 Mother 2009 Bong Joon-ho
679 Snatch. 2000 Guy Ritchie
680 If.... 1968 Lindsay Anderson
681 Toy Story 4 2019 John Lasseter
682 Godzilla 1954 Ishirô Honda
683 A Short Film About Love 1988 Krzysztof Kieślowski
684 Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages 1916 D.W. Griffith
685 Carol 2015 Todd Haynes
686 Letters from Iwo Jima 2006 Clint Eastwood
687 Fiddler on the Roof 1971 Norman Jewison
688 Moon 2009 Duncan Jones
689 L'Eclisse 1962 Michelangelo Antonioni
690 Serpico 1973 Sidney Lumet
691 Porco Rosso 1992 Hayao Miyazaki
692 The Heiress 1949 William Wyler
693 Winter Light 1963 Ingmar Bergman
694 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1958 Richard Brooks
695 Elite Squad: The Enemy Within 2010 José Padilha
696 Deep Red 1975 Dario Argento
697 The Ox-Bow Incident 1942 William A. Wellman
698 Pride & Prejudice 2005 Joe Wright
699 The Blue Angel 1930 Josef von Sternberg
700 Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 1988 Pedro Almodóvar
701 Three Colors: White 1994 Krzysztof Kieślowski
702 The Ladykillers 1955 Alexander Mackendrick
703 Breakfast at Tiffany's 1961 Blake Edwards
704 Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India 2001 Ashutosh Gowariker
705 Baby Driver 2017 Edgar Wright
706 Iron Man 2008 Jon Favreau
707 Kramer vs. Kramer 1979 Robert Benton
708 The Martian 2015 Ridley Scott
709 The Bourne Ultimatum 2007 Paul Greengrass
710 Thor: Ragnarok 2017 Taika Waititi
711 Burning 2018 Lee Chang-dong
712 The Wind Rises 2013 Hayao Miyazaki
713 Jojo Rabbit 2019 Taika Waititi
714 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 2013 Jay Oliva
715 Cache (Hidden) 2005 Michael Haneke
716 Delicatessen 1991 Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Marc Caro
717 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 1971 Mel Stuart
718 Shrek 2001 Andrew Adamson & Vicky Jenson
719 A Christmas Story 1983 Bob Clark
720 The Life of Oharu 1952 Kenji Mizoguchi
721 Pandora's Box 1929 G.W. Pabst
722 Five Easy Pieces 1970 Bob Rafelson
723 Thelma & Louise 1991 Ridley Scott
724 Andhadhun 2018 Sriram Raghavan
725 The Big Sick 2017 Michael Showalter
726 Gilda 1946 Charles Vidor
727 Creed 2015 Ryan Coogler
728 Blue Is the Warmest Color 2013 Abdellatif Kechiche
729 RoboCop 1987 Paul Verhoeven
730 Shane 1953 George Stevens
731 A Face in the Crowd 1957 Elia Kazan
732 Moana 2016 Ron Clements & John Musker
733 Argo 2012 Ben Affleck
734 Gravity 2013 Alfonso Cuarón
735 BlacKkKlansman 2018 Spike Lee
736 I Am a Fugitive from the Chain Gang 1932 Mervyn LeRoy
737 The Magnificent Seven 1960 John Sturges
738 Run Lola Run 1998 Tom Tykwer
739 A Star Is Born 1954 George Cukor
740 Mystic River 2003 Clint Eastwood
741 Brooklyn 2015 John Crowley
742 The Ten Commandments 1956 Cecil B. DeMille
743 Miracle on 34th Street 1947 George Seaton
744 Into the Wild 2007 Sean Penn
745 This Is England 2006 Shane Meadows
746 Love and Death 1975 Woody Allen
747 Mustang 2015 Deniz Gamze Ergüven
748 Departures 2008 Yojiro Takita
749 Star Trek 2009 J.J. Abrams
750 Selma 2014 Ava DuVernay
Please let me know if there are any glaring omissions, mistakes, or possible bias, as well as any other feedback that you have that could improve the list. Thank you.
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2020.03.19 20:38 FuturistMoon M (1931) [Mad Killer, Crime, Proto-Noir]

M (1931): dug out my Criterion dvd to re-watch this classic gem. I have a tendency (in my book reviews on Goodreads) to treat reviews of classics a little lightly - so much has already been said, written and analyzed that it seems redundant. But it is worth saying that if you have never seen this atypical film (not really horror, kind of a precursor of noir), you really should.
Someone is killing children in the bustling metropolis of Berlin. The deaths have become so common that the children even sing about it at play. The population is upset, tense and suspicious, demanding action. So, the police force cracks down on organized crime, raiding infamous haunts and seedy bars to stir up leads. This, in turn, incites the Underworld into finding the killer themselves, to preserve the corrupt status quo and restore profits - the "union of beggars" in enlisted in the search. But this film is not a mystery or a slasher, as we are very quickly introduced to the face of the killer - a gentle, kindly man named Hans Beckert (Peter Lorre) - as he lures another victim. And Inspector Karl Lohmann (Otto Wernicke - who reprised the character to hunt an evil hypnotist in THE TESTAMENT OF DR. MABUSE two years later) plods along using his inspiration and traditional detective skills to ferret out the killer. But as the police move in, a chance occurrence allows the criminals to scoop up Beckert, who is whisked off to a kangaroo court and forced to plead his case before the Underworld.
Much has been made of Lang’s many innovations in this, his first sound film (a shot montage of empty industrial sites under a mother’s desperate cries, the under-cranked fast-forward through the crowd in the beggars union, a trick shot as Lorre “disappears” while under surveillance, a striking visual in which Beckert’s potential young victim is framed in a shop window’s display ring of cutlery). Despite Lang’s later denials, it’s obvious that the Beckert character is at least partially inspired by the infamous, real-life “Vampire of Düsseldorf”, Peter Kürten (for an interesting film about another potential true-crime inspiration, Fritz Haarmann, see the interesting and creepy 1973 film THE TENDERNESS OF WOLVES) but the director’s (and Thea von Harbou - his co-author and wife) innovation is to make the police procedural/unseemly subject a moral mirror of corrupt, pre-Nazi Berlin, contrasting the police’s planning, political motivations and advanced methods with the criminal’s pragmatic considerations - and then later the Mob’s cool, efficient, interrogative cruelty with Lorre’s anguished attempts to resist his drives.
Because that’s what also makes this film so effective - Lorre’s Beckert, while sinister in his actions (“and you know what state they are in when we find them” a policeman says of the victims, implying much worse than murder) is actually pathetic in his portrayal - a mentally ill man desperately fighting his compulsions (he has no memory of his actions, only the reports in the papers) and, sadly, is able to articulate to his criminal accusers the obvious contradiction: he cannot help what he does, whereas they all choose (through personal laziness, corruption, sadism or amoral pragmatism) to commit their crimes (a wonderful little moment has some of the more bedraggled in the crowd silently nodding in recognition/understanding as Beckert describes his life of endless torment, an inability to escape the demons that plague him, and a hopeless desire to just fit into society - “Who knows what it’s like to be ME!?!” he cries). The unresolved ending is striking as well - because nothing can totally answer or resolve these problems/questions. In a modern world where gangster films still fascinate, but the mentally ill are easily shunned or swept out of sight, the climax of M is still quite resonant.
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2020.01.06 04:05 georgeday Free movies you can watch on Amazon Prime (January 2020)

Movie/Show IMDB Link
Midsommar - Not included with Prime yet! :( 7.2 Prime US
The Goonies - A classic 7.8 Prime US
Amores Perros 8.1 Prime US
James May Our Man in Japan 9.4 Prime US/UK
Sherlock Holmes (The one with Downey jr) 7.6 Prime US
The Aeronauts 6.6 Prime US
The Report - Adam Driver 7.2 Prime US
Ilana Glazer: The Planet is Burning - For fans of Broad City 4.6 Prime US
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2019.11.14 17:59 Pixelsaber [WT!] Plawres Sanshiro - A story of plastic model combat sports

“I won’t give it to anyone, my pride as the champion.”
