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I feel used and helples

2020.08.04 02:00 Basun_II I feel used and helples

So to be short i know i sound overdramatic and like a depression poser but heres the deal: Im a 16 year old male from Sweden and just two monthes ago i was at the best point of my life, i hade multipul friends, a wonderful girlfriend, a was about to start our version of highschool but in about 2 weeks everything just slipped through my fingers. My girlfriend left me for a diffrent guy and lying telling me she just needed to be singel for a while and i belived her becouse i thought i ment as much to her as she did to me. Vut just a few weeks later she begins to post pictures whit a new guy and keeps telling me how great he is and that she gets to fuck him any time she wants through a groupchat we are both in. I thought she was the one that i could trust, my shoulder to cry on. She was my only real partner and i dont think i could ever trust i person again.
If it was only for her i would be a bit sad but i woulden't be posting here, but when i got the massege from the school im trying to get in to that i was most likely not to get in that realy hurt. For some context: I was just diagnosed whit dyslexia last year but its not like anyone gives a shit about helping you, all the special teachers are to destractedt by the literal 12 yearolds thats in the same special ed class you can go to for help. And becouse it was just diagnosed this winter everyone just thought i was lazy and stupid when i was younger and hearing every day when you are little and trying your absolut hardest that you are just lazy and that you just dosen't care while you are trying to read through a ponding headach and trying your best not to cry. I hade to teachers that cared, the history teacher and the Swedish teacher, they where fine whit me turning in my essay a day late or not wrighting as much as the outher kids wile still treating me as a fucking human and not a retarded animal in a cage that needed to be euthanised. And becouse my of my lack of faith the outher theacers hade in me i thought id give them what they wanted and gave up, so now when everyone is about to start a new school i see my few friends a have left talking about how exited they are about becoming doctors and musicians and lawyers i just feel so hoples whit my shity grades that didn't even get me in to a arts class in a school mainly for SPORT, it takes a next level retard not to get in, every kid there is just drug abusing idiots but im to stupid to even get in there.
And the last big point: I hade a friend who also was whit the girl from previous before i was, he was super nice and all but he was the type who talks about himself all the time and i just thought about him as "the second best friend who hangs out whit your outher friend" but don't get me wrong i still liked him very much. Im telling you this becouse we chated a bit yeasterday and after a wile he just said "Dags att dra min bröder" translated to "Time to leave brothers" then posted an image on his snapchat story, you know the meme whit a rat that says "change the world, my final massege". And at first we all just thought he was joking seeing as we used to joke about absolutly infently more fucked up shit then suicide, but he hasn't even opend my text sence then and i have told my self if he is dead and i just laught at him thinking he was joking when he needed me, then i don't deserve better, if he has killed himself i will join him.
I know everyone reading this is going through worse but thats just break me down even more, i am extremly privlliged in a middleclass family in stockholm whit two parents who love me and eatch other, just think how fucking weak i am for failing and giving up when everything has been served for me on a silver plate. But i just want it to end, if its true like everyone says that it just gets harder then i just give up here and now, i gave it my best shot but i fucked up totaly. I don't belive in an afterlife and im not super religus but i wish god would reclaim me in my sleep becouse im to fucking afraid of jumping. If i can't die i atleast wish i could be a small child again, going whit my dad to the park, him paking lunch and just playing whit me until i would fall asleep in his arms, back when my biggest consirn was if the cool kids would let me play ping pong whit them and not if i hade droven somebody kill them self. Caffine and masturbation can only keep you alive for so long but thats the only thing that keeps me alive and i know that the second i turn eighteen im going to turn to an alcoholic. Fuck it im 16 and soon enough there, i felt so happy the few times i have drank and also the one time i smoked weed (Which could put me in prison for multipel years for saying). All my alcoholic friends seem so happy, they seem to have much fun and actually talk to people, i just wish a was killed in an accedent or sicknes so my family wouldn't take any blame but this fucking virus won't fucking take me. I just don't want my dad to feel guillty becouse i can see in hes eyes that he has gon through the same as im doing now and he is my biggest hero and insperation
Thank you for reading, you are all doing a wonderful service trying to keep vermin as myself from giving up but don't feel bad if it doesn't work out this time
À tout le monde À tous mes amis Je vous aime Je dois partir
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2020.08.01 21:09 Lynxbro Singel etter 7 år

Har nå blitt singel etter 7 år og skal flytte til Oslo om noen måneder. Noen som har tips for hvordan man finner seg partner i 2020? Er det tinder folk bruker? Andre tjenester? Byen? Er forresten 30.
Takk til alle som svarer.
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2020.03.31 10:04 Jamalkm732 Deflexchange is the first deflationary exchange

Deflexchange client do not need to be kyc verified for every exchange that are partnered with Deflexchange .They will be able to trade through a singel wallet opened on each partner crypto exchange.swapzilla will monitor everything.This will ensure security and reputation.
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2019.09.23 16:03 GeAlltidUpp War, weddings and labor unions: A violent yet stable weirdtopia