Plawres Sanshiro (Plastic Model Wrestling Sanshirou) is an 80s shōnen series about ‘plawrestlers,’ mechanized plastic models that fight one another in a fighting sport not unlike pro-wrestling, and the builders who construct and control them. The anime was adapted from the 1982 manga of the same name by Jirō Gyū, which was itself likely a result of the Gunpla boom of the early 80s, and resembles shows such as Gundam Build Fighters, Angelic Layer, and Medabots —the latter of which it directly influenced. The show was directed by Kunihiko Yuyama, best known as the general director of the Pokémon anime series as well as director for a great number of Pokémon films, Magical Princess Minky Momo, and GōShōgun: The Time Étranger. Production was Handled by Kaname Productions and Toho. It’s a fun, lighthearted show with some really neat ideas and a knack for interesting scenarios.
Juohmaru! Road to champion!
Plawres Sanshiro revolves around Sugata Sanshiro, a young plawres modeler and martial artist whose father was greatly invested in plawrestling as a means of developing cutting-edge technology that could then be of benefit in scientific fields and disciplines apart from robotics. He uses his cutting-edge plawrestler, Juohmaru, to participate in plawrestling matches and climb through the ranks of the Plastic Model Wrestling Association in order to increase confidence and awareness of the benefits of advancements in plawretling technology, as well as growing personally as a plawrestler. However, external entities operating in the shadows conspire against him and his cause, and so attempt to stop his advance by pitting him against increasingly fierce and dangerous opponents in order to stop the young modeler’s string of successes in the ring and diminish his will to carry on fighting.
The plot is fairly simple, as Sanshiro continually faces against other modelers and their unique plawrestlers in order to gain notoriety and become champion of the plawrestling league. That is, until outside interference in his battles becomes evident, and a greater conspiracy is revealed that increases the scope of the narrative and introduces new narrative and thematic threads, turning the very basic sports narrative into so much more. This progression is gradual and likely too measured for most viewers, but it does provide an experience that grows as time goes on. Despite the repetitive nature of a show that revolves around displaying a battle every single episode, the show at least keeps the plot fairly fresh by means of the varied and occasionally unpredictable scenarios it places its characters within, as well as an ever-increasing sense of stakes as the plot progresses, and subjects the plot will touch upon, such as the amorality of science and technology, sportsmanship, the different ways of approaching a hobby or practice, and self-improvement. The show is also fairly lighthearted, only pursuing a more serious tone in moments of high-stakes conflict, personal reflection, and acute emotional expression. These shifts in tone are handled fairly well, taking care not to make these unnecessarily abrupt nor dizzyingly frequent.
Glowing Plawrestling spirit!
The show is host to an energetic and likeable cast of characters, most of whom play very minor roles in the narrative, and only a few of which stand out as particularly fleshed out or sufficiently developed. Sugata Sanshiro is one such character, an ambitious, boisterous, and brash kid who won’t hesitate to do battle in order to prove his own mettle as fighter, or do so in defense of other passionate modelers. Sanshiro is cut down to size several times throughout the show, with several crushing defeats granting him a hearty dose of humility and pushing him to not only rethink his approach to combat and modeling techniques, but also to reflect upon his outlook and worth as a plawrestler modeler. There’s other somewhat compelling characters among the cast, such as an antagonist whose personal motivations outweigh their sympathy for the main character, and a couple of Sanshirou’s opponents that see some notable development that ties into the progression of the narrative’s themes. The rest of the cast occasionally get slivers of time in the spotlight as well, and some have an episode largely dedicated to their contributions to Juohmaru, but by the end they have nonetheless remained the same shallow archetypes they were at the very start of the show.
Death Match!
The series’ plawrestling mecha action can be a lot of fun to watch. The static environment and stringent set of rules of the plawrestling ring make it the least interesting scenario to do battle in, which leads to tiresome repetition, an issue which the show alleviates by having Sanshiro face off against a wide variety of plawrestlers and builders with unique personalities and combat styles, while at times injecting tension by having events happening outside of the ring simultaneously. However, the best way in which the show avoids having the battles grow stale is by having just as many battles take place outside the context of the ring, in everyday environments, specialized arenas, or dangerous locales. In these circumstances fighters are free to make use of any number of gimmicks, modifications, dangerous weapons and environmental hazards, keeping the action interesting and fresh. These outside battles could take place anywhere, from mundane locales such as public gardens, demolition sites, and the middle of a busy highway, to amusement parks, zero-g arenas, or a demolition site. These battles proved to be the most interesting and intense that the series had on offer.
Beautiful Challenger! Dance of the Beast!!
Plawres Sanshirou’s audiovisual style is strong and markedly 80s, with an artstyle characterized by vibrant, saturated colors. The show’s peppy character designs by Mutsumi Inomata, who also provided designs for Makyou Densetsu Acrobunch and Tales of Zestiria The X, fit the rest of the aesthetic nicely. The show’s visual direction is also solid and at times ambitious, displaying a proficiency for dynamic camerawork and impactful editing. The show’s animation certainly aims for rather high, though unfortunately it often falls short, suffering from inconsistent animation, prevalent off-model and occasional stiff movement, though it still manages plenty of neat-looking moments of animation. The series sound direction is competent, and the soundtrack is filled with some great battle tracks, funky beats, and heroic tunes that liven up each scene. The shows OP, Yume Sousa P.M.P. 1, and ED, Crafted Love, are also worth mentioning.
Plawrestling Eternally!
Easygoing and optimistic, Plawres Sanshiro provides an entertaining and intriguing watch. Your enjoyment will depend upon your tolerance for shallow characters, a repetitive narrative structure, and a slow plot progression, but those that stick with it will have a very fun show on their hands.
”My ring is an ocean of machines.”
MAL ANN AniDB Anilist AnimePlanet IMDB
Unfortunately, Plawres Sanshiro has never been licensed in English. The only way to enjoy this series is via unofficial fan translations.
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2019.09.05 06:09 BlackPantherDies Every movie YMS has given a 10/10

Pulled from his IMDb. Not including meme 10s.