The ancestors of the humans living in my scifi-fantasy setting have been transported from our world, this happened far back in time. Humans brought with them ethnicities and religions familiare to the reader, such as christian, buddhist, pagan etc. But the demographic composition is different, with pagans remaining a majority and the mainstream religions in our world being a constant minority. Over time these identities and worldviews have mutated and changed. This has resulted in vastly different ethics.
I assume that the academic conjecture that "Christianity [88] may have been crucial to the long-term success of [the monogamous] marriage system " is correct (Henrich, Joseph; Boyd, Robert och Richerson, Peter J. (2012) "The puzzle of monogamous marriage" Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society - page 666-667: ).
Without christianities ascension into majority status, monogamy remains a fringe moral stance (similar to vegetarianism in our world). Upper class men regularly have several wives, while the rest live with one partner not due to principle but due to the high costs of polygami. As the Economist explains, this setup leads to many singel men which lays the risk for civil war: Despite this setup, pagan societies avoid civil war through institutionalizing massive legal and voluntary deadly violence.
Young men have an easy time getting high paid jobs within private military forces. These forces mostly don't fight in between nations, instead they fight in large scales "trial by combat" - in which a few individuals or some times thousands of soldiers will fight against each others. When unions and employer organizations negotiate wages they will often agree to "trial by combat", to hire private armies to fight in regulated arenas. The same is true of lawsuit between companies, divorces between the super rich etc. Trial by combat is expensive to set up, but usually generates money by videotaping and streaming battles as entertainment. Lacking labour or legal conflicts, private armies will arrange their own fights for training and entertainment.
These regulare fights cost many lives. This creates a gender imbalance, in which women make out a majority of pagan society. Which means that rich men can marry several women without dooming middle class men or the poor to live as incels. This creates a weird situation, in which these societies have a high amount of legal violence and at the same time low amount of illegal violence and sex crime. Seeing as many men die off as young adults, and most violent and sexual crimes are perfomed by men, their minority status leads to peace and order.
Young single men regularly visit brothels, which they finance through serving in private armies. This ensures that unmarried men don't suffer sexual frustration. The promise of earning enough money to convince a particularly beautiful prostitute to abandon her profession and settle down as a housewife - drives soldiers to sign up for several battles to earn cash quicker than other fields of work can offer.
The setting is built upon the premise that human emotions and relationships are to a large degree socialy constructed. As such, pagan mothers and fathers do grieve when their sons die in combat. But their grief is softer and more temporary than what most parents in our world would experience. Pagan women often don't carry fetuses for a longer time within their own bodies, instead the child is in its early development removed from the womb and put into a vat. This enables pagan parants to raise more children with greater ease. Non-pagans usually refrain from this practise, they see it as alienating the mother from her child. Once the child is removed from this vat, the background radiation of this world causes a higher amount of sickness and mutation than in our world. This leads to an ethichal debate about infanticade, which pagans practice and other refrain from (more about that can be read here:
Losing one or several sons in trial by combat is expected and seen as an honour for the parents. A mother and father that has lost a child in combat will usually be given some social or even legal privilege denied to others, their status is indicated by tattoos that honour a wargod of their choosing. This premise of social construction also enables women to work within prostitution within their youth without trauma, it is not uncommon for young women to serve a few years in a brothel. Pagan women in this world don't relate to sex, love and their bodies in the same way that women in real life usually do. People like Brooke Magnanti (Belle de Jour) don't represent a rare exception in this world, but instead the "happy hocker" sterotype is to a large degree true in this setting. I don't mean to comment on the nature or desirability of prostitution in the real world. Non-pagan women don't share this cultural filter, and they experience prostitution as demeaning and horrible. This is similare to how women from traditional societies are often appalled by western women choosing to have sex before marriage, or how people in traditional societies react to homosexuality and pride parades in the modern west. I don't mean to morally compare sex outside of marriage and homosexuality with prositution - the setting is not meant as social commentary regarding sexual morality. The comparison only illustrates the potential effect of a cultural filters.
Christians, buddhist, konfucianists and the other minority religions from our world mostly refuse to take part in prostitution (either as johns or prostitutes), polygamy or serve in trial by combat. The exception to this can be found amongst some muslim groups, who do practice polygamy and even serve as mercenaries in trial by combat. The latter is interpreted as a form of jihad, and is therefore considered halal on the condition that a predetermined percentage of the earnings is given to dawah (the proselytizing of Islam) or other charities. Non-pagans are in most societies seen as weird, over sensitive and moralistic, these subgroup of muslims have allowed muslims to be viewed with less prejudice compared to other non-pagans. Some religious strains of islam which is seen as extreme in our world, is seen as more moderate in this world.
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2019.06.20 18:35 louied91 $SING American Premium Water Corp (OTC: HIPH) Announces Restock of its Popular LALPINA CBD Water on
PLAYA VISTA, Calif., June 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE – American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH) (“the Company”) announces that is has sent restock shipments of its popular selling LALPINA Hydro CBD water to its online distribution partner SingleSeed (, a subsidiary of SinglePoint, Inc (OTC: SING) twice over the past two weeks.
LALPINA Hydro CBD water has been one of top sellers on the platform in recent weeks, which shows the effectiveness of SingleSeed distribution penetrating the direct to the consumer CBD market.
LALPINA Hydro CBD water can now be purchased online at
Ryan Fishoff, the CEO of American Premium Water Corporation commented, “We are pleased with the higher velocity of online orders of the Company's popular selling LALPINA CBD. SingleSeed, and the team at SinglePoint, have exceed our best expectations in assisting us in distributing our CBD water product line direct to consumer, and demand has shown that.”
Wil Ralston, President of SinglePoint, Inc commented, "We're very happy with the success of LALPINA CBD on SingleSeed. It's one of our top selling products. We have been happy with the recent uptick in sales across the platform, which we think is part of a larger trend as CBD becomes more mainstream. We feel this part of a longer term trend for the Company. LALPINA CBD has been leading the charge and we're excited to be working with American Premium Water on other products to be sold on the SingleSeed platform as well other projects between the two companies.
“Our LALPINA CBD water product has been one of the top sellers on SingelSeed in recent weeks, which has resulted in us having to ramp up deliveries due to SingleSeed’s ability to get our products out to market. We foresee a long relationship with SingleSeed going forward in helping us expand the LALPINA water line, and the Company's other CBD products, as one of our more successful online distribution partners. We are also exploring other strategic partnerships that will benefit both companies. I look forward to keeping shareholders updated on these developments in the future." concluded Mr. Fishoff.
SinglePoint’s goal is to seek out and recruit innovative and fast-growing companies that manufacture or distribute CBD retail products, and who desire the opportunity to have their products distributed nationally. SinglePoint's “Strategics” program is extremely affordable and offers un-paralleled access that can translate into millions of dollars of orders for their respective CBD products.
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2018.02.14 13:26 Arknell [Seriös] Det är Alla Hjärtans Dag, du är singel, och det är okej, du är i gott sällskap...