  1. Sin City (2005) - Directed by Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino
  2. There Will Be Blood (2007) - Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
  3. The Ghost Writer (2010) - Directed by Roman Polanski
  4. Birdman (2014) - Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu
  5. Fargo (1996) - Directed by Joel & Ethan Coen
  6. A Serious Man (2009) - Directed by Joel & Ethan Coen
  7. The Hunt (2012) - Directed by Thomas Vinterberg
  8. The Piano Teacher (2001) - Directed by Michael Haneke
  9. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001, 2002, 2003) - Directed by Peter Jackson
  10. The Kid with a Bike (2011) - Directed by Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne
  11. Bowling for Columbine (2002) - Directed by Michael Moore
  12. Oldboy (2003) - Directed by Chan-wook Park
  13. Anomalisa (2015) - Directed by Duke Johnson & Charlie Kaufman
  14. The Lion King (1994) - Directed by Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff
  15. American Psycho (2000) - Directed by Mary Harron
  16. Kill Bill Vol. 1&2 (2003, 2004) - Directed by Quentin Tarantino
  17. Pan's Labyrinth (2006) - Directed by Guillermo del Toro
  18. A Clockwork Orange (1971) - Directed by Stanley Kubrick
  19. I Am Love (2009) - Directed by Luca Guadagnino
  20. The Pianist (2002) - Directed by Roman Polanski
  21. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - Directed by Stanley Kubrick
  22. Paths of Glory (1957) - Directed by Stanley Kubrick
  23. Black Swan (2010) - Directed by Darren Aronofsky
  24. Amour (2012) - Directed by Michael Haneke
  25. Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) - Directed by Wes Anderson
  26. Synecdoche, New York (2008) - Directed by Charlie Kaufman
  27. Memento (2000) - Directed by Christopher Nolan
  28. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) - Directed by Julian Schnabel
  29. Shaun of the Dead (2004) - Directed by Edgar Wright
  30. Adaptation. (2002) - Directed by Spike Jonze
  31. The Holy Mountain (1973) - Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky
  32. No Country for Old Men (2007) - Directed by Joel & Ethan Coen
  33. Caché (2005) - Directed by Michael Haneke
  34. Shame (2011) - Directed by Steve McQueen
  35. The Sixth Sense (1999) - Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
  36. American Beauty (1999) - Directed by Sam Mendes
  37. A Single Man (2009) - Directed by Tom Ford
  38. Primer (2004) - Directed by Shane Carruth
  39. Audition (1999) - Directed by Takashi Miike
  40. The White Ribbon (2009) - Directed by Michael Haneke
  41. Brazil (1985) - Directed by Terry Gilliam
  42. Being John Malkovich (1999) - Directed by Spike Jonze
  43. Pulp Fiction (1994) - Directed by Quentin Tarantino
  44. The Shining (1980) - Directed by Stanley Kubrick
  45. Twelve Monkeys (1995) - Directed by Terry Gilliam
  46. The Thing (1982) - Directed by John Carpenter
  47. Her (2013) - Directed by Spike Jonze
  48. Requiem for a Dream (2000) - Directed by Darren Aronofsky
  49. Barry Lyndon (1975) - Directed by Stanley Kubrick
  50. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) - Directed by Terry Gilliam
  51. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) - Directed by Michel Gondry
  52. Amores Perros (2000) - Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu
  53. Phantom Thread (2017) - Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
  54. Rosemary’s Baby (1968) - Directed by Roman Polanski
  55. The Handmaiden (2016) - Directed by Chan-wook Park
  56. Funny Games (2007) - Directed by Michael Haneke
  57. Koyaanisqatsi (1982) - Directed by Godfrey Reggio
  58. The Lighthouse (2019) - Directed by Robert Eggers
  59. Taxi Driver (1976) - Directed by Martin Scorsese
That's about it folks
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2019.07.16 03:12 OldmanRevived i saw one movie (It's Such a Beautiful Day)

IMDB link
requested by phlogistic
Don Hertzfeldt is one of the most unique soloists to ever hit the field of animated filmmaking. able to composite new innovations on classical methods, his work commonly features hand-drawn stick figures in stories of black humor, surrealism, and tragicomedy. the animation is created traditionally with pen and paper, photographed with antique 16mm or 35mm film cameras to often employ old-fashioned special effect techniques such as multiple exposures and in-camera mattes. three of his independent animated shorts, produced and released as chapters, were eventually spliced together into "It's Such a Beautiful Day," a film of profound beauty that shows innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness while encompassing the amorality of the world.
Bill is a young man whose daily routines, perceptions, and dreams are illustrated through multiple split-screen windows, which are in turn narrated (by Don Hertzfeldt). the Narrator subtly explains that Bill is suffering from a problematic memory disorder, which interferes with his seemingly mundane life. an example of this comes from an early scene, where Bill enters his home and tosses his keys on the counter. he stares at them for a moment, thinking about all of the previous days where he performed that same action. he then contemplates how wasteful his time must be by the routines he recycles, and considers that these events might just be his life, while everything new that he does is unusual.
while Hertzfeldt allows his film to focus on the little things, he uses existentialist themes as a preface for the characters. we're lifted through Bill's childhood and adulthood in ways that are confabulated, and appear irregular or nonsensical. specific memories which have no significance or importance will suddenly require far reaching, deeply felt intensity. this could be in relation to the devastating awareness of meaninglessness that Bill originally felt. as his health fluctuates, Bill's outlook on life starkly changes; he marvels at the night sky and notices details of insignificant objects that amaze him.
we also learn about some of Bill's peers as this is going on. he often has meetings with his unnamed ex-girlfriend, is recuperated by his fiercely protective mother, and has encounters with small neighborhood friends who come and go. the Narrator also details the history of Bill's family, with many of them suffering from various diseases. it must be common to have at least one screw loose.
the theme is straightforwardly absurdist, yet it contains lifelike qualities that consider the temporal dimensions of our past. Hertzfeldt's methods are both a limitation and a condition in freedom, complemented by changes in the film's visuals: the indicative third act includes full-color photography merged into the scenery, with portions of classical music or opera strung through for effect. as a bonus, Bill is drawn as someone who is difficult to figure out. he faces despair without succumbing to it, and glides around his own path as a simpleton. he's not a big genius, or an extraordinary world changer. he's just Bill, and that's all there is to it.
i think a little bit of Bill can be found in all of us. his ascribed value seems blank, and he's been given the opportunity to make whatever he wants of it. the only problem is that he doesn't know what he, or anyone else, wants. is it a requirement to learn every language? read every book? climb every mountain? surpass all other inhabitants of earth? maybe not. if you were to accomplish any of those things, or better, all of them at once, it would most likely be done just so you can say you did it.
but "It's Such a Beautiful Day" teeters back and forth between minimalism and brilliance. the movie presents its own challenges to the viewer in a certain way. the first time i watched the movie a couple years ago, i gained the notion that it was an experimental comedy with dry humor. viewing it again today, i realized just how much purpose the movie pushes forth as it detaches general approaches that could have been taken. it just goes to show that big budgets and fancy sets aren't always the requirements for making a great film. sometimes, all you really need is a pencil, a sheet of paper, and a camera.
beep boop. i keep forgetting to put these reminders in here. if you have a request for a movie you want me to review, feel free to post it down below. the list is always open.
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2019.05.31 21:31 ComicbookArcher 5/5 Letterboxd Collection

These are all of the films that Alex, Adum and Ralph have given a 5/5 on Letterboxd:
These are their accounts. Keep in mind that the YMS account is unofficial and uses his IMDB scores:
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2019.05.20 09:55 radiofan15 Moby's breakthrough album, the highly influential 'Play', was released 20 years ago
When you talk about influential albums, your first though might be best-sellers or critically acclaimed efforts... and you are right, those record tends to fill any respected list of influential records... except there's also OTHER kind of influential records, those who defied and subverted expectations as if they were Star Wars films directed by Rian Johnson; in this case i'm talking about the 1999 electronica album Play by Moby, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this month.
For Moby, Play was a turning point in his career. Before Play, he was considered a middling successful electronic artist, with his 1992 single Go having found surprise success on the UK (peaking at #10) and his music doing decently on the Billboard dance charts, all while his albums barely sold any copy at all; all of that changed on 1995, when he left the gimmicks behind (like Thousand, a song with the Guinness record for the fastest BPM) to create an actual album, one that was conceived as such, 1995's Everything Is Wrong, an album that would forecast what would come for Moby next, as some of its tracks would be repurposed on movies and shows like Heat (God Moving Over the Face of the Waters), Scream (First Cool Hive) and The Sopranos (When It's Cold I'd Like to Die). With a well received album and the kind of success any DJ could realistically get, Moby decided to throw everything away with Animal Rights, a hardcore punk/alternative/ambient album that was conveniently released as soon as the kind of music he used to make started to get mainstream; as expected that album not only flopped horribly and was poorly received, but nearly killed Moby's entire career as he alienated his previous fanbase, leave the specialized media industry cold and was lambasted by listeners within the alternative genre, leaving Moby to be considered as a has-been.
After the fallout of what Moby considers his best record, he came back in full force with a remix of the James Bond theme song for the Pierce Brosnan film Tomorrow Never Dies, which peaked at #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart and #8 on the UK; afterwards he started working in what he wanted to be his final record before returning to college to study architecture; that album was, of course, Play.