Jag vill inte nödvändigtvis förbjuda skämt i den här tråden, men jag vill erbjuda en fristad och en hangout där alla singlar kan känna sig välkomna och tänka lite på livet, konstruktivt och utan stigma. Alla ni med partners, snälla: utöva självbehärskning, ingen Humblebrag eller "För mig som har partner kan jag verkligen relatera bla bla bla"-poster. Låt singlarna få ha denna.
/sweden har 190 000 läsare och många har nyss kommit ut ur en relation, eller har fortfarande ont trots att det har gått ett eller flera år, eller behöver lite tröst i ett samhälle där alla strömningar och värdegrunder pekar mot tvåsamhet. Google doodlen är här, TV-reklamerna är här, plakaten i affärerna är här, alla Valentines-memes är här.
"Och?!" tänker kanske många; det är givetvis många singlar som inte bryr sig överhuvudtaget om denna uppståndelsen, för att ni redan är bekväma i att vara själva just nu, all kraft åt er. Eller ni kanske vet att ni inte kommer vara singel så länge, eller man kanske faktiskt tycker det är skönt att vara singel just nu; alla ni som har tagit er ur en problematisk relation och för första gången på jättelänge kan lata er på en söndag utan att behöva ta på sig skjortan/blusen och besöka svärmosvärfar eller åka till nån kyrkogård eller dålig konsert, njut! Ni som haft en läskig eller medberoende-görande partner som manipulerat, eller kanske till och med en brottsling, njut av friheten.
Men det finns också gott om människor som törstar och våndas över att inte ha någon, och dom för vilka Valentine's Day kan vara lika irriterande och jobbig som jul och nyår kan vara för dom som inte har sina föräldrar eller släkt kvar, och saknar dom.
Det finns också dom som aldrig haft ett förhållande, av många olika anledningar.
Till alla er vill jag säga att det är okej. Vare sig ni har haft en lång relation, eller t om ett giftermål, som tog slut nyss, och ni inte har en aning om hur ni ska kunna hitta en ny att bygga bo med, eller ni bara känner er bittra över marknadsföringen, ta den här tiden att lära känna er själva och var bekväma i ert eget sällskap. Vi är alla ensamma när det kommer till kritan; vi föds ensamma och dör ensamma, inte ens våra fruar, makar, vänner, eller barn vet alla våra innersta känslor och minnen, våra orosmoln, hur våra stigar gått genom livet, alla hemligheter vi besitter (den där konstiga saken du såg i ett dike en gång, som du aldrig tänker berätta för en själ). Vi är inte telepater, och det är okej.
Det finns en liknelse inom mentalhjälp som kallas att "drunkna i en tum vatten", det vill säga att man känner sig utsatt och förtvivlad, trots att ens situation kanske skulle förändras bara man går runt hörnet, eller gör en liten ändring i sitt liv, kanske nånting man gått och funderat på att göra länge men skjutit upp av olika anledningar. Ibland är lösningen nära men man ser inte skogen för alla träden. Det är också okej.
Att vara singel kan ibland betyda att man tror att man kommer behöva "hålla ut" i flera år tills ens situation når nästa stadie. Pluggar du en intensiv utbildning som få kommer in på, och ett förhållande skulle vara för distraherande? Behövt flytta från din favoritstad? Sitter i fängelse? Går i djup terapi? Jag skapade den här tråden för att säga till dig att det inte behöver kännas som att du ska behöva "hålla ut". Att vara singel är ett normaltillstånd. Kanske din chans kommer nästa vecka, kanske nästa år. Det är okej. Kanske du känner att du behöver jobba på dig själv innan du träffar nån? Du kanske vill utbilda dig, träna, resa, avancera din karriär lite längre tills du nått en platå då du känner dig bekväm att släppa in en annan människa i livet utan att den personen skulle känna sig åsidosatt av din arbetsbörda eller dina åtaganden just nu (polis, byggarbetare, kriminaladvokat, memelord).
Du är okej, och du är i gott sällskap. Ha tålamod och låt andra vara glada för att dom hittat nån, dom var kanske ensamma i förrgår, och dom kan inte hejda sin glädje utan måste pussas i tunnelbanan, för dom har törstat en lång tid. Om du är öppen och redo att jobba för det, så kommer din chans. Men det måste inte vara idag.
Idag kan du bara ta det lugnt och släppa alla tankar på att jaga fatt i någon fort på Tinder eller, "bara för att inte vara ensam" (potentiellt självdestruktivt beteende i längden). Träffa kompisar, eller kolla en film med en mugg varm Oboy (undvik kanske tre flaskor vin), och vet att du inte är ensam. Vi är alla här på den här slemmiga lerbollen som flyger genom rymden, och vi delar en existens, det räcker.
Många människor gör det väldigt mänskliga misstaget att definiera sig själva utefter sin relation, eller sin titel eller sina ägodelar, och allt detta kan tas ifrån dig. Kanske du mår bra just nu för att du fick ett nytt jobb, eller en ny partner, eller vann på lotto. Om detta tas ifrån dig, och du inte är trygg i dig själv, kan det kännas som att mattan rycks bort under fötterna på dig. Att vara bekväm i sitt eget sällskap och inte spendera varje ensam stund i verklighetsflykt, förströelse, eller distrahering kan vara en livslång övning. Om man definierar sin lycka efter fysiska ting som kan förgås, exponerar man sig själv för risker. Emerson sade nånting fint om detta, i sin text "Self-Reliance", som handlar om ickekonformitet, civilkurage, och passivt motstånd (en text som inspirerade Gandhi):
Use all that is called Fortune. Most people gamble with her, and gain all, and lose all, as her wheel rolls. But leave as unlawful these winnings, and instead deal with Cause and Effect. Work to acquire will, and thou hast chained the wheel of Chance, and you shalt sit hereafter out of fear from her rotations. A political victory, a rise of rents, the recovery of your sick, or the return of your absent friend, or some other favorable event, it may raise your spirits, and you might think good days are preparing for you. Do not believe it. Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.
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2017.11.30 21:44 Bortkastarkonto111 [Seriös] Tips på hur man träffar någon?

Vet inte riktigt hur jag ska sätta ord på hur jag känner, men kortfattat är väl att jag är trött på att vara ensam och vet inte hur jag ska fixa det. Det är inte det att jag inte har vänner, jag har inte många men de jag har står jag väldigt nära. Jag är en relativt introvert person så jag har lite svårt för att träffa nytt folk.
Jag är 25 år, varit singel hela livet och aldrig känt behovet av att ha en partner. Under dom senaste månaderna har jag fått känslan att något saknas. Något mer än vad mina vänner kan ge. Och eftersom jag flyttade i somras till en ny stad vet jag inte var man kan gå för att träffa nytt folk, även om jag nu skulle jobba upp modet för att kunna gå dit. Därför tog jag beslutet att prova diverse dating appar och dating sidor, men efter noll napp på över två månader så skriver jag nu det här.
Vet inte om jag varit tydlig nog med vad jag vill få fram, men hoppas ni kan läsa mellan raderna och förstå mig. Är det några oklarheter i texten är det bara att peka ut dessa så ska jag försöka förtydliga.
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2017.10.28 13:27 SilberBur [LPH]USP-S Cyrex FT 0.08 + 5 Keys

[LPH]USP-S Cyrex FT 0.08 5 Keys to add to the trade Gock Reactor FT [W] Singel Item pref. Non ST for all of the above or any combo of the listed Items AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge FT AK-47 Point Disarray MW or similar :)
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2017.10.01 14:57 Proffesorbourbon Superpill in Amsterdam, middle of August.