The album is a genre-bending piece, mixing Moby's standard electronica sound with such disparate elements like early blues, African-American folk music, gospel, hip hop, disco and techno, all together mixed but not stirred... it was basically a blues and rock record for the 2KY generation. The most recognizable element of the album is the sampling of field recordings (compiled by Alan Lomax in the boxset Sounds of the South) from a capellas performed by black Southerner folk and blues performers of yesteryear, with Moby playing with and looping the recordings to create his, at the time, swan song.
The release of the album was delayed because Moby was dissatisfied with the mixing on the record, with three further attempts not giving the desired results... a fourth and final mix was created on Moby's apartment, and that became the album's final version; unfortunately there was another issue: no one really wanted to touch the album, as almost every record label rejected it, and even when V2 Records agree to distribute it, they weren't exactly that optimistic either, as they only anticipated sales from 250,000 copies worldwide (the same number that Everything Is Wrong, his most successful release at the time, got), which seemed particularly difficult as no major journalist got interested in the release.

So how did an album that debuted with 6,000 copies sold worldwide on its release week, and featured no hit single and 18 tracks of genre-bending electronica that included black spiritual chanting mixed with rock/hip-hop influenced non-danceable electronic music, ended up selling over 12 million copies worldwide? Licensing of course. You see, when filmmaker Michael Mann used God Moving Over the Face of the Waters for the climax of his 1995 film Heat, Moby's managers decided to push his music through licensing channels, and even the bomb that was Animal Rights couldn't stop them from pitching his music everywhere, up to the point that he was capable of releasing the compilation album I Like To Score composed of previously licensed songs for movie soundtracks just two years later.
Play debuted at number 33 on the UK charts but fell almost right away in spite of its positive critical reception, which wasn't aided by radio stations and music channels like MTV refusing to play the singles, as they though of them as instrumental/experimental tracks without wide appeal; despite this setback, Moby's reputation for making background-appealing music led to many brands to ask for the license to use some of the songs in their ads, an idea Moby agreed not because it would help him to recoup his costs (some of those deals weren't exactly lucrative to begin with) but because he wanted to music to be heard; at the end of the day he ended up rejecting more deals than those he approved, and to his surprise all of the 18 tracks (including a 1-minute long instrumental track called 7) were licensed before the album less than a year after the album got released on Mat 17th, 1999.
It could have something edible like Bailey's Irish Cream, something fancier like Nordstrom or a Volkswagen Polo, or even something bizarre like Tiger Woods playing some American Express-sponsored golf in NY, Moby's music was there to sell you whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted. The strategy worked and Play reentered the UK charts on January, 2000 before eventually peaking at the top position three months later, beating Santana's Supernatural for the top spot; the same event repeated on multiple countries around the world and suddenly Play was selling 150,000 copies weekly, reaching the top 5 in over a dozen countries' sales charts (before being eventually certified Platinum in over 20 of them), and finishing the year as one of the best-selling albums, including a spot as the fifth best-selling album of the year in the UK, where Play spend 81 weeks on the charts, before being eventually certified 6x Platinum. In the US the album never peaked above #38 on the Billboard chart but it still managed to be a constant seller and was eventually certified 2x Platinum after having sold over 2.7 million copies there.
Of course ads weren't entirely responsible for the album's success, as the unprecedented release of 8 hit singles over the course of 2 and a half years.
The album's opening track and debut single was Honey, build around a vocal sample of Bessie Jones' Sometimes with the instrumental build around the piano of Joe Cocker's Woman to Woman; the song was composed in around 10 minutes using these elements after Moby discovered Jones' recording on the aforementioned Lomax boxset, with the composition using Jones' vocals (choosing only the lines that amplify the song’s sexual subtext) against a repeating piano line, a hip-hop drum loop, vinyl cuts, and a slide guitar, with the final result meant to “convey female sex”, with the final track being mixed by Beastie Boys producer Mario Caldalto Jr; this mix was an influential factor in how the remainder of the album would sound. Honey was promoted with a video directed by Roman Coppola and a remix featuring Kelis in order to ensure some radio airplay (the track was released as a single 8 months before the album release), however the track was only middling successful with a #33 peak in the UK, #49 in the Billboard Dance Chart and #95 in Australia, although a later repackage of the remix cracked the top 20 in the UK.

The second track and eight and final single is Find My Baby, in which Moby repurposes a sample of Boy Blue's Joe Lee's Rock over a slide guitar and some 80s-inspired hip-hop drums. As an 8th single, the track, promoted with a video directed by Barnaby & Scott, didn't exactly set the charts on fire, although it manages to peak at #4 on Belgium and #36 on Italy.
The third track on the album, sixth single and Moby's signature track is Porcelain, a song that Moby had to be talked about including in the album, as he wasn't exactly the biggest fan of his vocal performance and the production of the song. Build around a sample of the Ernest Gold track Fight for Survival from the 1960 film Exodus, the song is this melancholic downtempo piece about loving someone who's not right for you and ending the relationship, based on a personal experience that Moby went through, with a drum machine, vocal samples and multiple layers of cellos and synthesizers complementing the atmosphere. Critically acclaimed upon release, the song was at first ignored by audiences, as noticed by Moby who has recounted how people used the song as their bathroom break during his concerts, however everything changed after filmmaker Danny Boyle used the track in a pivotal sequence of the Leonardo DiCaprio film The Beach (released in the middle of the LeoMania), which pushed the track to a #5 debut on the UK and relatively high peaks on other countries. Two music videos were released, an eye-themed video directed by Jonas Åkerlund and a second one, equally minimalistic, directed by Nick Brandt; both video helped the song to became the breakthrough hit it was, and the continued popularity of the track can be seen on, per example, its sampling on A$AP Rocky's A$AP Forever last year, which gave Moby his second ever entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
The forth track and single is Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?, another track build around old Black samples, in this case the 1963 Banks Brothers gospel classic He'll Roll Your Burdens Away (which he would later reuse for his 2002 track I'm Not Worried At All) with Diane Charlemagne singing in the chorus in what started in 1992 as a ''mediocre, generic techno song'' (here's an undated early leaked demo) that was eventually slowed down into a more mournful and romantic iteration that Moby still had to be talked into including in the album. The animated music video, featuring Moby's mascot Little Idiot, helped to push the track to the Top 5 in several European countries like Germany, Switzerland and Austria and to the Top 20 in the UK (it peaked at #16, with an eventual re-release peaking at #17), probably aided by the performance with Elton John.
The success of Moby's singles weren't limited to the Old World, as the album's fifth track and seventh single, South Side, became a surprise Top 20 hit on the US (it peaked at #14, and remained Moby's only Hot 100 entry for almost 18 years) and a #3-peaking hit on Canada, even if it's Moby's least favorite track on the album. With drums sampled the The Counts' 1971 song What's Up Front That Counts, the lyrics deals with abject amorality, in which the poppy and catchy chorus hides the dark subject matter about kids becoming to desensitized from violence for all of the overwhelming stimuli around them that nothing matters anymore. The song was originally recorded with Gwen Stefani as a duet (to the surprise of Moby, as Gwen asked to be part of the track), however her vocals were taken from the final mix as he was dissatisfied with the mixing of the duet version... her vocals were restored for the single version of the track after a friend of Moby managed to create an adequate mix, with this version being also used for the music video which was directed by notorious troll Joseph Khan and was eventually nominated for Best Male Video at the VMAs. It's quite weird to hear the duet version after Moby and Gwen's eventual falling out (and what happened afterwards) but South Side would remain as one of his biggest hits, even if Moby doesn't like the song that much.
By the time we reach Rushing, the sixth track and first non-single (and also first instrumental track) on the album, is when things start to get interesting... at least for Moby, as this is one their favorites tracks on the record; although the title might suggest otherwise, this is actually a very ethereal song with a soothing atmosphere and a gorgeous echoing piano that makes this one of my favorites deep cuts of Play.

Things get more upbeat with the UK Top 40 hit and album's third single Bodyrock, which samples the vocals from Spoonie Gee's Love Rap and put it on top of guitars inspired by Gang of Four's What We All Want and some orchestral elements to create what is basically Moby's version of a Fatboy Slim song, his own take on hip-hop. The song got three music videos: one exclusive to the UK featuring what I swear might be the first recorded instance of the dab (see 2:25), a second one which is a faux-behind the scenes version of the UK video featuring auditioning dancers and the American version directed by Steve Carr (of Paul Blart: Mall Cop fame) featuring a cameo by Run-DMC and a premise inspired by They Live.
The blues samples come back on the appropriately-titled Natural Blues, in this case taking Vera Hall's gorgeous and soulful Trouble So Hard and putting it this ethereal backing track in what you might call an extended remix of the original. The song was released as the fifth single of the album and promoted with a gorgeous music video directed by David LaChapelle and starring Christina Ricci and Fairuza Balk which eventually won the Best Video category at the MTV Europe Music Awards, with the song itself peaking at #11 in the UK and reaching the Top 10 in Belgium and France... of course there is also an alternative animated video starring Little Idiot but no one remembers that one.
The next two tracks are quite the deal breakers for some but they add some variety to the record: the techno sad-bop Machete, a track obviously influenced by late-80s EBM that continues Moby's tendency of comparing winter and cold with death and addiction/depression, and the short non-interlude guitar-driven tribal track 7, which might end too soon for some people...
Run On is the eleventh track and second single of the album, and another track based on a classic spiritual/folk tune, in this case Bill Landford and the Landfordaires' Run On For A Long Time, which is one of the multiple titles for this folk standard that has been covered by the likes of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, a background Moby wasn't aware of when he decided to build an entire song around it. The midtempo composition is slickly produced and is quite catchy and attention-grabbing enough that is understandable why it was chosen as the second single, even when it didn't performed as good as expected (it peaked at #33 on the UK), in spite of its innovative video, directed by Beginners' director Mike Mills, and surprising repeat value.
Another mellow and short instrumental track follows appropriately called Down Slow, in which the accentuated hip-hop drums and subdued choipiano in the background creates this quite interesting bridge with the track that follows: the dreamy trip-hop track If Things Were Perfect, in which the Willie Hutch’s Hospital Prelude Of Love Theme-sampled hook and Moby's sing-talking creates this spacey vibe that recalls the kind of daydreaming the lyrics refers to.
Everloving is the next instrumental track, which grown from a tender mid-tempo acoustic guitar piece into this full breathtaking piece of ambient perfection thanks to the addition of some pronounced and punchy drums, subdued piano and a evocative synth melody... not so bad for what is basically a ''crummy'' demo from a cassette. Inside is the next track and is another instrumental piece, although way more relaxing that previous songs, as the pulsing kick drum, persistent synth background and occasional lurking piano gives some very evocative feelings of being inside... of what exactly I'm not sure but there's not a definite answer.

Moby's favorite track from Play is Guitar Flute & String, our third consecutive instrumental piece but and the first of two tracks without a drum pattern, with the instrumentation being made of literally what the title says. X-Files stans know the next two songs, which are also the last two of the album: the penultimate track is the heavily minimalist The Sky Is Broken, a track that recalls the previous If Things Were Perfect, albeit with less-pronounced drums, thanks to its icy spoken word and melancholic nature; the album closer and second track without a drum pattern is My Weakness, a gorgeous piece that is closest thing this album gets to pure ambient music, thanks to the sampling of a traditional song from the Kanak people of the Tiga Island that makes the whole album close on such a soulful note.
Following the album's release, Play received widespread acclaim from critics, included those who ignored the album when released, with praise going to its production, the use of its samples, the mixture of genres and influences; the album was included, or even topped, several year-end lists, and even if it was quite dismissed by the Grammys (it was only nominated for Best Alternative Music Performance, losing against Beck, and Best Long Form Video for the video compilation DVD, losing against a recording of the musical The Producers), it continues to be one of the most acclaimed records of all time even 20 years after its release, in spite of the occasional and oftentimes wrong take that tends to miss the point.
With its staggering licensing model and the way it virtually made the album relevant, Play's impact has been sometimes reduced to just simply showing record labels how to give their lesser acts enough mainstream push in the hopes of replicating the Play success, helping, alongside the rise of the internet, to blur the line between art and commercialism to the points we see today... and yes, that's arguably the more obvious part of its legacy, but it's not the only one: Moby was arguably the first DJ to become a worldwide pop superstar; sure, he wasn't the first DJ to reach mainstream success but there weren't many DJs before him dating movie stars like Natalie Portman and Christina Ricci, being dissed by Eminem, headlining their own touring festival alongside David Bowie, or getting multi-platinum sales; Moby was one of the several DJs part of a emerging trend of more genre-bending musicians, who used real instrumentals wherever it was possible and even get to sing on their own tracks occasionally; however, similar acts of the era (like Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, etc.) never reached those heights of cultural dominance and media presence (it's not that they needed to), with Moby's successors (David Guetta, Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, etc.) being those who ended up getting similar levels of stardom by following some of his footsteps.
Because people at the time couldn't get enough of Moby, a DVD (remember those?) was later released with the fitting title Play: The DVD and including a megamix, live performances, the music videos and a documentary... however, the real crown jewel was the compilation Play: The B-Sides, which is exactly what the title suggests.
The compilation opened with Flower, another folk-sampling track (in this case Jesse Lee Pratcher and Mary and Mattie Garder's Green Sally Up) which some might recognize as having gone viral a couple of years ago as part of a challenge; the next tracks are a couple of instrumental pieces like the upbeat retro-inspired Sunday, and the soothing and healing Memory Gospel (which, alongside Flower, might be among Moby's best well-known B-Sides). The next tracks are the vocoder-heavy Whispering Wind and the instrumental Summer, both around 6 minutes long, followed by entirely by nothing but instrumental tracks: the epic genre-bender Spirit, the Sweet Lullaby-sampling Flying Foxes, the funky Sunspot, the ambient/breakbeat hybrid Flying Over the Deadline, the bouncy 7-minutes long track Running and finally the peaceful The Sun Never Stops Setting. Although not as good, as obviously not nearly as successful as the parent album, The B-Sides is a recommended listen for those who might have enjoyed what is one of the most important records of the last 20 years, one whose legacy extends beyond the music... and one that is way too beautiful and amazing for words to explain.
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2019.05.19 07:56 racket- Rooting for the bad guys in movies......

Since I was a kid, I don't think I've ever watched a film where I didn't root for the bad guys. One of my favorite movies, Heat, stars Robert De Niro and I am certain he is an INTJ and more accurately my type of INTJ.
Yes, we are all INTJs but due to our past, upbringing, environments, life choices, etc, we all end up varying somewhat. My type of INTJ which while it does hold a lot of similar qualities, also holds more radical qualities such as Robert De Niro's character.
Let's see which traits do I sympathize with:
No, I am not a teenager trying to be edgy. I just find it hilarious having recently found out about MBTI and that many writers wrote the bad guys with INTJ qualities.
They often wrote them this way, because they purposely under-develop the bad guys, yet ironically (to me anyway) these traits often make the villains way deeper than the typical out of the box good guys.
My question is how many successful INTJs hold these type of qualities. No, I am not talking about criminals, I mean people that are willing/unafraid to cross lines in order to reach goals.
Willing to do almost anything to reach those goals. And secondly, if so would we ever know about it?
A really successful INTJ could play an ENTJ or others in order to achieve those goals, so how many of them are out there?
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2019.04.27 19:53 joey_bosas_ankles [WW] Mr. Worldwide vs. Endgame WW? Will Pitbull's brand halo lead STX's UglyDolls to a global win next week?

Although Avengers: Endgame had no competition in its opening week, that won't be the case in its 2nd weekend, when STX Entertainment (Happytime Murders, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets) releases UglyDolls. STX's animated release includes a star-studded voice cast including Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, Janelle Monáe and Blake Shelton. Pitbull, voicing "Ugly Dog," is a global entertainment crossover superstar, known for his track "Amore" on the soundtrack of Gotti (2018.)