So I'll try to get this as accurate as possible, but english isn't ny Main language, and I haven't written i singel thing over a pharagraph for like over a year. So both the grammar and flow probably won't be on point. I’m also writing this on my cellphone on an airplaine, 22 hours with full awakness and with a full stressful family whom I always forget is so damn stressful. Also I took a queatapin earlier.
Anyways, my girlfriend and I got to Amsterdam two days ago or so, we had only been smoking until now and taken som blues. Last time we took something stronger was two-three weeks ago, we then dropped and snorted roughly 500 mgs MDMDA each (this is normal for us, unfortunately). I should also meantion that we smoke everyday, if that has any impact.
Anyways, we sat down at a bench on Leidsepleinn right by the fountain, the clock was around 10 pm and we we’re hoping to score some within the hour. It dosnt go more than 10-15 minutes before a stranger comes by and asks if we’re interested, he says he has both some pills and cocke. We were after the pills, so we settled with those. He says something along the lines as «this will get you higher than ever». The pills which supposedly was xtc, but I felt like he maybe said that they weren’t completely pure or something like that. They were pink, firm, formed as bird and it had that coating on the outside like the shit ones usually don’t have. Anyways, they are each at 220 mg and we got 6. We get home to the hotel and I jump in the shower to get ready for this (I always do this even though I sweat like a maniac with every stimulant. Why, I do not know) journey. We take one each. I think I ate a piece of bread at this time because I hadn’t eaten shit that day) I get it down fast as a motherfucker, cause I know MDMDA often hits me in a matter of minutes. 10 minutes go by, and like the young morons we are. Well of course we swallow another one (not recommended when you don’t know what you’re putting down your throat).
A couple of minutes after this, it sneaks up on my. Now MDMDA usually goes two ways for me. 1) I feel the sneak peak for about 25-50 minutes. It goes very slow and it’s almost like I don’t notice comming up, just being in this middle part for ever. 2) The whole dose hits within 12 minutes, and it hits hard. Anyways, I feel it sneaking for maybe 20 seconds. I can feel that this is some nice stuff. My legs are tingling and letting me know that this is mdmda. Boom, my legs get a hundred times more delightful and the whole body is feeling it now. The rush was insane, I’ve never felt anything like it. «its like mdmda, only a hundred times better!» I say as this feeling of pure awesomeness spreads out my body again and again. This maybe lasts 5 minutes, before I become a total potato. My saliva production is acting like it’s the first time it really gets to shine. I was speachless, literally. My girlfriend did not understand shit about what I was talking about. My jaw is dropped to the floor, and my girldfriend said I could probably fit a cat in there. Also I’m sweating so much that I would be dryer in the shower. I was also incredibly dessoicias, and didn’t understand where I was. My partner got kinda scare, but I reassured her as good as I could. It was only chill and good. The peak lasted for about 1,5-2 hours, and oh my what a peak. Under the peak I also talked in the phone, with no one on the other line, of course. The peak by the way, I have no memory of basically, just some foggy pictures in my head, plus what my girlfriend told me.
My girlfriend is slightly feeling it at the 1,5 (11.30 pm) hour mark, and she doesn’t have the peak as mine at all. Where as I was completely useless and just a cake, she was just acting normal. To the extent you can look normal after two of those badboys. What she felt like 100% I don’t know, but I imagine it wasn’t far from my feeling, as she looked like she had a pretty good time. It has now gone two hour, and I look like a dude who has taken 32 different hallucogenic and some stimulants with it. So we can finally go out, I think our goal was to score some more. Im pretty sure the third one is taken by now. Because we go down to the bench again. The guy that hooked us up said he’d be around untill 1 O’Clock. Well, he is nowhere to be find. We look around some corners and decide to give up the search, as we turn our noses home. Yet, without any plan. We just skipp around, having a blast and feeling unstoppable. I think this is where the it really become delusional I was talking on the phone with no one under the peak, so I guess it was there from the beginning. But outside it was all crazy. All the bikes where people, literally everyone. And that’s a lot of bikes. This only happened the first seconds on lying my eyes on them. Everywhere we turn there are just new hallucinating they usually don’t last for more than a couple of second. But sometimes they stayed there for a longer time.
We also went around having conversations with the thin air. I don’t remember any conversations, but I know I had a lot of fun with them. And it felt so harmless, even though we were both seeing shit like crazy and having imaginary conversations we just felt so apeace. It was just so chill, at the same time as the brain was going 1372828382 times it normal process. I could think a 100 thoughts in two second. And all at the same, it was like my brain had a superfilter and just picked up everything. No thought was too scary or too much. Everything was just great. The vision changed slightly, but not anymore than it does to me on cannabis, just a yellowish filter. We talked much, but often drifted out after 10 seconds , and forget where we were. And just pick up at a whole new place. At one time my companion was with here friend which is just as old as us in real life. But here she was 7, and they were on vacation, just chilling. She also had 4 Legs at one point, and that was just the usual. She just walked down the street, and didn’t think much more about it.
As I stand 1 inch away from a corner, talking intensely with this corner. My girlfriend talks to two guys behind me, and shouts at me. I come over, and one of them. Dressed in a coat and a sixpence was saying that it looked like she had a real good time, and that here eyes told the same tale. His friend is tall as fuck, has tribals, a singlet on and muscles bigger than my head. talk loose a little, before he offers us some cocke (now that I think about it, i think we maybe did some cocke the day prior, not entirely sure though), we gladely accept. And he pours out a little mountain at his hand. I’m guessing it was about 70-90 mg. Then I get the same, can’t say I noticed it much. But with my feeling from before I don’t think it could’ve done so much. Because I was still as fucked up as I’ve never been.
After this we og up to the hotel to change. We toke the stairs down again for some reason, the stairwell there was really tight and clumsy. We finally come outside and the sight of us must have been pretty entertaining. There we were 2-3 am or so, both dressed in a dress each. Probably looking like we just plugged 400 mg meth for the first time. We're still feeling amazing and quik. Like really on. My body load is amazing and tingling. I'm getting chills through my body, I have all night. And is dosn't stop either. It's just perfect. We felt like we could to everything, and nothing could stop us. I wish I could describe the high better, but there just are no words. And it's really freaking hard to get down on paper. Kind of like the day after your first acid trip. There's just no way anyone could really get it, you know?
I rolled a joint (w/ pineapple Express and lemon haze hash) while we were upstairs, it was not a easy task to say at least. We walk down to the water, and begin smoking. We basically run around town like two euphorich childdren, as we run we both teleport from one place to the other. Maybe it just was some blank spaces. But it was happening to both of us, so. When the jay is finished, we light a sigarett each and keep on smoking till we get inside. Probably went through a pack in an hour. I don’t have anymore specific memories of outside. But I know it was 50 times more than what I’m writing now and 10 times more fucked up.
At some point we decide to go in. I think we take a shower before bed. As I was sitting on the toilet, I just browse Facebook. As I read I’m realizing that this updates from my acquitens are total bizzare and very unrealistic. So i get a lttile curious and want to find out why the whole world is acting as crazy as I. Well, the answer was very easy to get, I just opened my eyes. And Bam, I’m at the toilet, without my phone. Without anything really. This happens 3 more times or so. Done with that, now bed. We just lay there, letting this trip take us were it goes. I lay there playing these clips of childhood memories and memrois my brain just plays, also movie trailers I’m my head, just random ass shit with no explanation what soever. It is all kind of crazy scenarios, and well pretty unrealistic stuff. It also comes in form with friends. It was basically like stepping into an alternative universe where just every fucking thing can be done. No matter how weird, there was just no lines. I ask my girlfriend if she is excpriencing this things, and of course she is! Both with the cellphone(Facebook) and the movie trailers. Further we just lay there, telling each other what just happened every now and then. And enjoying the nice weiw we have. I don't know how long we lay there, but I'm guessing it was from around 4.30 am. And I really don't have any clue on how long we lay there untill we fall asleep
Now my question is; does anyone have an idea what this could be? My best guess would be Emma and meth, more than that I don’t really know. But we have been on up to 225 it acid, and that is nowhere near this experience, at all. Far far from. My girlfriend and I just want to find out what this wonderfull lttile pink birds was, cause damn we wanna have that much fun again!
I don't know how long we lay there, but I'm guessing it was from around 4.30 pm. And I really don't have any clue on how long we lay there untill we fall asleep.
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2017.09.15 22:14 niclasnsn Alone after 6 years of studying and traveling!

I (Male) am turning 25 in a month and graduate from a master program in computer science a few weeks after that. I'm currently living in my childhood city, where I am doing my industrial thesis for a large company.
I have been living in 4 different cities the previous 6 years, 2 of them have been abroad on different exchange semesters. One in Europe (I'm from Scandinavia) and one in Asia. Virtually, all my friends the last years has been exchange students. My study years have been fucking amazing, I have meet so many great people, and I have traveled so much.
I am now living in my childhood town and my friends here, well, their kids are soon starting kindergarten so they (my friends) live a different life compared to mine. I feel I have nothing in common with them anymore. They will never understand why I even went to University, why I enjoy my studies and work, or how exciting it was when a border-guard leet me enter a country without a Visa after a long discussion. - since they got kids during or directly after high school.
Now when I graduate, I don't know what to do. Almost none of my study friends or traveling friends live in the same country as I do. I just cant stay here anymore. I find life boring and cold here - I have to move abroad. My parents know how I think, and are, of course very sad that I dont wont to live close to them. I feel guilty because of that.
A friend in a simulair situation is aiming for Hong Kong or Bangkok. That sounds amazing. But in 5 years, will I still enjoy that life? I feel if I continue to go to cities like that, I will never settle down. The first months I was home, I was checking traveling tickets every day and in my mind, I was planing so many adventures. But deep inside, I know I can not go on like this. I even think that maybe it would been better for me if I got kids after high school like my old friends and never did what I have done.
How can I find friends when I am like this. Everyone I know just seem to move around all the time. I am singel so I dont have a partner either! Its ironic, I see myself as a very social person and I am good at making friend but now when I am home, I feel complete alone! Has anyone else here been in the same situation? What did you do?
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2017.09.12 20:44 kalletzz [H] 620K [W] Ak redline FT 2.5k each

All redlines 2.5k each!!! Looking for bulks or singels
B/O 1 Redline - 2.5k
add me :
tradeoffer :
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2017.05.31 21:02 steinrawr Bo i båt i Oslo - tips om havner og anbefalinger?

Jeg vurderer å kjøpe seilbåt og bo fast i båten. Kjenner du til havner i Oslo-området som tillater båt-boere til en fornuftig pris?
Som båtboer har jeg forstått at det er mye man må tenke på angående varme, fuktighet, båtlukt, sikkerhet ol. Jeg har feriert i båt i barndommen, og er veldig sjøvant. Jeg er en singel mann på 26, og er kanskje litt bekymret for at det å bo i båt kan gjøre det vanskeligere for meg å finne en partner? (Selv om det på sommerstid kan være et kjempeflott sjekketriks)
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2015.11.10 05:29 Liquidedust En lite annorlunda tanke i det stora hela [Seriös]