Do you think UglyDolls could have a WW opening bigger than Avengers : Endgame in its 2nd week? Although UglyDolls beating Endgame's original week record could be a tough task, a spokesman for the movie mentioned "305" in the interview in which he was asked about the films prospects.
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2019.04.24 15:52 _notaproblem Questions Masterpost

[Updated 02/07/19]
Here's all the questions that have been asked in the Q&A section of every podcast.
Episode Question* Username\*) Timecode
#01: The Cloverfield Paradox & Oscar Nominations What’s your favourite movie, and why? YourMovieSucksDOTorg 1:55:43
If there is one book you would want to see made into a film, what is it? Would you direct it or would you have another guy direct it? If so, you get to pick the director you want to make it. 2:12:26
Why do you guys feel the need to use rating systems? \...] To rate films.) IHEofficial 2:18:08
#02: Black Panther, Hausu, Rotten Tomatoes What's your favourite musical score from a film? EliBowsman 1:14:50
Any lesser known YouTubers you would recommend? rionite101 1:30:10
Which is your favourite Star Wars film and why? ffsFionn 1:33:30
Roger Ebert infamously said once, that video games can never become art the same way films, music and literature can. Do you agree with this, or disagree with it? superslightlyoff 1:44:48
What are your favourite TV shows? thelastsecret 1:52:20
#03: Cool Cat, This is England What are some of your best and worst theatre experiences? FullMoonHowling 1:31:52
What makes a film pretentious rather than meaningful? somevelvet_morning 1:51:21
Out of all your movie reviews, have you ever rewatched a movie and felt you were initially too harsh on it or too easy on it? MrBump465 2:04:24
Hey considering what types of movies and games you like. I wanna ask what type of music you guys are into and what some of your favourite artists? MahBoiOweb 2:08:13
#04: Marvel Movies, Wild at Heart Would you date someone who has awful taste in movies? DexterLecter99 2:03:45
How do you guys come up with such garbage yet funny movies? Like, what is your process behind finding movies worth reviewing? n/a 2:10:24
#05: The Needle Drop, Dancer in the Dark Just wondering if any of you guys have played any musical instruments during your life? XDpadfoot 1:17:40
Hey Melon, I know you hate Straight Outta Compton. Uh, what's your favourite biopic about musicians? therealmemedaddy 1:32:23
What are some of your favourite music videos or music video directors? jamtwin1999 1:36:14
So I wanna know out of all our videos, what is the video that has kinda upset people the most? And if the negative response to a video has ever gotten to you guys or upset you or whatever. IHEofficial 1:46:02
#06: Isle of Dogs, Boy Who are some lesser known independent directors that you predict will blow up and will deliver something big and great in the coming years? ralphyouareahugefag 1:49:46
Opinons on Cannes banning Netflix Originals? [deleted] 1:56:58
What is the worst thing affecting film culture right now? NeoSoul727 2:06:20
#07: Avengers: Infinity War, Barry Lyndon Do you think it's important to disregard an actor's scandals when it comes to judging the quality of a movie? j6e6s6 1:36:37
What's the best performance you've seen wasted on a terrible movie? shagedelic99 1:47:16
What is the most obnoxious/lazy camera technique to see in films? Also has it ever been used well? elglitcho 1:52:01
#08: The Last Jedi, Amores Perros What is in your opinion the best action scene ever?! mediocrecartoonist 1:13:40
Have you ever had a strong reaction from watching a movie? Some example would be a movie making you feel sick, or a movie making you feel really anxious or stressed. themoviebagel 1:20:42
What's your favourite video game? hankychan 1:24:19
Is there any objective (i.e. can a film be objectively be good/bad value to film or is all inherently subjective? People respond to different aspects of filmmaking differently and see meaning and purpose in different choices made by the filmmakers that others don't. So I believe that it is entirely subjective.) darthlittle 1:33:03
#09: Chris Stuckmann, Mommy Which movies in the most recent years, do you think will be considered classics in the future? FrameGenius 1:26:43
Since Stuckmann is a quite an avid anime fan. What's your favourite animated movie that's from Japan for all of you? kyubeydaisuki 1:33:18
What are favourite title sequences? yunkie101 1:39:16
#10: E3 2018, The Man Who Wasn't There What film would consider the worst of all time? SmokingThePowder 1:01:58
Favourite documentaries? larrsh 1:08:52
What are your favourite dramatic roles from usually comedic actors? RashadTheReactor 1:15:26
What's a genre of film you have the hardest time getting into? shagedelic99 1:18:09
#11: Cr1TiKaL, Martyrs What are some movies people wouldn't expect you guys to like, but you guys really like? just2good 1:30:37
Which video would you consider your masterpiece/magnum opus? gigaswoozy 1:44:04
What is the video game with the best writing/best story? steide56 1:51:31
What's the most disturbing film you've ever seen? ragingbull1999 1:57:38
#12: Hereditary, Shaolin Soccer What's your favourite director's worst movie, and why? Tuneison 1:32:08
If you're in the middle of a human centipede and can pick from anyone in the world, who would you want in front of you and who would you want behind you? TedioreReload 1:35:58
#13: Quinton Reviews, Happiness Which anticipated film has disappointed you the most? WillieButtz 1:31:54
What are your favourite guilty pleasure movie genres? ragehi42 1:40:41
What are your favourite movies that were never finished? Like if you could see one movie that wasn't finished just like a version of it of that's done then what would it be? n/a 1:49:10
#14: M:I - Fallout, Fantastic Planet What is the worst horror movie that manage to genuinely scare you? Sammiyin 1:27:20
Who is your favourite character of all time? Greenhood300 1:31:04
How do you guys feel about movie pirating/torrenting? Reaper4578 1:33:50
#15: Under the Skin, Punch Drunk Love What's a film that you loved upon first viewing, but eventually "grew out of" over time? Rayman323 1:13:47
Adam and Ralph, are you aware that Alex urinated on his brother? HenroyXII 1:16:34
Thoughts on the new Oscar changes? WillNP 1:18:13
Are there any recent movies that have received bad or mixed reviews that you'll think will become cult classics in the future? somemoronnamedtom 1:23:25
Which writer and director you want to see work together? ImTheBaron13 1:25:44
If you could turn any movie into a video game, what would it be? WillieButtz 1:29:08
#16: The Dark Knight Rises, Jacob's Ladder Can a comedy be a 10 out of 10, just on laughs and enjoyment or does it need more? I posted this one in the Questions Thread for Episode 14, but I'm all the more curious how you three quantify this given the discussion around Punch Drunk Love being enjoyable but not life-changing to paraphrase Ralph and I think Alex. domoenchilado 1:16:31
What is your guy's opinion on watching movies while under the influence of a mind altering substance? Do you guys believe some movies are more enjoyable while high or drunk or should not be watched while sober in order to fully appreciate. godspeedyoubarry 1:21:44
When you buy movies do you prefer to buy them DVD, digital, Blu-ray or 4K, and why? Pastor_James69696969 1:28:35
Memes aside, do you think the Shrek films are good? fabiowants2die 1:33:03
#17: Plot Holes, Mary & Max What is a great movie that isn't very rewatchable? mufasa_9 1:11:10
Is calling a film or any piece of media overrated a valid criticism? Have you ever disliked a movie simply because it's held in such high regard. MakeGoodMakeBetter 1:12:55
What are your view points between British and American humour or comedy in films? Owen_Po 1:17:51
Opinons on Bechdel Test. HenroyXII 1:26:58
#18: Spider-Man PS4, Ben & Arthur Do you think it's okay to actually harm or kill animals to make a movie more authentic? IsaiahLilBear 1:09:33
Seeing as the month of October is coming up or now. What horror films do you consider to be the best? Whether it be in terms of how they scare you or just their overall quality. GroudokaHG 1:16:48
How, if at all, did your upbringing affect your movie taste? sshanbom111 1:18:35
What do you think is your worst video? mnightneedsanoscar 1:22:02
What do you think of Shane Dawson's documentary series? Do you think this is a step in the right direction for filmmaking on YouTube? __guy __ 1:25:54
#19: Venom, Pink Floyd: The Wall What is some of the best make-up/practical effects you've ever seen? Zachsquatch_ 1:14:48
Movies that would be better with an R-rating. eggfrenzytv 1:19:33
Favourite TV theme songs? MichaelScott2003 1:24:48
What are your opinions on anime? __guy __ 1:28:35
What games do you think do the whole story thing right in your opinions? imsbs111 1:36:35
#20: Chris Stuckmann, The Piano Teacher How long do you think you can go without watching a movie/tv show or playing a video game? BouncyBallStudios 1:34:54
What's a movie you guys so ridiculously much you can quote to a T? JelloJake 1:33:42
Which editing software do you think is best for movie reviews? TateDGibbs 1:36:29
Does bad CGI affect your overall opinion and score for a film, even if it has a limited budget? What about a film that even has a reasonable budget for good CGI? TheSpaceDentist 1:40:46
#21: Pixar, Don't Look Now What are the best performances you've ever seen that have been done by a child? yfinfffffffff 1:21:25
How much do you get recognised in public? bdog7171 1:25:27
Adam and Alex are you aware that Ralph has cracked his brother's head open? thelecturgan 1:30:10
What's the worst character in any movie? 64samb 1:31:28
When judging a documentary, how does misinformation factor into your ratings? Does it depend on the style the documentary is going for? GroudokaHG 1:35:26
#22: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, A. I. Artificial Intelligence What is your most anticipated movie for next year? emet_s 1:29:36
Do you guys care if a movie based on a true story takes creative freedoms in the writing process. sitonacast 1:35:04
Do you think there is a certain point where film becomes porn? I'm talking about films like Antichrist, that have actual non-simulated sex in them. Or is there no real limit to how sexuality can be in a film to distinguish it from a porn. ArtsyFilmStudent 1:38:05
Have you ever experienced a time, where you are really enjoying a movie all the way through until it completely fell apart in it's third act. Is a poorly executed third act enough to ruin an entire movie for you? iacs12 1:42:05
#23: YouTube Rewind, The Holy Mountain In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of a movie? Example, the writing, the directing and acting or even something I'm missing. dgager 1:27:58
Are there any examples of films you think would work better as TV shows or vice versa. Raspyrees 1:30:32
What is the best movie that has been recommended for Sardonicast? The only criteria is that you can't have recommended it yourself. Tuneison 1:32:21
Have you ever been to a location that was used in a film? And if so which location is your favourite? ii_laemmle 1:32:45
Since the new Fantastic Beasts came out, my question is do you guys like Harry Potter at all? What is your opinions on it? And have you seen them and what's your favourite Harry Potter movie? jhuff707 1:36:01
What to you makes a movie a cheesy and where do you draw the line between good cheese and bad cheese? damianasia 1:37:35
#24: Spiderverse, Lover, Amadeus What are some of your favourite movie posters? bdog7171 1:21:09
Have you guys ever fallen asleep during a movie in theatres? breneger 1:27:55
If you guys had a friend who liked the Madagascar series an unhealthy amount, how would you go about getting help for them? leedumb 1:31:48
I have a fun one, what does "Christmas movie" mean? What defines a Christmas movie? drfuzzyslippers 1:34:23
#25: The House that Jack Built, Bandersnatch, Shallow Grave What is your least favourite marketing campaign surrounding a movie? I'm talking about how the movie presented itself prior to release through trailers and other promotional tactics. littleCT 1:10:51
Since its the end of the year please tell us: What's your favourite film of 2018, what's your least favourite film of 2018, what's your biggest disappointment, the biggest surprise of 2018 and your guilty pleasure of 2018 something you enjoyed despite how bad it is? IGotAccountToAskthis 1:21:27
#26: Aquaman, Happy as Lazzaro What movie, or movie series do you want to see have a 20 years later sequel i.e. Blade Runner 2049 or Trainspotting 2. BattleUpSaber 1:21:26
What movie had the worst sequel? (Sequel that had the biggest drop in quality compared to original.) Ralph-san 1:25:13
What well regarded movie have you never seen but you know you should but you just can't be bothered to. Notthatsamsmith 1:26:55
What are your favourite/least favourite fan theories on films? Samisapole27 1:28:52
What's your opinions on being on your phone while watching a movie? Not at the theatre, because that's obviously fucked. But being on your phone checking reddit and what not while watching a movie. n/a 1:34:42
Are you ever feel insecure about your stance on a movie like if you didn't like the movie and someone you tend to agree with really loved. Do you ever go back to it and try to see what they saw? RalphsJenkem 1:37:35
#27: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy In your opinion what is the worst Best Picture winner? JunkYardJesus1981 2:01:44
Are there any filmmakers have made both a 10 out of 10 and a 1 out of 10? And if so, who are they? Tuneison 2:03:55
Which movie endings were so bad, that they ruined the whole film? ragingbull1999 2:07:25
What are some of the best uses of music or alternatively silence in film? HarryTheBerry 2:11:18
Sardonicast #28: Disney, Madagascar Trilogy Who are some of your childhood characters crushes? MolokoPl_s 1:29:47
In an age of important movies, what's a movie you think people need to see? As in a movie you urge people to watch because it carries some sort of political or social message or portrays an important lesson in philosophy, identity, physiology, etc. notam-d 1:34:07
What movie made you depressed for a long time, if any? Ken-199 1:36:43
What's the worst sentence of dialog in cinema history? crabbinsxd 1:39:02
If you could delete any movie from existence, what would it be? THICCBOI42069shit 1:41:43
I remember in one of the episodes, Adam said that he would like to have a segment on the podcast about drugs. What were your first drug experiences? What were drugs have you done? And what are some insights you have on certain drugs in general? Are there any instances when taking substances altered how you perceived a film you had seen before sober. If so what film, and how did being under the influence change your perception of the film? littleecce 1:44:42
How do you guys use music in your videos without getting claimed? Most directed towards Ralph because he uses a large range of music in his videos. gamingcandybar 1:59:03
Pitch a movie that would make a lot of money. BikeBence 2:03:37
#29: Green Book, The Celebration Where do you see Sardonicast in a year, considering we are just slightly over the one year anniversary of Sardonicast. Tuneison 1:19:05
What's the most offensive movie you've ever seen? s_destroyer_v 1:22:02
Do you believe that a good film adaptation of video game is possible? When adapting from a short story, novel or play, you're bringing to life a character by representing them with an actor on screen. But is it possible to make a film version of Lara Croft or Nathan Drake, for example, that isn't just an inferior copy. Also, is there any joy to be found in seeing characters on screen doing the things you've done yourself in a game? PirateDiscoKingYT 1:26:20
What is one thing y'all find odd about each other's countries? spaceefork 1:34:40
Our thoughts on film's with exceptionally long runtimes. Such as Sátántangó (6h59m, Evolution of a Filipino Family (9h53m, Out 1 (12h55m and Resan (14h33m. Would you watch them, are you willing? What are your thoughts on movies that long?) RalphsJenkem 1:47:08
#30: Climax, After Hours Who do you think is the biggest asshole is in Hollywood, and why? jrgreenjr99 1:03:44
What is the worst movie title of all time? TheEoghShow 1:18:20
What live-action movie would be better if it were animated? bdog7171 1:24:53
With these Michael Jackson allegations, and if they're true, for example, can you separate the art from the artist and can you still enjoy his music or more broadly anything along these lines. Whether it be finding out about Kevin Spacey and what he did, and you know, there are countless examples at this point. sirman5152 1:29:45
Have you ever had a movie that you can't assign a number value to, for any reason. The-Movie-Supreme 1:33:24
What are our thoughts on the controversial movie, Watchmen from 2009. The_Irritated_Critic 1:36:17
#31: Us, The Dark Crystal What's your opinion on dream sequences in film? And what are some of your favourites? Cazelli89 1:08:45