Satt och funderade lite, kan väl själv klassificeras som en evig singel nu när jag passerat 30 och närmar mig 40 med stormsteg.
Har aldrig varit en person som kvinnor i största allmänhet varit intresserad av, aldrig haft ett förhållande, aldrig varit på en date.
Inte så att jag inte kan ha en konversation med kvinnor, är ej heller direkt blyg.
Under skoltiden brydde jag mig inte så mycket, höll på med sport, var vältränad men hade lite nördiga hobbies så ansågs väl vara lite annorlunda.
Sedan kom man in i arbetslivet och började jobba, fokuserade på det ett tag men insåg att fler och fler runt omkring en hittade en partner och började bilda familj osv.
Började bli lite mer fokuserad på att hitta någon man kunde dela livet med, träffade en del folk via vänner och bekanta men ledde inte direkt någon vart.
I mångt och mycket verkade mer som man i princip var osynlig för det motsatta könet.
Några år till och man kom in en bit i trettioårsåldern och provade nätdejting för varför inte, har ju misslyckats med allt annat.
Så har kört med ett par olika tjänster och försökt få kontakt med de kvinnor so verkar intressanta men har på tre år lyckats med konststycket att inte fått en enda reply eller intresse från någon av det motsatta könet.
(vilket iofs kanske är lite av ett rekord som man kanske ska vara stolt över)
Så nu när fyrtio börjar närma sig börjar man liksom fråga sig själv, och är egentligen min tanke med inlägget.
Är det dags att börja inse att man kommer vara ensam för evigt och aldrig träffa någon?
--- Uppdatering om mitt liv nedan, och WALL OF TEXT varning ---
Så låt se vart ska vi börja!
Detta ska inte ses som en snyfthistoria på något sätt, och jag tycker inte synd om mig själv och söker ingen medömkan på något sätt så folk är medvetna om det. Försöker bara dela med mig av mitt liv och skriva av mig lite.
Jag var väl ganska ensam som barn, och kanske till och med lite ”speciell” som man sa på den tiden. Umgicks bara direkt med 2-3 vänner och spenderade stor del av min tid i böcker och lärde mig saker via att läsa från tidig ålder (kunde läsa på egen hand från 5 års ålder).
Pga detta så ansågs jag även vara annorlunda av andra barn vilket ledde till viss utstötthet och man blev då ett enkel mål för mobbning och hån, vilket fortgick till stor del av min uppväxt och genom skolgången.
Till det stora hela höll jag väl till mig själv så mycket det gick, och fokuserade på mina intressen. Läste mycket, höll på med TV Spel och även i tonåren började jag träna och höll på med friidrott löpning på korta distanser.
I det stora hela fokuserade jag på det jag tyckte om i mitt liv och fick mig att må bra och till stor del undvek jag sociala sammanhang där jag kände att saker och ting inte riktigt var till min fördel. Hade få vänner och till viss del de jag umgicks med var andra som ungefär var i samma situation som mig själv, vi som var lite ”annorlunda” och inte riktigt passade in bland alla andra.
Tonåren kom och så puberteten, kom in i de tidigt vilket var trevligt för träning, men mindre bra för det sociala spelet; försök vara den första som får skägg och bli hårig, leder tyvärr till mer mobbning och utanförskap när du redan anses vara annorlunda.
Killar började intressera sig för motsatta könet mer och mer, och ska väl säga det gjorde väl en annan med. Tyvärr så blev det så att i mångt och mycket var jag killen som var annorlunda så jag undveks av de flesta och blev till viss del mer isolerad.
Blev helt enkelt att man fick fokusera på annat och göra något av sig själv i stället, så började med datorer och programmering samt skaffade mig ett deltidsjobb för att kunna ha råd med min nya hobby (detta är fortfarande runt tidig gymnasieålder).
Började på estet när det kom till Gymnasiet då jag inte riktigt visste vad det skulle bli av med mig, men jag var bra på att teckna så tänkte ”varför inte”. Som estet på mitt gymnasium tja, ansågs man vara annorlunda helt enkelt. Vi hade vår egen flygel på skolan och umgicks inte direkt med de andra eleverna och man träffade samma 20 pers varje dag.
Då jag hade ett jobb och tränade på fritiden samt ett stort fritidsintresse och ingen direkt intresse för att festa så blev jag lite av den där personen som man inte riktigt brydde sig om. Snackade mest med lärarna på lektionerna och ingen direkt som bjöd in mig på fester eller grejer på fritiden.
Hade dock vänner skall tilläggas, men vi höll mest på med rollspel, figurspel och tv-spel på fritiden. Träffade ytterst få människor utanför min bekantskapskrets som jag ärligt kan säga bestod till 100% av killar vid detta tillfälle.
Runt detta tillfälle blev jag även ”vän” med en person vars egentliga syfte med att ha mig som vän var att i slutänden utnyttja mig i sitt eget syfte gällande brott. Själv förstod jag inte riktigt detta utan var glad att ha hittat en ny bekantskap helt enkelt.
Tyvärr slutade detta i att i slutänden blev dömd för flertalet brott och helt plötsligt blev personen som var straffad innan han hunnit bli myndig. Förlorade även mitt jobb i samma veva då ”vi kan inte ha någon här som är dömd för brott, du måste förstå hur det är i en liten stad”.
Detta började min situation som mycket ensam och hemmavarande för jag medge. Även mina vänner som jag haft försvann en efter en från min hemstad och började plugga eller arbete på annan ort och jag var inte direkt en person som hade lätt att hitta nya vänner.
Efter lite om och men och internet hittade jag lite vänner som hade gemensamma intressen och började driva en communitysida för rollspel internationellt. Sidan gick bra och vi var två personer som lyckades till stor del leva på det i fyra år. Jobbade då som webbutvecklare för sidan och var långe perioder i England då det var därifrån sidan drevs.
Mitt arbete då vi i princip bara var två personer som drev sidan var mitt liv, satt framför datorn heltid och träffade inte många andra människor än min kompanjon. Mitt sociala liv bestod väl i princip av att jag umgicks med min kompanjon på jobbet och privat och i bland gick vi t för en öl då och då. Men skaffade även en del andra vänner i England som än i dag får kallas mina riktigt nära vänner, dock så var det inte direkt så många kvinnor i mitt liv heller här. (dvs. vänner som fortfarande i dag du vet att du kan ringa och undra om det är ok att man kommer över för några dagar och gör något kul tillsammans)
Efter dessa fyra år ville jag ändra lite riktning och göra något annat av mitt liv, och ska även tilläggas var jag lite sugen på att vara i Sverige igen (saknade det lite). Är numera runt 24 skall tilläggas så för 12 år sedan ungefär.
Började en liten enmansbyrå som frilansare konsult, kunde äntligen jobba i Sverige igen då mitt brottsregister var försvunnit med. Jobbade som webbutvecklare och webbkille på min egen enmansbyrå. Jobbade hemifrån till större delen och hade inga direkta vänner kvar längre då jag varit borta från Sverige ett tag.
Det här höll väl på i 7-8 år, bodde ensam, jobbade till större delen ensam och umgicks inte direkt med folk alls förutom i jobbet när man hade möten och liknande. Började känna mig lite ensam men tyckte inte att jag direkt led av det, men kände att jag kanske skulle hitta något annat att göra och börja jobba som anställd i stället för det var lite jobbigt att driva ett företag då man aldrig hade någon direkt fritid.
Skall även tillägga att det är i dessa år jag blir diagnostiserad som Aspergare i vuxen ålder.
Fick jobb rätt snabbt på en designbyrå och blev ansvarig för webbavdelningen, jobbade här i ett par år, sökte mig sedan vidare för andra uppdrag och för att försöka få igång min karriär lite och med lite bättre lön osv.
Mitt jobb i stora hela bestod av att sitta framför en dator i stora hela, avdelningen bestod till 100% av män och de flesta var väl ungefär som jag. Duktiga på det dem gjorde men höll sig ensamma och var nördiga i stora hela.
Fick ett jobb på en liten firma efter detta som enda utvecklare för att system för att hantera byggnader och automatisering av dessa. I princip jobbade jag ensam här, skötte allting ensam och träffade mer eller mindre inga andra än min chef när han kom med specifikationer och förslag.
Kände efter ett år att detta inte riktigt var min grej, då det var ensamjobbet jag hade sökt mig ifrån för ett par år sedan. Lönen var helt ok, och gillade det jag jobbade med men valde att söka mig vidare till ett jobb där jag faktiskt hade lite mer socialt samspel med andra individer.
Vilket leder till min situation i dag.
Har ett jobb jag gillar i Stockholm men bor i en ort cirka en timme iväg med tåg, har en ok lön som jag inte ska klaga på. Dock har jag inga direkta vänner då det inte haft möjlighet att skapa nya bekantskaper under lång tid pga mitt jobb.
Jobbar som utvecklare och min avdelning på jobbet består av två andra killar och vi har vår lilla egna avdelning som är lite bortgömd från resten av företaget och vi träffar mest varandra och vi är väl rätt nördiga hela bunten och ungefär i samma situation hela gänget när det kommer till partnerskap.
Min arbetsdag består i princip av gå upp 0630, tåget 0730, jobba, hemma igen vid 1930~2000, laga lite mat, se någon tv serie eller spela lite tv spel sedan gå att lägga sig vid 2230 de flesta dagar och upprepa.
Helgerna spenderas väl till största delen ensam, om jag inte åker över till de bekanta jag har kvar i England för lite umgänge, detta då jag inte har några vänner kvar i min hemstad och inte i närheten av budget för att skaffa boende i Stockholm och försöka skaffa mig ett större socialt liv där.
Så det är väl mitt liv i stora hela, lever ensam, har inga direkta vänner i min närhet, träffar aldrig direkt personer av motsatta könet. Börjar kännas rätt ensamt i stora hela.
Som slutord, jag lider inte på något sätt av min situation. Jag trivs till stor del av att vara ensam, men om sagt börjar kännas att det saknas något och skulle vara trevligt att ha någon i min närhet att kunna dela livet med.
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2013.01.21 10:28 Throwaway___account Don't know what to do

I'm so confused right now, I don't even know where to start. I 'm young, haven't even finished school yet, but there is already so much pressure. I can't handle it, I don't know what to do when I "grow up" and I don't really have the grades to chose whatever I want to do either. It's not that I'm dumb, I actually consider myself fairly intelligent, but I don't have the motivation for anything.
I don't want you to see me as an annoying teenager who hates the world and what not but I guess I'm ok with that, it's just the internet right?
I'm asexual, I'm not interested in sex at all. I hope it's just a phase but what if it isn't? The world, media, every singel person is so sexualized and I don't think a future partner can handle a relationship without sex.
I just see myself sitting alone in an apartment, boring job, no friends no nothing. And I know I can't just sit here doing nothing, because it won't make my situation any better but I don't really look forward to anything in life at all.
And no,I would never consider suicide this is nothing like that.
well I guess I just wanted to write it down, thanks for reading and sorry for the formatting.
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2012.11.29 08:43 RandomAlex Looking for a Motion Graphics artists ready to partner up with us for our new web show.

Hey Guys!
We are about to start filming our new web show, "The Loot." We need everything from an intro, to bumpers, tail slates and more! Unfortunately, just like us, there's no money up front, but we want someone to partner with us and get a small percentage from every singel episode that airs.
We are looking for graphics that could rival most popular shows on networks like revision 3. We have a logo and a style that you can use as a launching point but the sky's the limit. PM me or shoot us an email.
[email protected]
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2012.11.25 10:08 tabledresser [Table] IAmA serial inventor with 120+ patents to my name. I've started dozens of successful businesses from my inventions. AMAA

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2012-11-24
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
2 Questions: How exactly does your Mark XLVII differ from the old models? What can we expect to see from yourself in Iron Man 3? My son had to explain that joke to me. Funny.
What is the "coolest" patent you have? I don't know about "cool" but I invented a bunch of nuclear, biological, chemical defense patents if you think that is "cool".
What would be your best advice to anyone who wants to be an inventor? Are there certain things that they should study, or people they should talk to, or certain radioactive spiders to get bit by? Most people never try to become a "multi-domain" inventor because it is a rare occupation and quite difficult to build the skills. Instead, most people become of single-domain inventor where they build expertise and market knowledge in a singel area.
The problem with inventing is that you need to create very substantial and new ideas that alter the economic or business model significantly -- you can not create incremental inventions. Why? The reason is that incremental inventions are of great value to a company already operating within a business.
The incremental invention improves production, reduces costs, adds new features, but doesn't change the overall balance of power within an industry. Incrementalism is useful for companies that already operate within a field. However, if you are a private inventor, you need to create an invention that changes the entire basis for a field or industry so that the invention forms the basis to enter the industry from a zero base and take the industry by storm. This is called a "generic" invention. Incremental inventions must be licensed to the people who already control an industry and the inventor faces huge NIH problems.
The big invention, the generic idea, allows the inventor to raise capital and enter the industry and displace the current players because the invention moves the needle to such a degree that no existant player can operate against the new concept. Such a dramatic new idea is usually possible only by using certain specialized approaches to inventing.
Forget about a small contribution unless you want to do endless licensing deals and have doors slammed in your face. They usually do not pay well.
Rough estimate how much $$ would you say your inventions brought in? A few billion per year in annual sales.
When you were young, did you ever plan on inventing as your future? Or did the inspiration strike later on? When I was 14, I came up with a concept for a laser, which was totally new technology at the time. I was behind and another company had already developed my system, but a large multi-national was sort of surprised that a kid could invent something like a laser. It was an early foray into inventing, but I developed other interests. Later, I went back and systematically dissected how to invent. So, the key was to "invent a method of inventing". With this tool, the world is a little oyster.
What business is the most successful and why? What is the inventors background? IE, engineering, electrical, etc. The most successful business was a method of making consumer water filters. It is used today to manufacture perhaps 90% of all consumer water filters including all of the "name brands" and all of those refrigerator filters, etc.
I am a multi-domain inventor, which means I invent in a wide range of fields. My patents are mechanical, chemical, materials, physics, agriculture, consumer products, defense, medical, etc. My background was originally engineering and physics, but then I went into ecology and agriculture. The mix never makes sense, but it is designed to just keep exploring something new.
How has the process and cost of getting a patent changed over the years? Same for the value of owning a patent. Patent laws have changed a bit since I started, but the process is roughly the same. We have "provisional" patent applications, which are cheap and easy to submit, it is "first to file" rule today rather than "first to invent" and the cost is higher. The importance of foreign filing has increased in a globalized world. Also, I have never been a software inventor, although my early career was in computers. Many people are strictly IT and software today and this has completely changed the complexity of inventing and the manner by which people go into business. "Hardware" patents have not changed radically, but the focus on software has been a huge disruptor.
When a company uses one of your inventions do they buy them out right or pay you to use them? Like renting a car? I have done almost everything. I have invented while employed. I have sold technology. I have sold a company that I built. I avoided licensing, but I am beginning to like royalties. You can do some really interesting tax planning when you own equity, take royalties, or sell technology. As tax laws change, you adjust your approach. It makes a big difference.
How long does it usually take you to go from papeconcept to finished product & patent? Variable. If you are within a company and inventing incremental ideas, then they might be implemented very quickly. If you are building a revolutionary idea, it might be years. Too revolutionary, the world usually rejects, and then you are stumped -- sitting on a brilliant idea, but no one understands it. Happens all of the time.
What is your best most misunderstood invention you can't see why the world won't adopt? I have several inventions that were never commercialized. I was always stumped by the fact that the best inventions actually never went to market. The problem is they are too ahead of the market or the potential marketers. They rarely can understand something that is really so strange and advanced. It is better to stay well within the space that people feel comfortable. So, no question about it, there is an appropriate window and the world is often not ready for the best inventions.
Do you think that there is a decline in American inventions/inventors, or is it just something that's under the radar? American inventors are now doing software, apps, etc. This has taken almost all of the talent and moved it into IT. This is sort of convenient for me as it has removed a generation of competing inventors into software and out of chemistry, physics, etc, There is little of the intense competitive potential out there. This is not to say that value is lacking in software -- just the opposite. People are doing software because it is cheap to create and market. However, there are few barriers to entry and hundreds of thousands of competing ideas. Not my dish. I like to be inventing where other people avoid. There is mega-potential in these areas and no competitors The Chinese, Indians are generally not good innovators, but great incremental people. This is a cultural problem that they will perhaps overcome in the future.
So, overall, there has been a decline. However, this means that the few remaining players are having more fun.
How much of your time is spent reading/researching on physical principles, on prior art, etc? I spend lots of time looking at new principles and prior art.
On average how long does it take you to come up with an invention? The time required to invent something is actually quite complex. Most of the time is used to actually identify the question or to define the problem. In most cases, one can not invent the answer because the problem is posed in a manner where there is no invention. When you rephrase the character of the problem, the invent pops out almost immediately. The people who have the problem usually "lie" It is not that they are bad and lying. The problem is that they look at the problem in a manner that can not be resolved or in some cases they can not find the problem. They can not tell you the real problem so they mislead you. Your job is to look at the situation and find the hidden problem -- which is the real opportunity. Once this is identified, the invention is just a few minutes away.
When and how did you realize you had the ability to invent stuff? I invent using a specific system that was developed by myself and a colleague when we were in college. The system allows one to invent in whatever field you want and methodically (you will definitely solve the problem more effectively than even the practitioners within the field). However, there are specific limitations. However, it is one of the few "systems" that is methodical and that can be taught. It is not random. My colleague has something like 60-70 patents and is also a successful inventor and intrapreneur. He did not like being independent so he has stayed at a large company. I went solo.
Why not share your method with the world if it's so great? I'm sure you're financially set for life by now and just imagine the benefit to the human race if it's really that good. Why wouldn't you share it? Perhaps in the future.
Can you elaborate more on this system? That would require such a long answer, I couldn't do it justice on a form like this.
Write a book / manual and do terrible tv commercials? You know, it might strike you as funny, but I invented several consumer products and did demonstrations on HSN and some other shopping network whose name eludes me right now. Worst experience ever. They forgot to plug the product into the wall outlet and it is live TV. Imagine my concern that it wasn't working? Kind of funny, but an experience every inventor should avoid.