How many copyright strikes do each of you currently have? What's been your success rate since starting on YouTube? Deadstone16 1:14:10
Hey boys, what are your thoughts on The Human Caterpillar? Do you believe that it is necessary and meanful or gross for the sake of being gross? Lutanyte 1:34:07
Can you think of the worst possible sequel to your favourite movie? bubarh 1:37:52
Are there any examples of supposed holes in great director's filmmaking that you think exist? For example, the idea that Chris Nolan supposedly can't film a fight scene. freddythebeast 1:42:54
Has a film ever frustrated you so much that it bothered you for days? Specifically because immense talent behind it. ScatAutotune7103 1:47:56
I'd be interested to hear y'alls opinions on cult classic movies. Ones that were met with mixed response on release but have huge fanbases now. Donnie Darko and The Big Lebowski come to mind, people might suggest others. Thanks. ashburystreet 1:50:38
#32: Shazam!, Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles Aside from good ol' Derek Savage. Have any other directors responded to your reviews of their films? Whether it be negative or positive. MakalShadakal 1:27:49
Whenever Roger Ebert went to the theatre, he would always sit in a seat that was twice as far back as the screen is wide. So my question is do you guys have a specific seat that you always seat when you go to theatre? Is that seat at a height or angle that makes watching a movie more enjoyable somehow or does it not matter where you sit in a theatre because it doesn't impact your experience. sitonacast 1:36:59
Given that you three are longterm cinephiles. Do you ever wonder if your experience criticism alienates from the majority of casual moviegoers simply because of your extended exposure and thus cynicism towards a wider variety of film in the industry that surrounds it. For example, when YMS might cry, "Just don't think about it." to highlight contrived or contradictory plot logic that may be exactly what a mainstream audience intends to do. Enjoy the spectacle and superficial escapism of the film without exerting the required disbelief to ask themselves why the scene they're watching would likely not make sense. Or when you note Marvel characters have upcoming movie deals despite being deceased in-universe, though a casual Marvel fan would simply not of cared to have done that research. Would or do try to see the films you watch in a untrained eyes of a mainstream audience member who might of only had the chance to attend the cinema a few times a year as opposed to individuals who have extensive industry knowledge. Svartlnaggaroth 1:38:32
My question is what is the point of using a 5 star review system if you still rate things in half stars as well? At that point you might as well use a ten point system. GameronWV 1:46:07
Hey boy, I just wanted to hear your thoughts on an extremely polarising person: Seth MacFarlane. What are opinions on his work, him as a person, his Oscar hosting and do you think he has genuine talent. bloomer467 1:47:51
Do you guys think that an overabundance of sex sequences can ruin an otherwise excellent movie or tv show? Sorry to sound like some fucking mum, but that's the question. Ridlo_BAZINGA_ 1:50:53
What world events have had the most impact on cinema as an art form? FrippTricky 1:56:16
With Neon Genesis Evangelion coming to Netflix have any of you guys seen the series and as a whole what are your thoughts on it? Ambiant_co 1:59:35
#33: Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars Prequels Is a single character enough to ruin a movie? If so, what are some examples? Coolkid1692 1:37:34
Did you ever watched a movie and then immediately regretted that you weren't in the right mood for it? What would be an example of a movie, for which you'd need to be in a very specific mood to enjoy it? KolFoxy 1:40:52
What are some of your favorite creature designs in any movie? Screen-Saver 1:44:42
What do you guys think it collectively your favourite/least favourite type of movie? TheEoghShow 1:47:00
What is the most suffering that you guys have ever done for a video and did it pay off? FakerDaker- 1:50:22
Have you ever seen a movie so bad you shut it off part of the way in? If so, what movie? certified-hypebeast 1:55:36
Would you guys ever let a guest or a fans of the show recommend a film? Jazzyboy327 1:59:13
#34: Sonic, Pikachu, Eyes Without a Face Adam, what is your favorite movie that you’ve given a 6 out of 10? m1234e 1:02:40
What are your thoughts on an AI made movie. With learning algorithms only improving, and AI getting very good at pattern recognition, do you think robots can make a good film, or at least a commercially good movie? Pickledcactus 1:05:34
Do you judge porn, in the same way as the movies you discuss on this podcast? Does it distract you if there are bad lighting or week stories with plot holes? 187_3470 1:12:08
Which movie or TV show (whole or a single season left you the most disappointed and why? Is Game of Thrones Season 8 getting a ralphthemoviemaker episode? biracial_gemini 1:13:58
How do you guys feel about whitewashing in a movie? For example, Death Note, Ghost in the Shell, Dr. Strange, etc. Have characters that do not match with the source material. Do you think a movie should be judged by how the movie is and not on who plays the character? BronzySponhe 1:25:11
What are some movies that are still worth watching even if you already know the ending or twist? Citizen-HAL 1:30:12
How would you rank the last 10 films to win Best Picture? AKenjiB 1:33:18
What would you say the purpose of filmmaking is? Expendable418 1:36:10
What is something stupid and regrettable that you have done in the past that still haunts you to this day, even though it really shouldn't? SimpleAmbassador 1:37:42
#35 Game of Thrones, Xavier Renegade Angel What is your parent's opinion on your channels? And do they watch your content? stupidmaggot 1:04:06
What is the most unintentionally uncomfortable movie or TV scene that you’ve ever seen? Man_of_Metropolis 1:07:53
What do you think is the worst TV show currently airing? PooOnFace 1:12:05
What is the movie that you dislike the most on IMDb's Top 250 films list? the-proud-bosnian01 1:22:01
What do movies get wrong that bothers the shit out of you? For me it's gun terminology, people getting blown away by one shot, etc. Amh_99 1:27:02
I would like to hear your thoughts on 3D. What's a film that looks epic in 3D or you wish was converted in 3D? Or do you think 3D is gimmick that serves no artist value? Boyer_Voyer 1:31:29
#36 Suspiria, THX 1138 What is your least favorite aspect of your favorite film? Alexmarom11 0:56:35
What are your thoughts on the show Chernobyl? foodchild 1:00:35
What are your thoughts on procrastination? As creators how do you fight it? Any advice or particular routines that help you focus on your work? LucaTosti 1:05:51
You often talk about how some movies have changed the way of filmmaking, for example Jacob's Ladder and Eyes Without a Face, but do you think any movies have changed filmmaking overall or just specific genres for the worse? And which ones come to mind? As_Geirr 1:15:01
#37 Dark Phoenix, Alien³ How long do you guys think theaters will continue to survive? How do you all see the future of the moviegoing experience evolving? thx118 1:01:49
Did you guys see the “Doctor Sleep” trailer? It’s being directed by Mike Flanagan who did "Gerald’s Game" which was pretty good in my opinion, but he has a good amount of flops. bendrethegiant 1:06:38
Adam, if Scar was being voiced by Jeremy Irons in the remake would you be seeing it in the theatre? Leedumb 1:08:50
When did each of you become aware of each others channels? Mrtimc 1:10:00
Apart from Ralph who has mentioned he has been to film school, how do you guys know so much about the technical aspects of film? Have Adam and Alex studied it at all? If not, how did you learn so much without specific education? dontwanttofap 1:12:56
Who is collectively, general consensus among the three of you. Your favourite/least favourite director? TheEoghShow 1:19:29
Don't know if non-movie questions are allowed, but what are some of your favourite hobbies outside of movies, music and YouTube? -Cilantro- 1:21:39
Have you guys ever actually watched a movie on your phone? dheemonk123 1:29:54
\ I haven't included questions that were asked before the Q&A or any questions that further the discussion.) \* Some names have been spelt incorrectly.)
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