Do you write your patents yourself or have you ever done so? If so, how did you learn about the process? You can save quite a bit of money and get quite a bit of control when you write a detailed patent specification yourself. Eventually, you can probably write the whole patent, including claims, if you have done it over and over again. You can learn about the process from the internet and just doing it a few times. It is easy. However, there are some complicated legal concerns, so use a lawyer. I have had some really wild problems. The government once seized one of my patents for national security reasons. Took me quite a while to argue my way out of that. Sometimes, complex legal arguments can be used to patent something that looks impossible to patent. I used "contributory infringement" doctrine in one case. Remember, if you are in this business long enough you will end up in court defending a patent.
Do you invent stuff to help people, because you like inventing, or because you like the money? Both. Some of my inventions were designed to help people and they also made money. An invention that helps people, but losses money, is not sustainable. Such things fail quickly.
Did you ever have one of your invention "stolen" or have you patented everything in time? When you get into the inventing game, you are generally running behind the state-of-the-art and you file patents that are NG. Later, as you evolve, you get in front of the pack and take the lead. You measure your progress by measuring how far you are ahead of the other people in the field. Stealing ideas doesn't happen too often if you are cautious. However, there are a multitude of companies that have a policy of "stealing" and employees participate in this type of policy. Eventually, you learn who these companies are and you avoid them.
When you come up with an invention do you shop it around or try to market it yourself? Finding partners with established distribution and market resources is always more efficient than starting from a zero. Time to market will be reduced in most cases. As you become known, finding partners or funding becomes a bit easier.
Hey there! Young guy here who wants to be an inventor, Dean Kamen is my idol(if you know him... or maybe you are him??) Anyways onto the questions. What is the most fun invention you have made? By this I mean what invention have you made that has brought enjoyment to the masses?( Example: Segway) What has been your favorite invention? Do you have any degrees? If yes, what? I'm thinking of double majoring into mechanical and electrical engineering, but I'm unsure if that's the best path to take. Do you have any recommendations? At what point during the invention process do you decide to patent something? Has there been any inventions that you gave up on? Also; How much does it cost for a patent? I saw in a previous answer about 'Revolutionary Inventions' being rejected. What was the biggest revolutionary invention that you've had that was rejected? I wish I could answer all of this, but insufficient time. While you are getting your education, learn plenty outside of your major. The point here is to avoid getting more narrow. The education needs to be constantly expanding. While the "system" is trying to stuff you into a narrow silo, quietly tunnel out of the system and look at the scope of the horizon. With broad knowledge will come powerful inventing skills.
Has the global market/internet made it easier or harder to invent/patent something? I think overall it has made it easier for me, as there are less people in America that are inventing brick and mortar technologies. Young people today are all focused on "inventing" in the IT space and it gets them out of my hair.
If you got your first patent at 19 did you graduate college or did you go right into business? I tried going straight into business, but it was a failure. The ability to invent useful technologies was not enough to be successful. How to monetize a technology is the truly hard part of inventing. An invention that can not be sold is useless as a technology.
After I went into industry for a few years and figured out how to do that, it was smooth sailing.
Is it true that the Chinese have an in at the patent dept. And by the time your product is patented they are already in production of said invention? Lets not get political.
When you come up with an invention, do you have to make a working prototype, or do you patent it off of design on paper alone? Both. Some inventions do not need a prototype. The act of submitting a patent is a "reduction to practice", which means that it is legally a means of "creating" the invention. A prototype is not needed. However, for many inventions, you would likely build it. Many of my inventions might require a few years of work in a technical pursuit. So I have labs and such.
Are you still inventing or are you out of the game? Still inventing.
How long have you been inventing, and are all/most of your inventions applied to one area/field of work, or do they cover a broad spectrum? I filled my first patent at the age of 19 and I've been inventing for 35+ years since.
I mentioned the different fields I've invented in this answer.
When/what was the last invention that you had patented? I have about 50+ pending patents at the moment.
Wow, where do you find the inspiration/ideas for your inventions? I go to conferences around America in many different fields. There I just step up to people and ask them what problems they have, and what would they pay for a solution.
PLEASE: I'm an extremely clever guy who has an entire NOTEBOOK full of great ideas (and some... not so great... ideas) But I have 0 idea on how to go forward with any of these. Some I've even built a "prototype" but from there... what? Raise 50k for a patent attorney that probably won't protect anything? Then raise another 50k to manufacture it myself? What about those "help america invent"commercials... its a scam, right? If the idea is step 1, what's step 2-4? For your first invention, find a company that will partner with you. Angels and family? It shouldn't be too expensive. I have some friends who started their company with 5 credit cards. Kind of risky, but they sold their company years later to a multi-national.
What did you go to school for? My background was originally engineering and physics, but then I went into ecology and agriculture. The mix never makes sense, but it was designed to just keep exploring something new.
Are your products used world wide or mostly in the US? World wide.
Do you think 3D printing and additive manufacturing is going to be the "next big thing" in terms of product design and manufacturing? Do you make use of Rapid Prototyping techniques in your design process? If not, why? I think this is an enormous development and one of the inventors is a friend. It will likely evolve to a method of production rather than a method of building prototypes. Very impressive and we are only touching the tip of the berg on this technology.
Do you feel software and process patents are a load of bullshit that prevent innovation? Oh boy. This is a big controversy. I take the middle road. Some are useful and original and deserve a patent. The patent office is taking a bad approach and just allowing everything to issue. This causes patent wars with patents of little value. I stay out of it. With hundreds of thousands of software people out there, what is the point of getting into that hair ball.
I am extremely fascinated by this AMA, as I am a young, budding inventor with a formal educational background in Physics and Engineering, and am currently working for a large corporation. My dream has always to live the life that you currently are, where my technical creativity is only bound by problems people are looking for solutions to. I have several "brick and mortar" ideas that I have written down and dove into detail to determine if the idea is sustainable, and many I feel could be successful, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm not sure where to begin to find the capital and industry-specific resources needed to get going. I'm sure barging into corporate boardrooms and spamming venture capitalists could be one way of getting investment for my ideas, but that seems akin to mass-mailing one's resume, and is a sure-fire way of getting ignored. Before you had ties within your respective industries, how would you go about getting the capital and networking opportunities to get your self off the ground? See if family, friends or Angels will come in on your idea.
I hate to sound like a cynic, but I've known quite a few inventors in my time, and all of them have a "I almost invented xxx first" story. So it doesn't surprise me. The near misses are especially common during the initial building of inventing skills. Part of the skill is to put yourself quickly in front of the prior art. When you don't have a systematic method, you will be behind other people. However, with time, your inventions move to the front and your skills at learning and innovating become more advanced. It will take a few years, if you are systematic about analyzing your failings.
This is true. I don't know about you, though, I'd rather make the money in software than Wall Street. Wall Street sounds like a real lions' den. Actually, some of the best inventions I've ever done were strictly financial. It is sort of like the bank robber's comment that he robbed banks because "thats where they keep the money". So, I did some really interesting inventions in finance that made more money than any reasonable physical invention. A single computer terminal and you're making money robbing banks (not literally...of course).
Nice try, Ron Popeil! Worked with him too. A terrible person. Very nice wife.
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